Lustful Desires – Part 2 (Dhanya & Prajwal’s secret)

Hi, I would like to share this story to tell the incidents with a pinch of erotism in some, sometimes more of it confined. In turn, this story will take some time to unfold, unlike other fiction stories.

Where people get into action in the next minute, I have planned many parts of this series. Please don’t mind if the contents are less or sometimes more.

The story

A girl was sitting opposite me at the party, and I soon realised it was my ex-girlfriend Aarti. Priya came and sat next to her, recognising our reaction. Do you guys know each other? “Yes, my ex.” We replied together.

At a distance away from the crowd, Prajwal and Dhanya were standing next to each other, having a serious conversation.

Prajwal: Why are you acting strange, Dhanya? What is the problem suddenly? Everything is going fine till now.

Dhanya: You don’t know my problem. We have been in a relationship for years now. How long still do you think we can keep this a secret? I’m tired of faking things. I’m tired of being away from you. Why can’t you at least tell our friends we are committed?

Prajwal: We will tell them when the time comes. What’s the urgency now?

He said faintly.

Dhanya: I’m fed up with hiding things and going to hotels and resort rooms hiding my face to spend time with you. I’m not a call girl, Prajwal. I can’t keep our relationship in the dark anymore.

This Call Girl thing triggered Prajwal, and it started unwanted arguments.

There was complete silence here with the three of us. Priya, too, was shocked like us. What a coincidence of odds, us ending up here.

If Priya didn’t see me today, she might not have talked with Prajwal and brought me, and I would not have seen her. But how the hell is she at this party?

I eyed her slowly at Aarti. She was a bomb in the modern dress. She had worn a one-piece black dress. Designed like the left part of her shoulder was visible till her cleavage. The right side was covered, and the dress went till and covered barely her thighs.

Though I always liked to see her this way when we were committed. She would never dress in modern outfits before. More than that, I was also surprised to see her here at this hour. Like, wasn’t she married?

She realised I was looking at her. She took a sip from the beer mug staring at me. Priya, too, saw us and felt uncomfortable. To break the eyes, she started the conversation.

Priya: Amit, you know? Aarti is my new roommate. I had invited her to the party as she was feeling alone. She’s mostly sad these days.

Aarti gave a killer look to Priya. ‘Why did you say that?’ Priya became silent.

Amit: Unable to keep calm anymore. I asked. Why? What happened? (To Aarti.)

Aarti, giving a sharp look, “Priya, it’s none of anyone’s business. I’m leaving.”

Prajwal and Dhanya joined us by the time Aarti was about to leave. But they looked very drunk. Priya introduced Aarti to them. Prajwal just stood staring at her, which made everyone uncomfortable. We all started to leave by then.

Prajwal took the car to drop Aarti, Priya, and Dhanya in their apartment, so I booked a cab.

Prajwal’s Point Of View:

We reached the apartment. But I, too, came with them, leaving the car in the apartment parking lot. The girls were surprised by this. They did not expect me to come with them to their room.

Normally I would drop Dhanya or sometimes Priya and leave. But I went to the girl’s apartment because Dhanya was dragging me.

Priya noticed that Dhanya was holding his hands and dragging him. “They two were drunk but didn’t know till what extent.” She thought.

Once entering the apartment, Dhanya started kissing me randomly and then on my lips. She hugged me tightly and through all the high of the alcohol. I, too, couldn’t control myself. I gave in, slowly kissing her and moving my hands inside her tight jeans, tightly clutching her ass.

She started biting her lips now. We were moaning like anything together. Suddenly I realised what was wrong and retreated as if something had happened. Dhanya, too broke the kiss to see her roommates stunned, looking at us.

I froze, looking at them. This was not supposed to happen. She dragged me into her room. Aarti and Priya were shocked to see this. They didn’t know what got into them or what was going on.

Priya, especially, only thought Prajwal was a good friend till now at school. But never thought they were in a secret relationship. This level of intimacy shows they were doing all this behind her back.

Without making any eye contact Aarti and Priya went to their respective rooms. But the surprise did not end there for Priya. She could hear what was happening in the next room. The walls were thinner, or their voices were louder.

Prajwal: Closing the door on the awestruck roomies. Dhanya turned towards them with a smile. She fell on me and started kissing again. Slowly biting my neck and lips, and tore open my shirt.

I was amazed at this, Dhanya. I was in disbelief. In all the previous sex encounters, this never happened. She was always afraid to even get naked before him. Most of the time, it was half-naked sex only.

She slid down her hands and grabbed my penis tightly, hard, so hard, and started stroking it inside the pants while still kissing me passionately.

Slowly she dragged her panties down and started fingering herself, spreading her legs towards me and teasing me with her wet pussy. Then slowly, she undressed me as well as she was kissing me.

Finally, she broke the kiss, unhooked her bra and threw it on my face. When I removed the bra from my face, I was mesmerised to see her. Fully naked before me, it turned on so much that the penis was fully erect now.

She saw this before me. She again held it tightly, gave two strokes in her hand, kept her fingers on the tip and dragged the foreskin down. Slowly, l said in mild pain. She gave a gentle lick at the tip, started sucking like hell, and took it completely deep mouth.

I was on cloud nine by now. I couldn’t hold myself any longer and cum in her mouth. She didn’t think for a second, gulped it, and again started sucking it vigorously. I came the same second time earlier than the first. She licked it clean, looking at me with lust in her eyes.

My cock was dead and limp after 2 times of these extensive sessions. She wiped her face with some tissues and saw the limp dick. She, too, was exhausted, but she gave an evil look at me and sat on me and started rubbing her wet pussy on the dead penis.

It came back to form after some time. She pushed the semi-erect penis inside her pussy. Even though it was not fully erect, it slid through easily. It was so wet inside it got fully erect.

She spread her legs, took my erect dick out, gave a gentle stroke again, and rubbed the sides of her clitoris. She slid in and rhythmically slid up and down in the reverse cowgirl position.

Slowly, the movement intensified, and she was no longer in control of her. Her movements were faster every second. She sounded frantic now, and suddenly, the unexpected happened. She squirted all over. This, too, never happened before.

It was time to man up, and her sudden squirts aroused things much more. I took the reins now and went on top of her. Every thrust was hard and harder now. The screams echoed the pain of lust with a few more thrusts.

She squirted again, much more this time. I came inside her, but we didn’t stop. Still, she held me tight, not to let go. The motion was still on and in full sync. Kisses were more passionate now. Both were tired but not ready to let go.

Her legs shivered with every thrust, but she didn’t let go. She hugged me tightly. We both were so tired but not ready to leave each other. I stopped my motion, but she still didn’t stop grinding. Finally, she stopped. I came inside her the second time.

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