Lustful Sex story of an Ancient Ruler – Part 3

As the mother and son consummated their love with post-delivery sex, they fell asleep caressing each other’s bodies like teenagers. She was sleeping on her son’s chest in her naked glory. Sudharani’s mind went back to the time when Suryapratap first took her. The beginning of their incestuous relationship.

A couple of years ago, Sudharani, after failing to make her drunk husband fuck her, started sobbing in her bed. This had been going on for 5 years now. Suryapratap had a deep crush on his hot mother. He had seen all of it through a hole he had made from his adjacent room.

He would feel happy since he didn’t want his father to have sex with his mother. He would feel really jealous even if his father hugged and kissed Sudharani. But Jayasuriya couldn’t go beyond kissing and caressing for the past five years. But today, Sudharani was aghast and cried beside her sleeping husband.

Surya couldn’t watch his mother cry anymore. He barged into his parents’ bedroom and went straight to their bed. Sudharani was shocked to see her younger son come directly at her. Surya just went to his mother and hugged her tightly.

He whispered in her ear, “Don’t cry, Mother, I will take care of you. You are the most beautiful woman on earth. I will make sure you get all the pleasure you and your beauty deserve.”

Saying so, before she could say anything, he began kissing her on the mouth. He kept kissing her while caressing her body with his hands. Before she could understand what was happening to her, he had disrobed his mother expertly. She kept whispering that it was wrong and they were mother and son.

But her body adjusted itself under him on the bed. He forced her legs open, and to her utter surprise, they didn’t offer any resistance. Within the next few seconds, her mouth was sealed by his. Her son’s penis was at the entrance of her motherhood. Her naked breasts were crushed under his weight.

And to top it all this, her husband was sleeping beside her. Merely two feet away! And she felt him enter her. She grunted into his mouth. Her eyes went wide in panic. She felt him splitting her pussy in two. He withdrew a little and forced himself in with a powerful thrust. They both screamed in pain.

Surya felt his cock burning. His face contorted in pain. He knew what happened. Looking at his face, his mother forgot about her pain and asked him what was wrong. He told her that he was sure he tore his tight foreskin as he thrust into her tight pussy. That meant this was Suryapratap’s first time!

She asked her son whether she was thinking right. He nodded his head and accepted that this was his first time. Sudharani’s heart swelled with pride. She was her son’s first woman. She was in the middle of taking her boy’s virginity!
She was ecstatic and started showering his face with sweet kisses.

Then Surya cupped her face and declared, “I love you, mother. Before I completely enter your pussy I want to tell you something,” saying so he showed her the mangalsutra he had brought with him. She raised her eyes in question.

He replied, “I want to tie this Mangalasutra around your neck, mother. I want you to become my wife. Only then I’ll enter completely in your pussy.” He didn’t wait for his mother’s answer. With his penis head inside his mother’s cunt, he tied the mangalasutra around her neck and kissed her with so much passion.

Sudharani then felt him enter her tight pussy. Within minutes Surya fell into a great fucking rhythm. He brought his mother to orgasm three times before he emptied his potent cum inside her. He then got up from his parents’ bed.

Sudharani felt a tinge of guilt for letting her son fuck her beside her sleeping husband. Shamefully, she crossed her arms over her breasts with tears in her eyes.

“I won’t let you think over what occurred and feel guilty, Mom.” Saying this, he lifted her in his arms and carried her into his bedroom. After some futile protests, Sudharani started kissing his son and spread her legs for his dick to assault her neglected pussy.

She even rode her son with full intensity that night. Sudharani was riding her son’s huge cock with her big breasts swinging wildly. Her hair spiralling around her hourglass figure was a thing to behold. “Knock me up, son. Fuck my pussy. Give me your baby, my son,” she kept screaming till morning.

The next night, Suryapratap entered their parents’ bedroom and began disrobing his mother beside his sleeping father. Sudharani protested. She told him that they’d go into his room and he can do whatever he wants. But Surya didn’t answer and just disrobed her.

He made her sleep beside his father and entered her with one powerful thrust. He fucked his mother beside his father for half an hour. His mother gave his balls a lovely squeeze coupled with some sweet words whispering into his ears. This made him lose control and cum inside her pussy.

He then lifted her on his cock and to his room. By the time he carried her into her room, he was already rock-hard in her. Sudharani wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him on his mouth. Her pussy gave his cock a squeeze.

“Show your mother how much you love her, Surya,” she said. And he began ploughing into her like an animal. Going into their parents’ room and fucking his mother beside his sleeping father became a routine for him. Sudharani would still argue about him fucking her beside her husband.

But Suryapratap made it a habit. He would carry her into his room only after unloading once in her pussy beside his father. Sudharani was at the peak of her sexual appetite. She well and truly matched her son’s sexual prowess. It’s like they were born to fuck each other. They would continuously fuck.

Sudharani loved how her son would sneak into her bathroom and lift her into his arms. Then impaling her juicy pussy on his strong cock in a standing position. It amazed her how he would hold her ass cheeks and move her up and down on his cock.

In the standing position, he would bring her multiple orgasms and fuck her to exhaustion. Suryapratap worshipped his mother’s body. He would lick every inch of her body. They explored new fucking positions. Finally, after nearly two decades, Sudharani became pregnant once again with her fourth child.

This was bound to happen. Surya fucked her nearly 8 times a day, dumping loads of potent cum inside her ripe and fertile pussy. King Jayasuriya never suspected. He would find his wife naked in the bed when he woke up in the morning.

So he thought he must be doing a good job even in inebriated conditions. These days, Sudharani seemed rejuvenated and very happy. As the news of her pregnancy broke out, Suryapratap made a plan. Suryapratap told his father that he wished to take his mother on vacation for a week to their farmhouse.

He told his father that it was his mother, queen Sudharani’s wish. Jayasuriya happily agreed since he wanted his wife to be happy. Surya made sure the farmhouse had only a handful of maids and soldiers during their stay there.

Once the mother and son reached the farmhouse, they let go of all their inhibitions. They readied themselves to engage in non-stop sex. On the first day at the farmhouse, Suryapratap and Sudharani had wild sex.

As Suryapratap ploughed into his mother, she screamed at the top of her lungs as there was no danger of getting caught. Her pussy was making squishing sounds as her son thrust his cock into her overflowing pussy. After another half an hour of non-stop sex, Sudharani asked her son to stay still inside her pussy. So that she could bring her breathing to a normal level.

Then Sudharani touched her forehead to his and said, “Son, what have you done to me? You have spoiled my pussy for your father’s son.” Hearing this, Suryapratap thrust into her with all his might. He started saying, “I won’t let him touch you. You are only mine, mine, mine, mine…”

Saying so, he started ploughing into her with unbelievable strength. “Calm down, son, please, calm down. I’m only yours. I am even pregnant with your child. Please calm down. You are hurting me,” she said. Only then did her son apologise and start making sweet love to her.

They behaved like husband and wife in the farmhouse. They were actually living their wildest fantasy. Suryapratap couldn’t get enough of her pussy. He fucked her, kissed her, bit her and didn’t leave her until he emptied four times inside her pussy.

Sudharani, in her exhausted state, breathing heavily, dwelled in her thoughts. Sudharani couldn’t believe she could endure such pussy fucking. To top that, her son’s dick was huge. She remembered that when she married Jayasuriya. She had cried when Jayasuriya took her on their first night.

Well, his cock was not even half the size of Suryapratap’s cock. But truth be told, this huge cock taught her what sex really is all about. Even though she had given birth to 3 children, it’s only for a few months she’s been experiencing her sex life.

Maybe she was born for Suryapratap, she told herself. Maybe Jayasuriya was just a medium for her to meet her real mate. She vowed to herself that she’d bear as many children with Suryapratap as possible. She came back from her thoughts as Surya’s rising cock patted her bruised pussy.

She was too tired for another round. But she didn’t object as her son entered her with so much love. He made sweet love to her for another hour before their orgasms met with precision. The whole week they fucked each other like two sex-crazed animals. They mostly stayed naked in the house.

Sudharani walked naked with her big breasts swinging and her loose hair cascading down to her thighs. It drove him wild and kept his cock rock-hard all the time. Sudharani wanted to do something special for her son. So she proceeded to suck his impossibly large cock in her small mouth.

But she couldn’t even take half his cock inside and started gagging on it. Her son laughed loudly at her. With mock anger, she said, “Don’t laugh, son. I’ve never done this before, but I want to do something special for you.” He pulled his mother onto him and started kissing her lips.

“I have an idea,” he said. She looked at him intently. If you are okay, give me your virginity, he said. She couldn’t understand what he was asking. He slowly caressed her back and let his hand move down to her ass globes. He squeezed her soft ass globes. She felt good and moaned.

Then he touched her asshole hole. He slowly inserted a finger inside her anal hole. Now she came to know where he was getting at, and her eyes went wide in horror. Before she could say anything, he tossed her around and started licking her asshole in between biting her ass globes.

Even though the thought of his huge cock ripping apart her asshole frightened her, Sudharani chose to give in. She remained silent and let him lick her. After some time, she felt his cock tip at the entrance of her asshole. Kissing her back and shoulder, he asked, “Mother, may I?”

“Please be gentle, my son,” she replied. He tried pushing inside, but it was too tight. But he kept trying. Sudharani shoved her face into the pillow and raised her ass for better leverage. After so much difficulty, her son managed to enter her asshole.

But he couldn’t stay hard for too long and spewed inside her asshole. When he removed his cock and made her turn towards him, he saw that his mother’s eyes were red from crying. He immediately hugged her and started apologising. “You could have said no, mother,” he said.

“No baby, I wanted you to have me anally. I want to give my everything to you,” she replied. He kept kissing her face until he was hard again. She smiled and got on top of him. Holding his erect cock in her hand, she lowered her pussy on him. Sudharani started riding him.

Suryapratap just lay there squeezing her big breasts and watching his beautiful mother ride him with a seductive smile on her face. He fucked her at least a hundred times during their stay at the farmhouse. They still couldn’t get enough of each other when they returned to the palace.

Suryapratap kept fucking his mother until his brother’s accident. Then, his marriage to his sister-in-law happened. Sudharani felt really jealous when her younger son proposed to marry his widowed sister-in-law. But she was all for his happiness.

Moreover, she already knew her younger son had a thing for his elder brother’s wife since the first day itself. She knew how her younger son looked at her daughter-in-law. She knew the look. His eyes were always glued to Mahalaxmi’s enormous breasts.

Now she was again getting her pussy fucked by her son. She was happy that until her daughter-in-law returned, she’d be having a great time!