Love Thy Mother – Part 1

It’s been a long time since I have written a story here. This is an old story I had written a few years ago. I hope you’d appreciate it.

I woke early that morning, well, not too early. As I stepped out of my bedroom, I saw my sister getting into the bathroom and dad sitting in the hall packing his office bag. He saw me and said, “Look who’s woken up. Good morning, Rishi.”

“Good morning, dad,” I replied. He was done packing his bag. “Okay then, I’ll leave for the office now. Since you’re awake, why don’t you drop your sister at school? It’ll save your mom some trouble,” dad told me.

“Sure, why not?”

Dad smiled and said, “Goodbye,” Then, raising his voice, “Ruhi, I am leaving for the office,” he addressed my mother. From a distance (actually from the kitchen) came a sweet voice, “Yes, darling.” I could see dad blushing, and without wasting any time, he left.

I went to the kitchen. Mom was working there, probably preparing breakfast for me and Ruma, my sister. She was still in her nightgown, her backside facing me. Mom had no idea I was there watching her as her ass swayed as she moved.

I had an instant boner. Mom was the most beautiful woman I have ever known. She was a natural beauty. Even without makeup, she could give those Bollywood actresses a run for their money. Her long black hair fell just above her ass when not tied into a bun.

Her eyes, I believed, were the most beautiful, the sexiest part of her. I couldn’t stand her beauty. I walked up to her pussy feet and bent down on my knees. I raised her nightie. Mom was startled and looked back.

She saw me on my knees and said, “What are you doing, Rishi?” I could feel the tension in her voice. Without saying anything, I raised her gown above her ass. Mom’s buttocks were perfectly round. Together they looked like an upside-down heart.

She was wearing a normal black panty. I slid it down. “Rishi, your sister might come out any moment now” I heard her warning but didn’t understand. I was too horny. I parted her buttocks but didn’t have access to the inner side. Mom understood and spread her legs wide.

This is what I liked the most about mom. She enjoyed the danger. No matter what, she was always up for it. I stuck my tongue out, parted her butts wider and gave a wet sloppy lick in her ass crack. Mom hissed.

It turned me manic, and I started devouring her ass. Kissing her ass hole. Mom arched her back, pushing her ass towards me. My face was now completely buried inside it. As I licked her ass hole, I put my hands around her waist. With one hand, I rubbed her clit.

The other moved up inside her nightie to my mom’s juicy breasts. Taking hold of one of those, I pressed it hard. Mom moaned loudly, “Aah, slowly, son, slowly,” she said, lost in ecstasy.

I pushed my tongue inside her asshole, and mom jerked. I could feel the heat rising inside her. A few minutes into it, I felt mom’s legs shaking. They couldn’t support her. I realised she was about to cum. Then at that moment, I wanted nothing more than to taste her cum.

I pulled myself away, saying, “Mom turn around and sit on the kitchen table. I want to taste your pussy.” Mom smiled and turned around. She lifted her gown above her waist and sat on the kitchen table, clearing everything on it. Leaning back on the wall, she spread her legs wide.

She was giving me the full view of her pink cave. Starting with another wet kiss from her pussy to the clit I spread open her labia and spat on it. I looked up into mom’s eyes. They were sparkling. Before feasting on my birthplace, I moved up and brushed my lips on mom.

There was a wide grin on her face. She pulled me closer and kissed me pushing her tongue inside my mouth. Our tongues battled as mom savoured the taste of her ass from my mouth. All the while, I played with her boobs over her nightie. We separated when we ran out of breath.

Mom looked messed up. I could only imagine what I must be looking like. “Now, son, back down. Show me the wonders of your tongue. And in return, I will reward you with my cum.” Mom said, her voice so seductive, so ecstatic my cock jerked inside my pants. I obeyed her.

I went down on her all the while. My eyes were staring into hers. Mom was the queen of seduction. I planted a wet kiss on her pussy lips and continued kissing those. With my thumb, I rubbed her clit.

In between, I would lick and bite it. Mom was moaning slowly and seductively. After a few moments, I was French kissing her pussy, pushing my tongue inside her. Mom gave a sudden soft, loud moan. She hissed like a snake and pushed my head against her pussy.

“Come on, Rishi, ravage that pussy. Oh, Eat it like there’s no tomorrow,” mom moaned. I started licking and sucking her pussy vigorously. “Yes, mom, I will. Your pussy is the tastiest thing in the world.” I pushed two fingers inside her and began fingering her madly.

My mouth now rampaged her clit. A few minutes later, mom’s moaning increased. I felt her shudder and understood she was about to cum. I increased my pace of fingering her. Within a moment, mom let out another loud moan. I fixed my mouth on her pussy and pushed my tongue in.

I could feel the gush of cum running in her pussy at the tip of my tongue. I savoured that nectar. Now it was my turn to satisfy my urges. I got up and pulled my dick out. “I’m going to destroy your pussy, mom,” I said, beating my dick on her pussy.