Lustful Sex story of an Ancient Ruler

The story is set in ancient India. This is the story of ruler Suryapratap. Story of his conquest of women. Importantly, women of his own family.

Thousands of years ago, King Jayasuriya ruled the whole of India. His was a strong rule. There was literally nobody who could challenge his rule. His was a prosperous kingdom. So was his family.

It had been 28 years since he was made the King. He was only 20 then. So he was contemplating handing over the reins of his kingdom to his eldest son Vinodpratap, who was now 22. He had two more children. Daughter Sumarani, 20, married into a neighbouring kingdom to prince Soma.

His youngest child, Surya Pratap, was now 19. He was strong and took a liking to warfare. He was the smartest of his offspring.

Vinodpratap had been married to Mahalaxmi for 2 years now. They had a year-old daughter. She was a pious woman. She was a year older than her husband. She was a thing of beauty.

Creamy white complexion with an hourglass figure made her a woman with a body for which men would die. Her breasts were huge, with large pink nipples. She had sleepy eyes combined with a neat, long nose and luscious pink lips.

King Jayasuriya and his pregnant queen Sudharani were having a leisurely walk, holding hands in the garden of their palace. Sudharani was all smiles. She was having a good time with her husband. Since she was 4 months pregnant with their fourth child, King Jayasuriya was taking good care of her.

King Jayasuriya gazed at Queen Sudharani with sincere love. She was the love of his life. The most beautiful woman he had ever seen. Sudharani, now 43, was strikingly beautiful. It had been a marriage of 24 years. She was only 19 then. He loved her with all his heart. She hadn’t changed much since their marriage.

In fact, her curves had filled out with childbirth and age. She was a petite woman with a fair complexion, and her features were very proportionate. She had medium-sized round breasts, which sat proudly on her chest even after 3 births. She had a fairly large ass for her height. She really was a sexy woman.

As the King and queen were having their light moment, a couple of soldiers came running in. As soon as they approached the King, they came to a halt and bowed their heads with laboured breaths. The King sensed some problem and signalled them to speak.

One of them spoke with a fearful tone to his voice, “Prince Vinodpratap…” his voice trailed off. The King, with knitted eyebrows and a raised tone, said, “What about the prince? What happened?” The soldiers looked at each other before speaking.

“Prince Vinodpratap’s horse was chased by a mother tigress while hunting. The Prince’s horse, running away from the tigress, jumped off the cliff on the eastern ghat and into the valley.”

King was stunned. He knew which valley they were speaking of. He knew there was no chance his son would have survived that fall. The King collapsed in disbelief.
It had been 15 days since the accident. There was a cloud of silence all over the kingdom. The royal family was still mourning the death of their eldest son. That’s when a topic arises in the discussion panel of the kingdom. The topic of Princess Mahalaxmi.

It was ancient India. There was a practice of widows shaving their heads off and wearing only white sarees without any ornaments after the death of their husbands. So, the ministers in the kingdom were expecting the same from Princess Mahalaxmi.

They spoke of it in the council. But King Jayasuriya remained silent. He signalled Queen Sudharani to do the needful and make Mahalaxmi go through the process. That’s when Prince Suryapratap arrived at the council.

He turned towards the ministers and said, “Bhabhi (sister-in-law) won’t do any such thing.” There was a pin-drop silence in the court. Every single soul in the kingdom feared the youngest prince. No one could speak in front of Suryapratap. He was strong, young, smart and very dangerous.

One of the ministers tried to sum up the courage and said, “But your Almighty, the law…”

“I know the law,” stated the prince. Everyone fell silent. He continued, “The law is for widows. But she won’t be a widow from tomorrow. I’ll marry Bhabhi. Mother, Father, please make arrangements for the wedding tomorrow.” Saying this, he exited the court.

Mahalaxmi screamed, “No… I can’t…And I won’t. I’m married to Vinod…” And started sobbing. Then the queen consoled her and talked some sense into her. She told her daughter-in-law that maybe Suryapratap was trying to save her from those immoral laws.

Hearing this, Mahalaxmi calmed down but didn’t agree to the wedding. She chose to remain silent. She knew she didn’t have a say in this. The wedding took place smoothly. The prince tied the mangalsutra around the neck of a very unhappy-looking Mahalaxmi and smiled proudly.

Well, the bride was sent into the room of the prince as it was their wedding night. Mahalaxmi believed Suryapratap wouldn’t try to have any sexual relationship with her. After all, she’s his Bhabhi. But at the same time, she was afraid. His smile, while tying the mangalsutra, suggested something else.

Mahalaxmi entered Suryapratap’s very well-decorated bedroom. He was waiting for her. He stood tall with a smile on his face. He approached her and held her arms. She looked up at him and said, “Surya.”

“Come,” he ordered, placing his hand around her. She was lost for words. There was a command in his voice that she never heard before. She just walked with him. He led her to that large bed. Her mouth dried up. She knew what was about to happen but couldn’t say a thing.

She was afraid. She didn’t know how to protest. Her mind was full of random questions and doubts. That’s when he turned her towards him and cupped her face with his manly hands. Looking straight into her eyes, he lowered his head and started kissing her full lips. She was caught off-guard.

All of a sudden, she felt his hands on her back caressing her, and his tongue entered her mouth. She didn’t kiss him back, but he was strong and was vigorously kissing her. He didn’t seem to care whether she was reciprocating or not. And she felt his hardness in her stomach.

She didn’t know what to do. Then, all of a sudden, he lifted her in his arms and walked to the bed. He carefully placed her in the centre of the bed. In a split second, he got rid of his dhoti and shirt and hovered over her. He pulled her by her waist and started kissing her.

Her breasts were crushed under his broad chest. Holding her head in his left hand, he kissed and licked her neck and her cheeks. With his right hand, he caressed her back. Using his right hand, he tore her blouse and her huge breasts were freed. She tried wriggling under him but to no avail.

His right hand started kneading her left breast while he continued kissing her luscious lips. He was ecstatic. He always dreamt of sucking on those lips. He was living his dream. Mahalaxmi started to feel the wetness between her legs. She couldn’t believe her body was responding to a male other than her husband.

Suryapratap started sucking on her neck and then her large breasts. By now, her nipples had become erect. Since her daughter was only a year old, Mahalaxmi was still lactating. He enjoyed the taste of her milk. With his right hand, he entangled her Saree and started kissing downwards.

Her waist had the right amount of smooth flesh, and he started sucking her stomach and navel. He got up and got rid of her underwear. She wanted to protest but felt too weak in her legs to put up any fight. Now, she lay there in her naked glory. He looked at her with lustful eyes.

Tears streamed down her cheeks. She closed her legs tightly and crossed her arms over her breasts. She shook her head slowly as if saying “no” but couldn’t utter a word. He smiled and parted her legs. To her utter disbelief, her legs gave away without any resistance.

He kissed her legs and her thighs and looked up at her. Her eyes met his. And he licked her entire pussy length, never breaking eye contact with her. A loud moan escaped her mouth involuntarily. She started hating herself for moaning. Before she could think anything else, he sucked her entire pussy with vigour.

Another ‘Ah’ escaped her lips. He started to suck and worship her pussy as if there were no tomorrow, all the while kneading her breasts. She started sweating. She couldn’t understand what was happening to her. Her husband had never sucked her pussy. This was new to her.

Suryapratap wasn’t gentle. He was sucking with vigour. It sent ripples of pleasure through her body. Her pussy started to contract around his tongue. She was nearing her orgasm, and he stopped. She opened her eyes and looked down with clear disappointment on her face.

With a smirk, he hovered over her and started kissing her. His smirk irked her, and she tried her best not to kiss him back. Then, something touched her entrance. Her eyes became wide. He was going to insert her. Her sense of sanity came back. She wanted to get away, but he was strong and on top of her.

She couldn’t move an inch. Then he stopped kissing her and stared directly into her eyes, and pressed his cock forward. As soon as the head was in, she let out a gasp. Her eyes went wide. He was too large, too thick for her tender pussy. Her husband had a long cock, but this was too thick.

Her husband’s cock never felt this full. Her mouth went agape, and Suryapratap seized the opportunity. He took hold of her tongue in an open-mouthed kiss and rammed his cock with full force. Her arms and legs went limp due to the sharp pain, and tears streamed down from her eyes.

He stayed still, letting her get used to his girth. Then he withdrew to almost his tip and rammed in with one go. She couldn’t believe that he still had more length. Now his cock had touched her where her former husband could never reach.

Their pubes met, and after staying still for a minute and started moving his cock in and out of her pussy. He soon fell into a rhythm. Both started sweating profusely. She moved her face to her side, still not wanting to engage in a passionate kiss.

But her body had already started giving in to the pleasure of his expert fucking. Her breasts were moving up and down with each stroke. Her legs were spreading apart, taking more of him into that willing cunt of hers. Ripples of pleasure started running down her spine.

She started making sounds she never made before. She couldn’t understand what was happening. Then, her body experienced a mind-boggling orgasm. She came. She came with so much force that their pubes were drenched in her orgasmic juices. The bedsheets under her ass had a puddle of her juice.

He was still hard. He let come down her orgasmic bliss. He started kissing her tenderly this time and started to stroke his cock into her pussy. Now the pain was gone, and an unknown pleasure replaced it in her pussy. For a moment, she forgot she was an unwilling participant.

She enjoyed the pleasure this man was giving her. Involuntarily, her legs circled him. Her ass was lifting for every stroke of his cock. This went on for another half an hour, and she approached another orgasm, and his speed picked. He started ramming her pussy.

With a shudder, she came, but he didn’t stop and fucked her through her orgasm. Her body started shaking, and her pussy walls started to make strong contractions around his cock. Her eyes were half closed, her mouth open, making sounds.

Her hair was drenched and matted to her forehead, her pink breasts swinging wildly. It was a sight to behold, and he lost it and, with a forceful push, started spewing his cum inside her. He came too much spurt after spurt. Her pussy couldn’t hold all of it inside.

Their combined juices started flowing along her ass globes. Both came down from orgasmic bliss and looked at each other with laboured breaths. Then he spoke for the first time since the start of their copulation. He said, “Bhabhi, I love you.” This brought her back to her former self. Her face contorted in pain.

He smiled, and perhaps he called her Bhabhi on purpose. He enjoyed her reluctance. And he kissed her with tenderness and started caressing her breasts. She was in emotional turmoil and too exhausted to contemplate anything. And before knew, she fell asleep under him.

With his semi-hard cock still safely buried in her pussy. After a couple of hours, she felt a tingle in her pussy. She awoke and found that he was hard once again. He smiled and kissed her full on her lips and started moving his hips. He held her close to his chest and started fucking her, slowing with long strokes.

She knew this time around he wasn’t fucking her but was making sweet love to her. This amazed her. The same guy who fucked her like an animal a couple of hours ago was making some sweet love ever known to her. He started giving small kisses on her lips, forehead, cheeks, nose, and neck.

He took hold of her left breast and started sucking tenderly between kisses. All while stroking his cock tenderly into her pinkish bruised pussy. Within no time, her body started responding. Juices started flowing through her pussy and drenched his pubes. Then he lifted get hand and started licking her armpits.

This was new to her, but it felt really good. After some time, he stopped and withdrew his cock. She looked at him questioningly. And then she instinctively looked down at his cock. Omg, she thought. She couldn’t believe she took that monster of a thing into her pussy.

Then he moved beside her and rolled onto her side. He wanted to take her in the spooning position. She quickly got into position, and she hated herself for acting so quickly. He took hold of his cock and entered her again in one smooth motion. A loud moan escaped her mouth.

He got one hand through and under her armpit and started squeezing her breast. With other hand grabbed her hip and started moving in and out of her. He gave small kisses all over her back, shoulders and neck. She started experiencing pure bliss.

After an hour, her free-swinging breasts had turned pink, her face was red, her eyes watery, and her body was glistening with sweat. Her toes were curled in anticipation of another of those umpteenth orgasms. She turned her face back towards him and gazed directly into his eyes.

“I love you, Laxmi,” he said, and she locked lips with him. She started kissing him passionately. She had fallen for him in mere hours. Her heart and body had given in to his sexual prowess. His heart swelled with love, and so did his cock. Squeezing both her breasts, he started emptying inside her.

With tears in her eyes, she accepted his love-filled cum into her womb. She cum all around his cock with so much love. After a couple of minutes, he withdrew his cock from her overflowing cunt and pulled her over his chest, never breaking their lip lock.

He started showering kisses all over her drenched face, repeatedly saying, “I love you.” Now, she had a smile on her face. Her heart swelled with love for him. After so many kisses, she replied, “I love you too, darling.” He was ecstatic.

His cock gave an involuntary jerk, and she gave a slight slap on her entrance. She jerked with sudden fear on her face and said, “No, please. It’s all bruised.” He got a mischievous smile and asked, “What’s bruised Bhabhi?” With mock anger, she said, “Don’t.”

Laughing, he said, “Okay, laxmi then. Tell me what’s bruised, or else I’m going to take you again.” Being the pious woman she was, she couldn’t say ‘pussy’ and started pleading with him. Getting away from him, tried to get off the bed. But he got hold of her waist and pulled her back on him.

She fell flat on her back on his chest, and he started squeezing them from under. She started wriggling but, after a couple of minutes, started moaning. He, from under, using his legs, parted her legs and, planting his feet on the bed, entered her from below in one motion.

She let out a gasp. Holding her breasts tightly, he started to plough her from under. She started the screams of pleasure. She screamed at the top of her lungs. He hammered her pussy for another hour before emptying another load into her newlywed pussy.

They both held each other and fell asleep saying the sweetest of things to each other.