Lustful Sex story of an Ancient Ruler – Part 5

A few months later, as Sudharani’s pregnancy grew, her daughter-in-law, Mahalaxmi, returned to the palace with her baby. Mahalaxmi returned to the palace with her newborn. By now, queen Sudharani was once again pregnant.

Unknown to her, her husband had knocked his mother up for a second time during the time she was away for her child’s delivery. Mahalaxmi was eager to be in the close vicinity of her husband. Now, she had almost forgotten about her past. She was looking forward to the steamy nights with her devar.

It was still morning time. But Mahalaxmi, sitting in her room, thinking about the night to cum was all wet. She heard Surya’s footsteps approaching the room. She stood up and turned around so that she wouldn’t be facing him as he entered the room. Surya walked up to her from behind and made her face him slowly.

Mahalaxmi turned with a bowed head. Surya gently lifted her face by her chin. Her face was beat red with shyness. Surya instantly got a hard-on after inhaling the scent of his beloved bhabhi. He saw that she looked even more beautiful than before. Her already enormous breasts had filled out.

Her curves were more pronounced. The slight weight she had put on after the delivery only added hotness to her hourglass figure. Breathing heavily, their lips touched. The passion of their kiss let each other know how much they missed each other. No words needed to be spoken.

Their hands groped each other’s bodies with urgency. Right then, the chief of soldiers knocked on their door a couple of times. The chief soldier insisted that it really was an urgent situation. The prince came out, and they had a quick chat. Suryapratap came back inside.

He told Mahalaxmi that he needed to attend something important. He’d be back by the night. And he kissed her once again and left. Mahalaxmi waited for Surya deep into the night. She eventually fell asleep as he didn’t return that night.

The next morning, Suryapratap rode into the royal campus along with some fifteen horse-ridden soldiers. Mahalaxmi quickly got to the balcony of the Royal building to catch a glimpse of her love returning. The joyous Mahalaxmi was all smiles, witnessing Surya’s return.

Then she saw one horse rider a little too familiar. Mahalaxmi’s smile began to fade away as the realization hit her. She prayed that she was wrong, but as the cantering horses neared, her face went pale. The familiar rider was her first husband, Vinodpratap.

Mahalaxmi tried to assess the situation but failed to do so. The events in the past year or so had been very treacherous for her. She didn’t know what was expected of her now. Mahalaxmi chose to stay inside her chamber for the rest of the day.

Through her maids, Mahalaxmi came to learn that Vinodpratap survived that fall. A tribe found him in injured condition and treated him back to health until the royal family found out. Suryapratap, confirming his brother’s identity, had brought him back to the kingdom.

That night, Mahalaxmi was informed that Surya was expecting her in his room. Nobody had access to this personal room. Mahalaxmi was too preoccupied to dwell on why he had ordered to come to that room tonight. As Mahalaxmi entered the room, she observed that it was a beautifully decorated room.

The one thing which caught her eye was that the wall to the right was actually a mirror. A different kind of mirror through which the adjacent room was visible. Before she could get a good look, Surya hugged her and began kissing her luscious lips. His body felt really hot against her smooth body.

Surya was breathing heavily as he kissed and sucked her lips. She wasn’t ready for this before entering the room. But all of a sudden, she felt her body responding. Her huge nipples were erect within seconds, and her love canal started oozing juices.

The next thing she knew was that both were naked on the bed with their hands caressing each other’s bodies with urgency. Surya, crashing his chest to her enormous breasts, kept kissing her. He encircled her small frame with his left hand as he with his right hand started to caress her plump pussy.

Surya, never breaking their lip lock, began fingering her pussy vigorously. Mahalaxmi closed her thighs around his hands and wiggled her hips in pleasure. As Mahalaxmi approached her orgasms, Surya stopped fingering and squeezed her left breast.

Mahalaxmi opened her eyes and saw Surya gazing right into her eyes. She badly wanted to cum. He could see it in her eyes. He took her mouth with his hand and rolled her slightly onto her left. He kept squeezing her breasts in the spooning position.

Mahalaxmi moaned into his mouth and tried to push her ass back in anticipation of his huge cock penetrating her juicy cunt. But Surya didn’t budge. Just kept squeezing her breasts as he maintained their lip lock. Not wanting to wait anymore, Mahalaxmi reached for his cock with her right hand.

She placed it at the entrance of her overflowing pussy. Surya kept rubbing the head of his cock against her pussy lips for another couple of minutes. Finally, Mahalaxmi broke the kiss and screamed at him in a trembling voice to just fuck her. Her teary eyes had a mixture of anger and anticipation.

With a smile, Surya entered her with a huge thrust. Mahalaxmi, with a huge moan, felt her body jerk upwards of the bed. Smartly enough, Surya had not let her face turn to her left. He had kept kissing her until now. Now, as her face turned, she saw that the mirror wall was actually a two-way thing.

She could see Vinodpratap watching her getting fucked from the other side. He was screaming, but she couldn’t hear a thing. She realized that this was a soundproof system. Before she could wrap the ongoing events around her head, her pussy started convulsing in a huge orgasm.

She felt Surya grab her enormous breast and plough into her orgasming pussy with thundering, powerful thrusts. Saliva drooled from her mouth as Surya fucked her with animalistic power. It was coupled with continuous shouts, “You are mine, Laxmi bhabhi, only mine, both my bhabhi and my wife.”

Her flesh rippled with every thrust. He assaulted her pussy for another hour. Mahalaxmi, by now, had cum four times. She knew she had to make him cum. She turned her face and whispered that she wanted to feel his cum hard against her womb.

She sealed his mouth with hers. Surya came inside her for at least two minutes. He kept cumming inside her, all the while still thrusting into her drenched pussy. Mahalaxmi fell unconscious immediately after her orgasm. She was woken up after some time to her husband lapping at her tender pussy.

She began enjoying the sucking of her recently assaulted pussy. She began caressing his hair with her hands with eyes closed. But immediately, she remembered the mirror wall and opened her eyes to look at it. Her first husband was still watching.

She could see the helplessness on his face. Tears welled up in her eyes, and unknown to her, a moan escaped her lips. Surya then lifted her and went straight to the mirror wall. Her eyes widened with horror. Surya then made her stand facing the mirror wall. And immediately, she felt Surya enter her from behind.

Mahalaxmi had to place her hands on the mirror wall to prevent herself from falling over. And before she protested, Surya began fucking her from behind while squeezing her enormous breasts with his hands. It was as if she was getting fucked right in front of Vinodpratap.

Within minutes, she was moaning loudly. Vinodoratap could see her pussy juices flowing along her legs and onto the floor. And he saw clearly that his wife was actually thrusting her buttocks against his brother’s thrusts.

Mahalaxmi’s sultry gaze met Vinodpratap’s. Never breaking that gaze, she turned her head to engage in a passionate kiss with Suryapratap. Surya cum in her pussy at her behaviour.