Lakshadweep Incest saga – Part 1 (My hot sister Simran)

Hi readers, my name is Rahul, I am 25 years old and from Lakshadweep, India. Let me tell you all a little about my family. My family is very open-minded. We have a family business. There are 4 members in my family:

• Me (Rahul) (25)
• Mom (Parveen) (46)
• Dad (Raghuveer) (47)
• Sister (Simran) (26)

In this part of the story, I am going to share my sex experience with my sister. My parents were out of town for some time. Even I was having a trip plan with friends which got canceled at the last moment because one of my friends got ill at last moment.

I went back to my house, where I was not able to find my sister. Suddenly, I started hearing some noises from our house’s backyard! I went to my balcony and saw that my sister was having sex with a guy!! She was moaning loudly. I recorded her for some time and also masturbated by watching her.

The guy fucked her pussy really hard for almost half an hour. Then he cummed on her tits and left. After he left, I went into our backyard and my sister was shocked.

Sister: What are you doing here?

Me: Nothing. We need to cancel our trip because one of my friends got ill at the last moment.

Sister: Ok, that means you are going to stay here now?

Me: Yes. Do you have any problem?

Sister: No, just that I wanted to spend some time alone.

Me: Don’t worry, I will not disturb you.

Sister: Ok, take some rest before dinner.

Me: What is that on your tits? Some sort of lotion?

Sister: Yes, it’s a lotion.

Me: Ok, I will go and rest.

During dinner –

Sister: I hope you have not seen anything in the afternoon.

Me: Well, to be honest, I saw it.

Sister: What the fuck?! Don’t tell mom and dad, please.

Me: Don’t worry, I will not, but there are some conditions.

Sister: What conditions?

Me: I know you must be having plans to have sex every day until me or mom and dad come back. Am I right?

Sister: Mm..yes..

Me: You will continue that.

Sister: And what will you do?

Me: Just watch you from somewhere in the house and masturbate.

Sister: What?!

Me: Yes, nothing more.

Sister: Ok, I will do that.

Me: In this way, we both can enjoy, you will enjoy sex and I will be enjoying watching you.

After 2 days –

My sister was sitting in the backyard near the pool. I went near her and started touching her tits and asked her to give me a blowjob.

Sister: No way! Don’t touch me.

Me: You know what I saw that day, right?

Sister: Fine, I will give you a blowjob.

Me: That’s my girl.

Then my sibling Simran started sucking my dick and I was playing with her tits. I was pressing them really hard. Then I started fucking her mouth hard and released my cum load inside her mouth.

(Oh! I forgot to tell you about her figure. It is 36-30-36 and she looks very hot and sexy.)

The next morning, I again asked her for a blowjob, she didn’t have any other choice except to do what I say.

Me: It’s time I also give you some pleasure.

Sister: What do you mean??

Me: I am going to lick your pussy now.

Then we both came in position 69 and I started licking my sister’s pussy and she was sucking my dick. We both cummed at the same time. I sucked Simran’s boobs for some time. Later, we went for swimming.

After swimming –

Me: Let’s have sex tonight.

Sister: No way, we can’t do this. We are sister and brother.

Me: Don’t worry, let’s try it tonight and you are going to love it.

Sister: Ok, but it should be a secret.

Me: Of course. Now I am going to arrange everything for tonight.

Sister: What do you mean?

Me: That’s a surprise for you.

Then I decorated my room with rose petals and many other flowers. I added some heart-shaped balloons and dim candle lighting in the room to make it look like a honeymoon suite.

My sister came into my room at night and was shocked by seeing all the stuff. Without wasting any time, I hugged her and started kissing her lips. I kissed all over her body and started squeezing and sucking her boobs. She was moaning loudly.

After some time, my sis started sucking my dick. Then we came in the 69 position and started licking and sucking each other. After that, I asked her to come in the doggy position and inserted my dick inside her pussy. My sister’s pussy was very wet, so my dick slipped in it easily.

The moment my dick got inside her, my sister shouted very loudly. I waited for some time and then started fucking my sister hard while holding her long hair. I fucked her in missionary and cowgirl positions. Later, we again went back to the doggy position and then I released my cum deep inside her pussy.

We were so tired that we didn’t know when we slept that night.

I woke up early the next morning. My dick was hard and it got even more hard when I saw my sister’s sexy ass. I applied oil on my dick and her ass. Then I put my dick on her ass and made a push. My dick tip was inside Simran and she woke up in pain and asked me to remove my dick. But I gave 4-5 pushes and inserted my whole dick inside my sister’s asshole.

Then I waited for some time so that her pain would be reduced. After 5 minutes, I started fucking my sister’s ass really hard. Her ass was very tight. I cummed inside her ass after a few minutes.

Sister: My brother, you are really a hard fucker.

Me: Yes sister, I am going to fuck you whenever I want now. And whenever you want to have sex, just come to me.

Sister: Sure, bro.


I hope you liked my story. Wait for the next part, you will get to read it as soon as possible.