Kishen’s life-changing discovery – Part 5.2

Hello, my dear readers of ISS. This is the immediate continuation of the previous part.

“It doesn’t seem to go as expected. But he is a lovely young man. After I’ve satisfied Manoj, let me give him my all in the way he is most comfortable,” Deepti thought.

A good half hour entailed spanking, intense flogging, insults, spitting, kicking, pinching, and slapping. Deepti dragged the doggo by the leash while pulling Kishen by his dick.

She brought them to the bedroom where Kishen’s shorts lay in a corner. The doggo immediately sniffed it for a while and then sat up on all fours. “Stay! and don’t be a bad dog…” Deepti ordered. The doggo seemed to understand and wagged its ‘tail’ before sitting down.

Deepti then turned to Kishen and winked with a smile. From her looks he understood that she was now all his. Taking their sweet time as the doggo watched, they smooched, and fondled each other’s privates. They felt one other in entirety and fell on the bed—like long lost lovers.

Deepti changed her demeanor to allow Kishen to make love to her in the only way he knew how to. On all fours on the bed with her bottom facing the doggo, she began blowing Kishen.

Kishen could see utmost arousal in the doggo’s eyes. The most respected and highly regarded member of his building was sitting like a horny dog. He was watching his supremely obedient wife getting pounded by a young lad.

“What could be the pleasure in that?” Kishen wondered. He still found it hard to look authoritatively at the eyes of Manoj sir.

“Neetu may have taken your virginity, but your little hole is all mine,” said Deepti.

She then turned Kishen around, made him sit on all fours and began licking his asshole. The hairs on his skin stoop up in jolt as her wet tongue touched his hole for the first time ever.

Sitting on her knees, she began to tongue-fuck him. Kishen learned that his butthole is more responsive to slimy tongues than a touch-me-not plant’s sensitivity to human touch. He could barely contain the feeling.

“No wonder dad enjoys it so much,” he thought. Reflecting on when he peeked to Sunil being fingered by Usha aunty and Savitri.

“Finger me too,” Kishen said trying hard to speak from the pleasure of being licked.

“Too?!? Who else am I fingering?” asked Deepti.

“I…ah…I meant… just me,” clarified Kishen.

“With pleasure. Kishen. Get up and step forward,” responded Deepti.

She had him bend over with his hands on the headboard of the bed for support. Spreading his ass cheeks with with the fingers of her left hand, she licked the middle and point fingers of her right hand and began pressing his hole. Each of her presses was firmer than the last.

In the process, her lips pouted mildly, blowing on and around his crack. Sending cold shivers throughout his bottom, and hips.

“Relax your thighs, it might feel weird at first, and I may not put it all the way in unless I’m sure your bowel is empty,” said Deepti.

Kishen nodded in agreement.

“Don’t be too concerned, just take pleasure in your asshole being stretched, nothing more nothing less. Don’t expect anything else. Agree?” she added.

Kishen nodded, breathing heavily in anticipation. He could also hear the heavy breathing of Manoj sir. He dared not to look back. Deepti slowly slid her middle finger in and began wiggling it. Kishen felt numb vibrations originating from the periphery of his hole’s hole.

Although he felt nothing more, for some reason, he didn’t want Deepti to stop either. He liked the way his lower bottom felt and vibrated. His right hand automatically began stroking his dick. He could feel more of Deepti’s middle finger slide inside him.

The ‘weird’ pleasurable sensation amped correspondingly.

“Its pleasurable, but not the way I imagined it would feel,” he thought.

Deepti began wiggling her finger finger rigorously.

“Slow down, please,” Kishen asked instantly. Deepti obliged. She knew he was zoning in and out of prostrate stimulation, trying to get to the perfect pace and pressure. Kishen couldn’t get enough of it. He had her finger wiggle in him until her hand ached.

“That felt weird but insanely pleasurable,” Kishen said after a goof while, as he turned back and knelt in front of Deepti,

“Lucky there was no poop involved. I was a bit scared about it. I didn’t go all the way in though,” said Deepti as she giggled and licked her finger.

“I need to go to the loo,” said Kishen.

“Its just a sensation, your butthole nerves are confused,” said Deepti. “It will go after a while, Kishen.”

Deepti proceeded to kiss Kishen on his lips. She could sense gratitude in the way he intimately reciprocated her kiss. After all, she introduced him to a special kind of sensation. Deepti and Kishen transitioned from smooching to the 69 position.

She went on to embrace his body through a series of cuddles and positions that assured maximum skin-to-skin contact. They curled like snakes, teased and tongue-explored each other’s genitalia like monkeys. They rolled over each other like bears, forgetting that they were being watched by the doggo.

Deepti sat on Kishen’s face, almost burying it between her plump thighs and fleshy pussy. His fingers explored her asshole, much like how she had done it to him. She oozed her liquids like a leaking tap. The juices overload even choked Kishen.

Manoj the doggo sat at the corner watching them in action and pleasured itself. Letting Kishen know that she came to know from Neetu that he is yet to experience anal. She proudly, honourably and ritualistically made herself the owner of the first butthole that Kishen would ever fuck.

But little did she know, she was awakening a beast within Kishen. Hearing Deepti yell, “Destroy that butthole,” snapped something in him. He could no longer hold his urges to go into beast mode. Something which he himself never knew was part of his sexuality until a while back.

Deepti began hearing bestial grunts that deepened in sync with hard thrusts on her asshole and tighter grips on her hips. The couple’s plans didn’t appear to falter after all! Even the doggo wiggled in excitement.


Deepti heard Kishen utter, trying his best to suppress the voice.

“I am a degenerate, Kishen! Treat me as such. I don’t deserve your tender love,” yelled Deepti.

“Shut the fuck up, Bitch!” shouted Kishen at the top of his voice. As though his voice was breaking free of something that suppressed it.

“AAAWOOOO,” the doggo howled in excitement just then.

“Watch me decimate your mistress,” Kishen shouted at the doggo while still pumping Deepti hard.

The observer part of Kishen wanted to break off and break down laughing after hearing the howl. But that part was far too weak with the transcendental insurgence of his new avatar.

That moment on, Kishen was fully carried away in testing his limits in inflicting pleasurable pain and in getting down and dirty. Holding Deepti by the neck, he kissed her deep and hard that her lips started to swell.

He head-fucked her on the bed like a maniac. With the affirmation that he wouldn’t stop even if her neck sprained. He thrust his tool deep in her mouth and held it there while he kept her nose pinched from breathing.

“Femdom Whore,” “Slut Cunt.” “Sadistic Horny Bitch,” Kishen hurled at Deepti throughout their long session. She couldn’t get enough it, just like Manoj sir.

Kishen somehow couldn’t stop himself from biting harder. Deepti’s lips, earlobes, nipples and even her clit. He aggressively licked her pussy clean like the wrapper of melted chocolate candy. His tongue didn’t even spare a millimetre of her gaping butthole.

Like a horny beast, he tried to widen her asshole by stretching it with the ‘claws’ of his hands and voraciously tongue fucking it. He fist fucked her vagina like his hands were the shaft of a motor. Kishen’s uninhibited flogging was hard.

At the end of the session, red lines crisis-crossed her dusky, smooth breasts, butt cheeks, bareback, plump thighs, and abdomen. It took quite a few ejaculations—some even without a drop of cum–and exhaustion for Kishen to return to his normal self.

Manoj sir and Deepti witnessed Kishen evolve from the tender and innocent love-maker, who just surrendered his virginity the other day, to a ruthless lust monger. They knew that he would later come to his senses and be guilty and ashamed of his newfound aggressive sexual potential.

They hoped he would learn to tame it in time and with enough experience. Enough to match with the tolerance- and tenderness-factor of his partners. They were aware of the possibility that he might also balance out his tendencies with a craving to be on the submissive end of BDSM, like Manoj sir.

They weren’t sure how things would turn out. No one can be sure, for that matter. But they knew that he was also embarking on a journey similar to what they’d been through.

The session ended with Manoj sir being freed of his physical bondage. But not his character, yet. He was made to lick Kishen’s cum off Deepti’s face and body. Under Deepti’s command, he was even made to drink the water that a ‘tired’ Kishen poured into Deepti’s butthole with a straw.

Manoj sir then followed her to the bathroom. She peed on his face while stroking and blowing him in the 69 position. Kishen watched Manoj sir shiver from cumming explosively.

“You see that, Kishen? That’s the beauty of edging,” said Deepti.

Kishen found it all the more arousing. He began wondering what it would feel like to be at the receiving end like Manoj sir. Manoj sir came out of his submissive character and got his piss-drenched body up from the bathroom tiles.

“Whew, that was a unique experience. Thank you so so much, Kishen beta. We need to talk a bit before you can finish,” said Manoj sir.

As a token of gratitude, the two males worked together to finger Deepti on the bathroom floor until she cum again. The three of them then proceed to shower.

The time was nearing midnight.

Deepti went back to being the soft-spoken, husband-respecting being. So did Manoj sir, sporting his de-facto natural personality that commanded everyone’s respect. On the other hand, Kishen gained newfound knowledge of his sexuality.

“What the fuck was I doing?” Kishen wondered.

Deepti and Manoj sir noticed that. Having come ‘down to earth’, Kishen was becoming embarrassingly aware of his aggressive sexual tendencies. He had seen all over Deepti’s body, the marks of the flogging he inflicted on her like a maniac.

Seeing him apologetic, they advised him on the importance of ‘taming’ his tendencies. They conveyed how it is something that’s not to be ashamed of.

“I have been so pleasurably worn and torn that nothing can probably hurt me anymore, Kishen. I may be wrong, though. It would be good to be considerate of everyone’s safety, especially if you are not aware of the sexual wavelength of your partner. Let’s see how you perform next time,” said Deepti.

“The way we on-boarded you was also abrupt. I was winging in. It usually involves a lot of intimacy, normal sex, and discussion. There ought to have been a safe word communicated to you,” said Manoj sir. “Like how we on-boarded Neetu.”

Kishen learned that the younger the person fucking Deepti or BDSM-ing Manoj sir, the more aroused he becomes. He learned how Deepti worked to pique Neetu’s interest in being a dominatrix to Manoj sir soon after she turned 19. Neetu honoured it as recently as the day she took Kishen’s virginity.

“There is something special about how her pointy high-heels penetrate my bottom,” remarked Manoj sir. Reminiscing his BDSM sessions with Neetu.

“Would you have expected me to dominate you, Manoj?” asked Kishen.

“Please address him as sir, as you used to call him, Kishen. Nothing changes once we are out of the session” interrupted Deepti.

“I’m sorry. ‘Manoj sir’?” Kishen corrected himself.

“Appreciate it, Kishen. And to answer your question, no. I would not have wanted that. Male-on-male domination is not my thing. But I love to see my dominating mistress being dominated over. Do you get what I mean? You did just the right thing.” answered Manoj sir.

“Yes, sir,” Kishen added.

“You don’t need to call me sir all the time. Just make sure you exhibit respect, like before. That would be more than enough,” responded Manoj sir.

Deepti also told Kishen how Manoj sir equally enjoys the normal kind of sex. She is very selective in ‘involving’ people with the right mentality and integrity in their BDSM session. Kishen understood that she would in no way risk Manoj sir being judged for his very natural tendencies.

“I planned to have Neetu deliberately bad-mouth Manoj earlier today to test your character,” added Deepti.

Deepti also expressed to Kishen the idea of a BDSM foursome involving Neetu.

Kishen wondered if they knew his and Neetu’s parents were fucking. He didn’t care to ask. The subject no longer qualified to be the sensation until a couple of days before when he was a sex-starved virgin. He had his sexual indulgences and secrets now.

He felt he should uncover his parents’ secrets rather than involve anyone. He knew that they’d planned something for Saturday, the next day. Besides, he also understood from Deepti and Manoj sir how sexual indulgences ought to have certain discretion.

Kishen decided not to reveal anything about Manoj sir and Deepti to Tariq or his friends until he was sure it would not harm them remotely.

Kishen couldn’t wait to meet Neetu and thank her for everything she did for him. But she had already gone to her in-laws, and he hadn’t the slightest clue as to when she would come back.

Kishen stayed back at Manoj sir’s home for the night. He slept on the sofa, wearing a lungi that Manoj sir lent him. As he was leaving, he asked Deepti if she could return Usha’s used pantie that he flicked.

“That has already been made impure by my hubby. I will give you another one,” said Deepti. She returned to her room with a shoebox containing a few used panties.

“Take one pantie, but don’t look,” Deepti instructed playfully.

Deepti’s panties would serve him equally well in his alone time. He picked one and stuffed in his pocket.

“I am guessing you’d return Usha aunty’s pantie to Neetu. Please don’t tell that I stole it or that I have feelings for her mom,” replied Kishen.

“I don’t think she would mind. I don’t know. But don’t worry. I wont tell. I will manage. And we’ll return your shorts after washing,” assured Deepti as she and Manoj sir sent Kishen off.

Walking back to his house and recollecting the events that transpired, Kishen was struck by a few surprising realizations.

“That was Deepti’s panties in Usha aunty’s heap of dirty laundry, wasn’t it? How did it get there? How had Manoj sir recognized the smell of Usha aunty’s panties?!? Why didn’t these occur to me earlier?

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