Lifetime memory of Esha and Arpit – Part 2

“You always wanted them so badly, na?” Esha asked him.

Arpit unhooked her bra and said, “I have always wanted all of you..” And they kissed again wildly.

Arpit took off her bra and threw it far away. Esha took off his t-shirt, and their skin met. They hugged each other tightly. Their lips and chest were pressed against each other.

Their hug was full of love, emotions, support, respect and craving for each other. They both lay in bed together. He rubbed her cleavage and then caressed and stroked her nipples one by one with his lips.

Esha kept giggling in pleasure. She was moaning and kept his head tightly on her boobs.

“Suck them harder, Arpit, suck them. They are yours, eat them, bite them. Do whatever you wanna do with them.”

Getting one boob played hard while getting sucked the other was a sight to watch for Esha. She said, “Your lips feel so good against my nipples. Don’t you dare stop, Arpit!”

After a few moments, she held his head tightly, pressing to her breast and placed his other hand on the other breast. She asked him to suck it harder. “Fuck. Suck it hard, Arpit,” the room was filled with her moans.

She suddenly put the other nipple in his mouth, and he began to suck as she directed. Arpit was enjoying this side of Esha. She held his hand on the other one and began to squeeze.

In between, she hugged him tightly and ran her hands through his hair. His back, on his hips, inside his thighs, and slowly reached his pubic area. Esha was not a shy girl anymore. She wanted this.

Arpit kept on sucking and playing with her boobs while his hands made their way to her thighs. She was wearing denim shorts, so it was easy for him to caress her thighs gently.

He could feel the goosebumps on her skin and was feeling happy about the same. He unbuttoned her shorts while gently biting her nipple. “Ouch, please slowly,” said Esha, without realizing that her shorts had been unbuttoned.

He started licking her nipples again, making them wet and blew air on them. Esha felt cold on her nipples and shrugged. She moaned, “Aah.” As she moaned, Arpit’s hand moved inside her shorts and reached her pussy over her panty.

She closed her legs tightly. She never thought that the hand she had imagined was now reaching her pussy for real. They both looked into each other eyes with love, and he said, “Can I?”

“I am afraid,” she said.

“Trust me,” he replied and kissed her lips.

He took out his hand and tried to spread her legs a bit and moved his hands again inside her shorts. This time, she didn’t stop him. He could feel the wetness of her pussy over her panty. He kissed her lips and started rubbing her pussy over her panty.

It was wet, warm and was waiting to be loved. He sucked her upper lips and rubbed her lower lips together. She went crazy, and her legs started twirling.
He came down, kissed her, and sucked her boobs while her fingers were still rubbing her pussy.

“Oh, Arpit,” she moaned heavily. Arpit went down and started pushing her shorts. She lifted her hips and helped him to take off every cloth on her. She wanted him to love her even more.

Arpit kissed her pussy over her panty. “Isshh,” she hissed. Esha couldn’t imagine the pleasure she felt. The moan that climbed its way out of her throat was downright sinful. He wanted to hear it again and again. He wanted his touch to be the only one that could elicit that pleasure.

Arpit kissed her inner thighs and gently pinched them. She was giggling with pleasure and was trying to stop him unwantedly. He moved down and kissed her legs to her feet. He wanted to taste and kiss every inch of her.

He licked her feet and moved up, kissing. He came back to her pussy again and kissed her pussy once again. Now Arpit held her panty by her sides, and she immediately knew that it was the time. She is soon going to be in her birth suit.

She is soon going to do all those romantic naughty things which she has only spoken about. She felt like a gift, being unwrapped by Arpit. Once again, she lifted her hips and allowed Arpit to take off the final piece of clothing from her body.

As he lowered the panty, there was some aroma fuming out of her pussy that made him high. It demanded him to take out his tongue and thrust it in. She was now pantyless. Arpit looked in her eyes and she shyly closed her eyes.

Arpit touched her pussy gently and kissed her lips. She couldn’t control her emotions. She spread her legs so that Arpit could come closer to her pussy, and when he did so, she closed her legs and locked his head. She didn’t want this moment to end.

If she could, she would have remained in this position forever. He kissed her inner thighs and legs while her pussy was dripping wet. She was getting restless with each passing second. Her pussy was craving to be loved. She said in a loud voice, “Arpit, eat it. You always wanted it. It’s yours. Don’t tease me anymore.”

He immediately kissed her pussy, and Esha gave out a loud slutty moan. The pleasure took over her. She recalled how badly she wanted to know how it felt when a sticky wobbly tongue would enter her pussy. Well, she will get to know it now. It seemed all her dreams were about to come true.

Arpit, too, was mesmerized by her sweet juices and immediately inserted his tongue in her tight pussy. Esha jerked and got up, moaning. Such was the level of pleasure. She couldn’t be more satisfied.

Arpit was happy to see Esha responding positively. Both of them continued with more vigour. Esha kept on caressing his hair and pushing his head on her pussy while Arpit, too, explored her tight virgin pussy with his tongue.

Esha was in paradise. She let out a series of moans as her pussy lips were kissed, licked and sucked. She moved her belly and her stomach muscles to cope with the pleasure.

Arpit’s expert licking was too much for her to handle, and within a few minutes, she squirted out the biggest load from her pussy. Arpit felt a strong gush of liquids flowing out of Esha’s love hole. Her honey-like juices were like a drug to him. He kept licking and drinking all of it.

Esha kept leaking for a couple of minutes or so. She had experienced at least two orgasms now and was building the third one. Arpit, too, didn’t spare her till she leaked out every drop of her cum. After what seemed like an eternity, both of them got up.

Both of them had never imagined this to come true, even in their wildest dreams. Her legs were spread apart, her pussy was still dripping, and her belly, neck, and lips were wet with his saliva. Her nipples had bite marks, and most importantly, her pretty face had an expression of satisfaction.

Yet, the night was still very much alive and still young. Esha opened her eyes. She couldn’t believe what just happened to her a few seconds ago. Never had she experienced multiple orgasms in her life. She felt like she had leaked out a bucket full of cum.

She looked at Arpit romantically. She had already squirted multiple times, but Arpit was still yearning to leak his cum. Esha knew that the night was going to be really long. She looked at him, and he was eyeing her like a hungry wolf, desperate to devour her naked skin.

She looked at his bare chest. She looked at the bulge under his boxers. Her brain flashed the site of Arpit’s dick that she had only seen in pics. But now it was real and almost in front of her, inches away from her hands and lips. She imagined all the things she could experience.

She felt the excitement building in her stomach. She got up and went close to him. She kissed Arpit on his lips and moved down to kiss his nipples. She moved her hands on his dick, and the expression on Arpit’s face changed.

This was the moment he had imagined for years now. His dick was turned on badly. By Esha’s efforts, his boxers found their way to the floor, and his dick came out. It felt so hard that Arpit thought it would burst. Esha saw the monster this close for the first time.

It looked bigger while lying on the bed than it looked when she saw it in the pics. She imagined herself getting ripped by this beast. Arpit, though, was in no hurry. He sat down, resting his back on the bed rest, and made Esha sit on his lap. He held her hands and made her touch his dick.

Esha was reluctant at first, but then her curiosity won. She slowly held his cock in her hands. It was hard and hot. Arpit asked her to stroke it slowly. Esha obeyed her like a good student. She started stroking Arpit’s dick in amazement. It seems that a little girl has discovered a new toy.

Arpit couldn’t wait to see her beloved toy, to go inside her. He held Esha’s shoulders and slowly made her bend. Esha sensed what he wanted from her. She looked into his eyes, kissed her and said, “You will always remember this.”

Esha went down and opened her mouth to swallow Arpit’s dick. Arpit closed his eyes and rested his head back to enjoy her blowing. She lacked experience but did it with great passion. She started with long, slow licks from top to bottom, then teased a little with her tongue on the head.

Then she started deepthroating him, licking the base of his cock with her tongue while he was deep inside her mouth. She was constantly moaning and giving him lustful looks. She knows when he is approaching orgasm because of the way he is moving and because of how hard he feels in her mouth.

She backed off a few times to keep him on the edge, and that’s what she meant when she said, “You will always remember this.” He lost track of where he was and who he was and just became lost in the pleasure. Arpit was about to cum. He raised Esha and made her lie on the bed.

He brought his dick over her body and started stroking it vigorously. At last, his monster spitted out his sperm. He sprayed it on Esha’s breasts her belly. Esha didn’t worry anymore and enjoyed every moment of it. Arpit’s dick was also completely erect once again after a few minutes.

He looked at Esha’s cunt. He was dying to go deep in that tight pussy of her.  Esha saw Arpit staring at her with his monster ready. It was time for her to lose her virginity. She never thought she’d get deflowered by Arpit on the same bed he sleeps with his wife.

But there was no turning back from here. She now desperately wanted it to happen. Esha herself spread her legs apart, giving Arpit a good view of her pussy. Arpit took out a condom from his drawer.

“No, without this,” she said with lustful eyes.

“You sure?” he asked.

“I trust you, Arpit. And I want to feel you raw,” she naughtily said.

Finally, he got between her legs and touched the tip of his dick on her pussy. He didn’t thrust it inside yet and started teasing her.

Esha: Are you checking my patience?

Arpit: And mine too, Esha. Even I’m desperate to enter you. But after your permission.

“Do it,” Esha said softly.

Arpit: Not like that, you’ll have to request.

Esha: Please, Arpit, don’t do this na. You know I am all yours.

Arpit: Tell me how much you are mine, Esha?

Esha: Fuck me, fuck me, Arpit, fuck me hard, just like you have fucked me in those chats. Take me, take my virginity. I am all yours. My body is all yours. Do all you want.

Arpit didn’t expect her to be so bold. This was too much for him. Within a second, his dick slowly started going inside the unexplored love hole of Esha. It wasn’t even halfway in when Arpit saw a few drops of blood coming out of her pussy.

The baby girl was finally a woman now. He saw tears rolling down her eyes. Esha never imagined it to be so painful. But Arpit was supportive and consoled her that it wouldn’t last long. He held and caressed her legs as he slowly started fucking her. With time, Esha got accustomed to the pain.

A few more minutes passed, and she felt no more pain. Arpit’s entire dick was now going in and out of her pussy. A totally different feeling took her over. The hard cock was rubbing the insides of her pussy. The tip of the dick was hitting her g-spot. It felt heavenly – a feeling she never experienced before.

Esha leaked her juices once more. It was the best orgasm of her life. She felt complete. She felt blissful. He could feel his dick tightly gripped by her wet tight pussy. They both loved the feeling of being into each other.

With each stroke, he kissed her lips, eyes, cheeks, and neck. She reciprocated with moans for each of his strokes.

“Aah, Arpit. Take me more, Arpit,” her moans filled the room.

“Finally, you got what you wanted?” she asked him while feeling his dick touching her deep.

“You didn’t want this?” he asked playfully.

She closed her eyes. Her face had expressions of content, lust and satisfaction. She was enjoying the most memorable day of her life.

“Tell me, Esha, you didn’t want this?” he asked again.

“Always,” she replied with closed eyes.

“What always? Say more, Esha,” he asked again.

“I have always wanted this Arpit. I have fucking imagined you thousand times taking my virginity and ripping off my clothes. This is the best day of my life and…”

Arpit didn’t let her complete and pushed his dick deep inside, kissed her lips and mauled her boobs. They both didn’t bother about the marks they were leaving on each other’s bodies. Arpit kissed her lips as he gave the last few strokes inside her and pulled out.

Esha kissed him back passionately. She was tired. Arpit was still hard like ever. Esha, with her half-open eyes now, asked him. “You still not done?”

“How can I get done with you, Esha? This is just the start,” he replied.

Esha spread her legs apart, signalling him to enter her again, and Arpit entered her. They fucked like maniacs for a long time before Arpit pulled out her dick and splashed all his cum once again on her boobs and navel. They both hugged each other tightly and felt each other’s love for each other.

Arpit: I still cannot believe that I finally made my dream come true.

Esha: Haha, Shut up, Arpit! Chalo, cook something for me. I am starving.

And they both went to the kitchen naked.

To be continued.

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