Lustful Sex story of an Ancient Ruler – Part 4

Sudharani’s breasts had grown by now. They were full and heavy with a little sag to them made her very sexy. They drew the attention of every man around her now. Even her waist, hips and ass had filled up slightly.

Overall, Queen Sudharani was now oozing sexuality. Men would kill to sleep with her even once. Sudharani would smile knowingly, looking at her son’s plight during the day. He badly wanted her, but the circumstances were not favourable for them.

But at night, Suryapratap entered their parents’ bedroom. He went swiftly to his mother, sleeping beside his father and started groping her like a madman. Sudharani started resisting, knowing very well that King Jayasuriya was not that drunk that night. He could wake up any time.

So she told Suryapratap that they needed to go to his room. But Surya simply hiked her saree and started lapping at her motherly pussy. Surya even tore her blouse and freed those big breasts. Those brown nipples were already erect. He started tweaking her nipples, all the while sucking her pussy.

Sudharani warned him in a quivering voice that his father might wake up. Surya lifted his face from her already lubricated pussy. He told her that he didn’t care even if his father woke up. He even told her that if his father wakes up, he’ll atleast learn how a real man satisfies his woman by watching him.

With his cock aligned at her pussy Surya cupped his mother’s face and told her to stop worrying. He had already tied the mangalsutra to her. He told her that now that she has given birth to his child, he’ll dethrone his father and even marry her openly if the need arises.

Queen Sudharani just smiled at him and proceeded to kiss her strong son. Her son’s talk sent a tingle in her pussy. She knew she was being bred by the strongest man in the kingdom. She wanted to make sure she remained his main mate.

With so many thoughts inside her mind, she pulled her son into her pussy by pulling him by his ass. She gave out a guttural moan. But that seductive smile never left her face. Even Surya was mesmerized by her smile and composure. He knew that his mother, by now, had mastered the art of lovemaking.

He knew she could control his cock by her smile and pussy now. Suryapratap started fucking her pussy rhythmically. “You are so beautiful, mom. I’m lucky to be making love to you,” he whispered. “Then kiss your mother, son. Make her moan with satisfaction. Tell her you would never leave her, son,” she cooed.

With that, mother and son engaged in a carnal pleasure. Sudharani’s big breasts heaved with every thrust her son gave into her receptive pussy. The moonlight had shone through the window, illuminating the coupled bodies. The mother-son’s bodies had begun a soft sexual dance.

Her mouth sought her son’s mouth now and then. She spread her legs even wider to accommodate him. The powerful thrusts were replaced by soft jabs now. Once again, a baby lust was upon her. She wanted him to impregnate her again. Her body glistened with sweat.

They were oblivious to the world around them. Oblivious to Jayasuriya watching them right from the beginning. He had silently watched it all. Heard it all. Now he knew that their fourth child was actually not his but his son’s.
He couldn’t believe the sexual prowess of his son.

His son was stretching his wife to the fullest. Her eyes were half-lidded, her back arched upwards as her body convulsed in orgasm. “Never stop, honey, keep fucking me,” she commanded. His pace quickened as his cock gave a couple of twitches. She sensed him nearing.

“Cum in me, baby, cum inside your mother. I want it as much as I want you. It’s okay to empty your potent cum inside your mother’s womb,” she urged him. And her mouth sought his. Her voice made Surya quicken his pace. He fell into a steady pace. Her velvety pussy walls gripped his cock.

“Oh god, I want to fuck you all night. I never want to stop,” he exclaimed with laboured breaths. “You will, baby, you will fuck me all night. I’m all yours, only yours, now cum in me.” She assured him.

Surya couldn’t take it anymore. He grabbed her breasts harshly and managed 4 strong thrusts before he began cumming. Her body convulsed in her orgasm, and she happily received her son’s seeds with spread legs. It took a while for mother and son to come down from their orgasmic bliss.

Suryapratap kissed her and whispered sweet things to her. Somehow, Jayasuriya couldn’t bring himself to confront them. He chooses to stay silent. He was sure about one thing. He had completely lost his pious wife to his son.

Here Sudharani could feel Surya growing hard inside her pussy. Within a few seconds, her son lifted her with a still cock inside her and walked towards his room. Once inside the room, Suryapratap made her stand in front of the large mirror of his dressing table facing the mirror.

Surya came behind her and started kissing her shoulder and neck. He ordered his mother to keep looking at their reflection in the mirror. Mother and son locked their gaze in the mirror as Surya squeezed her big breasts from behind. Sudharani felt really shy looking at their naked bodies in the mirror.

Grabbing her breasts with both hands, Surya entered his mother from behind. With half-lidded eyes, Sudharani saw her reflection in the mirror. She was mesmerized by seeing lust on her face as her son entered her pussy. Surya gave a jab into her pussy. She had to place her hands on the table in front of her.

Her son started ploughing her from behind with strong jabs. She lifted her face to catch their reflection in the mirror. She found herself really vulnerable in this position, and she loved the domination he asserted on her. The sight in front of her brought a mind-boggling orgasm to her.

It was a sight to behold. Her son rammed into his mother, grabbing her suspended breasts. His mother was holding on to the table for her dear life. His chiselled chest glistened with sweat. Her open mouth drooled saliva. It was a sexy sight. Their juices kept flowing along her legs.

The whole room was filled with thap thap sounds his balls were making by hitting her huge ass. “I love you, Mother,” he whispered in her ears. “Please be gentle, son, you really are huge,” she said. But her couldn’t control himself and gave it his all. That’s the kind of effect his mother had on him.

Prince Suryapratap ejaculated inside her 5 more times that night. Mother-son rutted, fucked, and made sweet love. There was just no end to it. Within a few days, Sudharani found out that her son had successfully impregnated her for the second time. Both mother and son were on cloud nine.

A few months later, as Sudharani’s pregnancy grew, her daughter-in-law, Mahalaxmi, returned to the palace with her baby.