Maid Ranjita And Losing My Virginity

Hi everyone, this is Aryaman back with another of my real-life incident. Thanks to all for the overwhelming response to my previous stories, I have tried to respond to everyone and please do write again in case I have missed replying.

Coming back to the story, I am 30 years old, from Delhi but staying in Bangalore. I am decent looking and have a decent size down under.

This is a real-life story from around the time when I was 19, my first-time sex with my family maid Ranjita. I used to stay in a huge joint family in my hometown of Jehanabad (a small town in Bihar) with around 20 members and 4 maids in the house.

The heroine of this story is my maid Ranjita, who was around 24 at that time, married (separated), and mother of 2 kids (5 and 6 years old). She looked very much like Sushmita Sen for reference. Her husband was a drunkard from a good family background and had taken custody of both of her kids (both daughters). Her family wasn’t ready to take her back and she was left to fend for herself. That was when my grandmother brought her into our household to take care of her and manage other household things.

This event happened around 3 years after.

On one of my summer vacations, I was at home the whole day and was getting bored. I and my cousins decided on playing hide and seek and I had chosen the best place to hide, a very small and dark ally in between our house and servant quarters, over-looking her washroom window.

While I was hiding, I noticed someone coming into the washroom and there she was, all naked ready for a bath! My family maid’s figure was to die for, round and firm breasts of 34c (came to know that later) with extra dark nipples, a thin waist with nearly no fat and a very round ass of around 38 size (mostly due to delivery of kids).

I had an instant hard-on and my dick was giving a very straight salute to her beauty. I had never had such an eye for her before this day, as she used to take care of us very nicely and was very caring in general. But seeing her naked on that day changed my complete outlook on her.

Before I knew it, the maid started playing with herself, first pressing her boobs for some time and then moving her fingers on her vagina. Later, she just lied down on the floor, started a porn video on her phone and fingering deep into her vagina. She orgasmed within minutes of watching the video. That day, I realized how horny a woman she was. She was facing the other side all the while, so she wasn’t able to notice me hiding.

From that day onwards, I got addicted to our family maid. I used to hide near her window nearly every day during her bathing time and see her masturbate and bathe. Then one day, it all changed, I got caught. She didn’t tell me then, but she had seen me hiding near the window and looking at her during one of her baths. She had actually thought I had recorded the act and would show it to my grandmother, who would then throw her out of the house. She was very scared and hence didn’t talk about it to anyone, but changed her bathing time to avoid me.

One month later, it was wedding season and my whole family, except for my youngest aunt who ran a boutique in town and myself, had gone to a distant cousin’s wedding. My aunt as well was in the shop during most of the day time.

Two days after everybody had gone, Ranjita walked into my room. She was looking very beautiful, wearing a black and red saree, with ample cleavage visible, she was sweating a lot as she had just finished dusting the entire house. Her blouse was wet and sticking to the right places giving me an amazing view. I was in trance just looking at her.

She told me she had seen me looking at her from the window, then she pleaded to me to not show my grandmother the video of what I had seen as she would be thrown out of the house, she likes working here and she has no other place to go.

I was initially confused and thought to myself, “What video?” but then I played along, wanting to see what could happen as an outcome.

The following was our conversation after

Me: Ok, I won’t show it to dadi (grandmother). But you must also show me more clearly.

Ranjita: Why Arya (that’s what everybody calls me at home), why do you want to see me? I have heard from others that you have a girlfriend, haven’t you seen her already? It is all the same.

Me: No, she says we are too young for it.

Ranjita: You really haven’t seen one in your life?

Me: No, you were the first lady I saw naked ever.

Ranjita: I don’t believe it.

Me: Don’t believe it, but it is the truth.

Ranjita: Ok, promise me you will delete the video and not tell anyone.

Me: (very excited): I promise! (I never had a video of the action)

Ranjita: Ok, I will come to you after chhoti memsaheb (young mistress) has slept (that’s what she used to call my aunt).

Me: Ok, I will wait for you.

I wasn’t sure what would happen. I was myself scared that she would tell my aunt or other housemaids and all this would go to waste, but I couldn’t do much, so I sat in my room and waited.

My aunt came around 8.30 pm, and we had dinner together, post which my aunt went to her room and I came to mine. So, let me describe that further our house is on 4 floors and my room was on the 4th floor while my aunt stayed on the 1st floor. I sat in my room super excited as to what was to come and waited for Ranjita. I was a little drowsy and don’t remember when I fell asleep.

It would have been around 11.30 pm that I heard some noise and jolted out of my sleep. I opened my eyes to see the maid Ranjita wearing a blue nightie (it’s a night dress women wear during sleep time, which allows for ample comfort and airflow). I couldn’t believe my luck, she was here and was going to show me all! Just the thought of it brought my dick to full strength, I was also wearing night pants and my dick literally rose becoming a clear sight.

Ranjita saw it and smiled a cunning smile, she thought I wouldn’t have noticed but I had already seen her smile.

It was my first time, I wasn’t sure of what to say or do.

Our conversation went as follows:

Ranjita: Arya, I am here. I will close the door, talk softly please as I don’t want anybody else to hear this.

Me: Ok, close it and come inside.

She closed the door and walked close to the bed where I was, then she did switch on the lamp and closed the main lights.

Me: I want to see clearly, switch on the main lights.

Ranjita: I am feeling shy, this is my first time in front of another man apart from my husband.

Me: What are you shy about, I have seen everything anyways.

Ranjita: You are young, you don’t understand a woman’s nature yet. Today, I will teach it to you but please be considerate.

Me: Ok, I am anyways new to all this, please teach me. You have kids also so I am sure you know it all well.

Ranjita: Kids (laughs sarcastically), that mad man didn’t leave me a choice. He used to just do it and get done in less than 2 minutes, never satisfied me, but made sure to leave all his liquid in me. I was pregnant more times, only 2 pregnancies survived. I am glad I don’t have to live with that monster anymore but I fear for my children.

Me: Don’t worry, dadi (grandmother) keeps an eye on them. They will be fine.

Ranjita: Your dadi (grandmother) is a good lady, I trust her to manage it well.

Me: Now teach me!

Ranjita: Ok, come and see what you want.

Me: Remove your clothes and come closer to the bed. (The room had a study table, a sofa and a bed. She was standing near the entrance, beside the sofa while the bed was in the other corner of the room).

Ranjita: Please close your eyes. I am shy.

Me: Ok, but don’t waste time.

Ranjita: I won’t.

I closed my eyes and in full excitement waited for my beauty to unwrap herself for me.

Ranjita: You can now open your eyes.

When I opened my eyes, there she was standing less than a meter away from me, with no clothes on. Her boobs looked much bigger from this close, she had the perfect curve on her stomach, her belly button as if inviting me to lick it and very light hair on her pussy area as if trimmed for today’s display.

Me: You are so beautiful, only an idiot would not love you.

Ranjita: Thank you Arya, now let me teach you about the female body.

The maid goes on to explain each part of the female body and its use in reproduction. I think that was all she knew anyways as having just studied till 8th I don’t think they would have taught anything and most of it would have been learnt with experience after marriage.

Me: Can I touch it?

Ranjita: Ok, but nothing more.

Me: Ok, come here.

I pulled her close and touched her boobs. They were firm to look at but very soft and cushy to feel. I was over the moon and started kneading them as I had seen in porn movies. Slowly and gradually, my action was getting her horny and as she hadn’t had sex in a long time, it was also getting her wet.

After some time, I moved one hand lower over her stomach to reach her belly button and started playing with her belly button.

As I was playing with her boob with one hand and belly button with the other, she started hissing and moaning. I understood she was liking it and it was going to be a fun time. I then took one of her nipples in my mouth and started sucking at it. First she tried to stop me but soon, her resistance stopped as she was loving my tongue doing circles on her nipples, while my hands were playing with her other nipple and belly button.

This went on for a good 15 minutes where I switched between boobs but never touched her pussy. She was getting super excited and was going out of control. She picked my hand on her belly and placed it on her pussy.

Ranjita: This is the real thing, Arya, explore here.

Me (acting innocent): Is it? What is this for?

Ranjita: This is the place where a man’s dick goes and babies are made.

Me: Oh! Let me see.

I stopped sucking and playing with her boobs and got my face closer to her pussy. I just got lost in the beautiful pussy lips, they looked licious and I felt like eating them there itself. I got up from the bed.

Me: Lie down on the bed, I want to have a closer look.

Ranjita lied down on the bed and spread her legs wide giving me the most amazing view that men die for. I just couldn’t control myself and started eating her pussy, as I had no idea about her G-spot, after licking for sometime I realized that she was getting aroused more when I was licking a particular area (G-spot, I came to know later) and I continued licking and giving small bites to her. She had lost all control and was loving it.

Ranjita: Arya, nobody has ever done this to me, it feels so good. I am having a completely different feeling, I have never felt this good. How did you learn this?

Me: I have watched some videos, didn’t know it was this good.

Ranjita: Oh Arya, don’t stop ! keep going!!

And before I knew it, she started breathing heavily and her whole body started shaking badly. She had had her first real orgasm caused by a man.

Ranjita: Arya, it feels amazing, you are too good. I am all yours from today.

Me: I am learning, will practice on you to get better.

Ranjita: Whenever you want and when no one is watching you can do whatever you want with me.

Me: Now I want to do what people do in videos.

Ranjita: Open your clothes and get on the bed.

I opened all my clothes along with all my underwear and my dick literally sprang out of my undies.

Ranjita: Arya! It’s too thick, it won’t fit. My husband was much smaller and thinner.

Me: Let’s try and see.

Ranjita: Wait, let me get it wet first.

Me: No, I don’t want it to be washed. I have cleaned it already.

Ranjita: No, I am not going to wash it.

The servant bent down and suddenly took my dick in her mouth and started giving me a blowjob. I was feeling on the 9th cloud.

Me: It feels so good Ranjita, please keep going.

She kept using her tongue to circle my dick’s head and it was making me feel a rise inside me. In no time, I was cumming inside her mouth. I held her hair and forced her to swallow all of it, which led to her nearly choking on it.

Ranjita (with tears in her eyes): Why did you hold my head?

Me: I was feeling too good, sorry! Also sorry I wasn’t able to control myself.

Ranjita: It’s ok, it’s your first time, this was expected. You will get better over time. Now wait for it to be big again.

We waited for around 10-15 minutes, it was a time in which she kept playing with my dick and showing me her boobs and pussy depths to arouse me. Soon after, my dick was again hard and ready to go. This time, she got into 69, and told me to lick her pussy while she spat saliva on my dick making it properly wet and lubricated and after she was done she got up and asked me to put it in.

I was waiting for just this opportunity, my maid about whom I had been dreaming for quite a few days now was lying on the bed asking me to fuck her, I wasn’t going to refuse such a good offer.

Ranjita: Please go slow, I haven’t had sex for a long time and yours is too thick, it will pain me.

Me: Ok, I will be slow and take care.

I positioned my dick on her pussy opening and gave it a slight push, just the head went in and it stopped. I looked at Ranjita, her face was in little pain but she was trying to control it. She asked me to try another slow push. I pushed a little but it wasn’t going in.

Me: I am going to push a little harder, please don’t scream.

Ranjita: Give me a pillow, and I will cover my mouth.

I gave her a pillow, she covered her mouth (later I came to know she had done this same thing when her husband was fucking her virgin pussy), and asked me to give a push again.

I needed no more encouragement and gave a stronger push, this time the dick went half in, she was in extreme pain, and I could hear her muffled scream. I stopped and waited for instructions.

After about 2-3 minutes, when the pain subsided a little, she removed the pillow and asked me to move it a little in and out and then push it further. I followed her command, and she covered her face again, I took out my dick, put it back in, and kept going halfway till it was going for some time and then suddenly gave a firmer push.

The dick went all in and I could see some blood coming out of her pussy side. I was shocked, I stopped and stayed there. After some time, she again removed the pillow and asked me what happened. I told her about the blood, she was looking weak, but she smiled and said it is ok and that I had torn her pussy to fit my size.

She told me to carry on pushing in and out and we started doing the motion. I was continuously sucking her nipples and pressing her boobs as if they were smiley balls. She was losing it and had her orgasm, but asked me not to stop and keep going. It was my first sex experience and I wanted to try everything in the videos, so after some time, I asked her to change position.

Ranjita: Which position?

Me: Doggy one, raise your butt out. I will insert it from behind.

Ranjita: I have never done this in my life.

Me: Neither have I (laughing).

She was a little weak but she promptly changed position on my command and we continued our process in the doggy position. This time, I was able to hold for a good 20-25 minutes. She had orgasmed twice in the process. I was about to cum and I told her the same. She said to go ahead and leave it in her as she had undergone surgery and can’t get pregnant anymore. That statement made me lose control and I started cumming inside the maid, it kept going and going. I knew I had filled her well.

After the cumming stopped, I just felt weak in my knees. I removed my dick and was super satisfied seeing my cum flow out of her pussy. I literally just fell onto the bed like a log.

Ranjita: This was the best sex I have had in my life. I am all yours from now on. Whenever you want, just tell me, and I will plan and spend time with you.

Me: I am glad you liked it, it felt amazing to have my dick in your pussy. The warm feeling is something beyond explanation. Let’s have another round in some time.

I fucked her 3 times that night, stopping and starting at regular intervals and then sleeping very close to sunrise time.

So, friends, that is the end of my story about my first sex experience. Even to date when I go back to my hometown, I have Ranjita waiting for me to fuck her depths.

For feedback on my story or to get in touch, please write to me at [email protected] Looking forward to hearing from you guys again.