Kamasutra – Part 4 (Sugar Mommy’s Love)

I was very glad that Faiza took me as her son. But I had not realized the meaning of a Sugar Mommy-Son relationship until I entered one with Faiza.

Faiza had gone to Goa, leaving me alone at home. Sunita was working at her place as a maid. I already knew Sunita and had slept with her multiple times. So it was obvious for us to sleep together again. Sunita even brought in the neighbour’s maid for a fuck.

She said, “This is Rupa. Her husband is not good at bed, and she is away from her family. Give her a good time.” Saying this, Sunita left as her work was done.

Rupa was the neighbour’s full-time maid, and they had gone outside for a week. I was sitting on the bed with a stranger with whom I was expected to have sex. Rupa was very shy, it seemed, but she was a monster within. I took off my clothes and got to work.

I started kissing Rupa, and she was enjoying it. I removed her nightie and fucked her in missionary. I got tired in half an hour and slept there naked with Rupa. She also enjoyed it, thanked me, and slept beside me.

The next morning I woke up to a scream from Faiza. She was back from Goa. She shouted, “Beta, why are you sleeping with the neighbour’s maid?”

“Well, she wanted some sex, Faiza….”

Faiza slapped me and said, “How many times should I tell you to call me Mommy? I am your sugar mommy.”

“Yes, Mommy. Sorry Mommy.”

“It’s okay. Now take Rupa out and come to my room for some mother-son time.”

I woke up Rupa, and she wore her nightie and left. I slowly went inside my sugar mommy’s room for that mother-son time she wanted. Faiza was waiting for me in a bra panty.

She said, “This will be our first time as Mother and Son, right?”

“Yes, Mommy”

“That’s why I brought you a new iPhone to celebrate our new relationship. She placed me on the bed and bounced on me. “Give your mommy a good time,” she shouted. She started playing with my dick and made it big magically.

Pouncing on me like a wild cat, my sugar mommy fucked me for a good hour. It seemed as if she had the nice meal in ages. I was extremely tired, but she wanted to do more and more. Finally, after about an hour, the doorbell rang.

She said, “Uff, that spoiled my mood. Go and open the fucking door. I will take a nap.” I went to open the door as instructed by my mommy. I peeped through the door hole and saw that it was Rupa, the neighbour’s maid. I opened the door while I was still naked.

Rupa came in and laughed. She said, “Do you roam around naked in the house?”

“No, why did you come here? Want a quickie?”

“No darling, I forgot my mobile in your room. I will come for a quickie some other time.”

Faiza, my sugar mom, had heard both of us. She laughed and said, “I want to see my baby fuck another woman. Baby, fuck Rupa while I enjoy my ice cream.” Faiza sat on the couch with a tub of ice cream and asked us to have sex on the living room floor.

I was nervous but had no choice. I slowly started kissing Rupa and untied her hair bun. Then I removed her saree and blouse. At this point, my sweet sugar had started fingering herself. I started fucking Rupa in doggy style and kept doing it for five minutes.

Then, Faiza, too, wanted to join and create a threesome bond between us. She started kissing me while I was fucking Rupa. She also made me lick her pussy. I finally came into Rupa.

Faiza kissed Rupa and me and got us ready for the second part of the threesome. She laid me on the floor and instructed Rupa to squat on my face. She interested my dick in her pussy and started pouncing low and high while kissing Rupa. It was a first for Rupa. All of us were enjoying ourselves.

Finally, I cum on my sugar mommy Faiza and Rupa’s asses and call it my best threesome. Unknown to us, the living room window was open. Our neighbour Ms Urmila Patel (for whom Rupa worked) was watching and recording us having sex from her balcony.

All of us were tired from all the fucking. Rupa dressed up and went to the neighbouring flat after taking her mobile. Faiza and I had a bath and went to sleep.

The next morning, Faiza got a message on her phone and panicked. She screamed, “Baby, our neighbour Urmila Patel, caught us having sex and recorded it….”

“Just give her whatever she needs. She should keep quiet then!”

“She wants you!”


“She wants to sleep with you….” Before Faiza could complete her statement, the doorbell rang, and it was Urmila.

She came in with an evil smile. She sat on the sofa calmly and asked me to sit beside her, which I did. Urmila said, “Beta, you have been fucking my maid and this woman who claims to be your mother. Wah!”

“Yes, ma’am!”

“I have video proof which I will make viral if you don’t do as I say” “What do you want me to do, Urmila?”

“Well, My husband is out of town, and my kids are playing outside, so I want a quickie now….”

“That’s easy….”

“And whenever I feel like having a quickie in the future, you should fuck me.”

I looked at Faiza, and she said, “Baby, this is our only option. Go and do a quickie with Urmila. Also, keep her satisfied in the future. I will prepare food for my sugar baby and his quickie partner.”

Urmila took me to a room, latched the door, and hugged me. Urmila was a chubby woman in her forties with a fair skin tone and long silky hair. We kissed for about five minutes. Then she lowered her pyjama and asked me to enter her from behind.

I fucked her for another five minutes, after which she told me her kids would be back, so she asked me to stop. I removed myself from Urmila and wore my pants. She put on her pyjama and thanked me. We came out of the room.

Urmila said, “Faiza, this kid is a gem. I will keep coming for more.”

“Sure, Urmila, he is like your son. Would you like to eat Biryani before leaving?”

“Sure,” said Urmila and started eating Biryani with us.

Urmila’s kids had returned home. When they could not find her at home, Rupa sent them to Faiza’s house. They, too, sat down to have my mommy Faiza’s Biryani. I could not believe how calmly Urmila sat with her kids while she had sex with me a few moments ago. She left after lunch.

Faiza said, “Baby, now you have one more hole to fulfil. You deserve a reward. Let your mommy feed you some gulab jamuns.” She put a gulab jamun in her mouth and fed me through kissing. It was very romantic.