Marathi Girl’s Hot Sexual Encounters – Part 1

Hello everyone, my name is Anu. I have always wanted to share many things with the outside world but I never got such an opportunity. I opened this website recently after my friend recommended it.

There are many intimate stories in my life and I am writing this episode to share them with everyone. I will try to post my other episodes, depending on how you receive them.

Our Marathi family settled in Andhra Pradesh in my childhood, and my dad’s business was running very well in Andhra Pradesh. My father is also a lawyer. At first, my father did not take that profession seriously, but later due to the money coming from it, he concentrated more on it and changed it to the primary source of income.

I mean, North Indian girls have more freedom. I used to spend a lot of time with my Andhra friends and I was very close to seeing how they treat girls. What I realized was that girls in North India are a bit free.

There were many people in my house. Here I have to tell you one thing my dad had a very good name in society. Many prominent people used to come to our house.

My mommy and daddy had three children and our grandparents stayed with us. I was the middle child. My sister was the eldest and my brother was the youngest. I used to stay in my sister’s room, and my brother used to sleep in my parents’ room.

We had a maid in our house for all our needs. Our maid was perfect and she took care of all our needs. Not only our needs but also the needs of anyone in our house. She was very attentive to any need. I was very close with the maid. She could come to our house anytime and leave anytime.

And talking about her, she was married and had two children. I have never seen the maid’s husband, but sometimes I hear the maid talking about her husband to my mommy. I had listened to my maid say that her husband worked hard but earned little money. After working in our house, she used to work in other houses of people we know.

Now going into the story, I will tell you now that I had a first-time live sex experience. Our house had three floors. On the first floor, there was a family on one side and the other room was used as our daddy’s office.

One day my grandparents took my mom with them and went to their house. They would come back late. My elder sister was 3 years older than me, she comes home late from college because of the long bus journey. My younger brother was still studying in school, he had cricket practice and comes home only after that.

One day, I reached my house as usual and sat inside my room. I wanted to eat evening the snacks, but I didn’t see the maid in the kitchen. I checked the bedroom and saw that my maid was sitting on the window sill and my dad was sitting on the floor. They were both kissing for a long time!

I was shocked and didn’t know what to do. So I went back to my room.

After about ten minutes, I came out again and saw them. But they were still there. My maid was sitting exactly like that, but my father was on her body. I was very innocent at that time and didn’t know about sex. But I understood one thing what my dad was doing was wrong. Both had expressions of happiness on their faces. But there was also fear that someone might see them.

Whenever my daddy looked at our maid, he was afraid someone might see him. But the maid didn’t have fear on her face, her eyes were closed. If he was shouting, “Slow ga..” My daddy was closing her mouth and holding her tightly.

Every time my dad pressed himself onto her body, she screamed in pain. My daddy was not wearing anything underneath. The maid had her saree lifted and she was holding it.

My daddy then put his hand into the maid’s blouse and unbuttoned her whole blouse. The maid kept her eyes closed without saying anything. She smiled slowly and then my daddy licked the servant’s boobs.

I didn’t understand anything. After a long time, my dad pulled out his dick and moved himself to the side. Then the maid opened her eyes and immediately jumped onto the floor.

My dad came to the side, held his penis with his hand and started shaking it. The maid immediately sat on the floor and took my daddy’s penis in her mouth. Seeing that, I went back a few stairs and observed them again.

I didn’t know what to do, I was in shock. After doing this for 2 minutes, the maid held her head toward his penis tightly. Slowly, the maid removed her mouth from his penis and felt happy. She was silent while wiping the white liquid from her mouth.

My dad wore his pant and started smoking a cigarette. The maid went to the washroom next to the main hall and after a while, she came out and stood near my daddy. Then my dad gave her some money. The maid counted the money and asked for some more.

My daddy immediately told her something. The maid smiled and took some things from there and ran to the stairs. I didn’t know what to do. Then the maid saw me and immediately took me to my room without my dad seeing me.

I will tell you what happened after that in the next episode. But I have to tell you one thing. In my life, I have seen many people and had sex with many people, including girls and boys.

***End of Episode***

My personal opinion:

Before that, I had never seen such a thing, but for the first time when I saw my daddy and my maid like that, I got many feelings at first. I was angry that my dad did that and then I felt very disgusted with my maid. What I felt while writing this story is that circumstances and needs encourage people to do anything. What we once thought was wrong now seems very right. And what we felt right now may feel wrong in the future.

Thanks for reading so far.

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