Kamasutra – Part 1 (Tamil, Marathi and Bengali Trio)

I used to eat breakfast at a Tamil couple’s stall. I loved their idli, dosas and chutneys. They were a lovely couple in their 30s/40s. They made authentic South Indian food. I used to go to their stall before they opened it and help them set up their stall.

Eventually, we got very close. I used to call the man Anna and the woman Velamma. One day, the couple did not open their stall. Instead, Anna was waiting for me and took me to his hut. He said it was very important. His hut was in a settlement by the railway tracks.

Anna was a 45-year-old enterprising man. He lost his livelihood after he met with an accident and lost a leg. The settlement he lived in was occupied by similar accident victims and their families. As I walked past the huts, people started staring at me. I felt pity looking at their living conditions.

Anna took me inside his small hut. I was surprised to see how beautifully it was set up. The bed was decorated with rose petals. Velamma looked different. She looked beautiful. She had her hair open and was wearing only a white nightie.

Velamma was a 38-year-old dark-skinned woman with curly hair. She was well-built, and I could see her big boobs. Velamma came forward, gave me a glass of milk to drink, and sat close to me. As I sipped the milk, Anna explained why he had got me here.

He said, “You are like my family. I can share personal stuff with you. We lost our only child when he was five. I lost my balls and ability to walk properly in an accident. I am no longer able to father a child. We are very poor, and fertility clinics are expensive for us. So I want you to sleep with Vela and give me children who will help us in our future.”

I was sipping the hot milk. I spat it in shock after I heard what the man had said. The hot milk landed on Velamma’s boobs. It could be seen from the nightie she was wearing. I kept staring at those melons until I regained consciousness.

I said, “Anna, How? How can I do this? Fathering a child? Sleeping with your wife?”

“Don’t worry. You have my permission.”

“But she is like my mother!”

“Oh, come on, get on the bed with her already.”

I tried to avoid sleeping with Velamma, but Anna was persistent. I finally said, “Anna, I am a virgin. It will be very painful for me.” Velamma replied, “Don’t worry, Darling, I will be gentle. My pussy is not as tight as girls of your age. Now come and give your Vela a big kiss….”

She came forward and started kissing me. At this point, I was turned on, and there was no turning back. Vela removed her nightie to reveal her sexy body. She had black curly hair, dark skin, a hot sizzling body, and boobs like muskmelons. She had shaved her pussy for me.

While Vela and I were getting intimate, Anna was watching us closely. It made me awkward, but Vela continued with the foreplay. She gently kissed my whole body and removed my clothes. We were lying naked, and Vela asked, “Are you ready to lose your virginity?”

“I am!” Vela gave me a handjob and then started riding on my dick. Up and down she went, and all I could see was some sex goddess taking my virginity. It was a magical moment to experience. I cum inside her within two minutes. She said, “Not bad for the first time. With practice, you can last longer.”

“Did I make you cum, Velamma?”

“It is still a long way to make me cum, Darling. See you again tomorrow morning. We will continue till I have your baby and some more!”

I wore my clothes and started moving out. Velamma was still lying naked, and Anna was still sitting on the floor. As I moved out, I realised the huts were made of plastic and tin. The neighbours could have easily heard us. And my fear turned into reality as everyone gave me a naughty smile.

It was like a walk of shame for me. I was stopped by one such family. A young Marathi woman stopped me and said, “Saheb, can you come and meet my husband? We want to discuss something.”

She took me to her hut and said, “Saheb, I am Sunita, and this is my husband, Bablu. He is paralysed and can not move or speak. We have a four-year-old daughter. I want to sleep with you as you did with Vela. My husband can’t sleep with me, but you can, so you should. Maybe you can give me a child.”

I was getting popular in the hut settlement. I thought, “There is no harm in sleeping with another woman, especially if everyone in the settlement knows about it.” I agreed with Sunita and said, “Sunita, I will come in the evening after work. I have to rush to my office for work.”

Sunita agreed, and I rushed out of that settlement before anyone stopped me for more sex. While leaving, I thought to myself, “What a lucky day! A Tamil in the morning and a Marathi in the evening! What next? A Bengali at night?” Little did I know that that was to turn into reality.

I worked hard and finished my work early because I had a date with Sunita. On the way home, I went to the settlement near the railway tracks for Sunita. At six in the evening, I reached Sunita’s hut immediately after my office. She welcomed me with a smile. I went in and asked, “Are you ready, Sunita?”

“Yes, I am, saheb!”

“Don’t call me saheb.”

“Can I call you Bablu?”

“Sure, whatever suits you.” I then realised that Bablu was her husband’s name, and he was sitting in a wheelchair watching us.

I removed Sunita’s nightie to reveal her slim body. Sunita was in her 20s and looked okayish. I kissed her and proceeded to have a quickie with her. I feared that if I waited too long, I would not get a seat on the train. I fucked Sunita from behind for five minutes before cumming in her.

Her pussy was tighter than Velamma’s. Sunita smiled and kissed me. As we dressed up, she asked me to stay for dinner. I declined and said, “I just had you for a snack. I am full. Maybe next time Sunita.”

We were still half-naked when someone started knocking on the thin aluminium door. I was terrified if it was the police and what would happen to me. Sunita opened the door to reveal a sixty-year-old fat woman. Sunita said, “Welcome Sukanya madam! He was just about to leave.”

“Good that he has not left. You come with me.”

“But why? And who are you?”

The lady replied, “I am Sukanya Ganguly, the leader of this settlement. Come with me, and I will explain everything to you.” That woman dragged me across the settlement to a hut in the corner where she lived. Velamma and Anna also saw me.

Little kids were also looking at me being dragged by the lady while I was half-naked. Sukanya had the biggest hut, made of bricks and cement, unlike others. I started crying and asked, “Who are you, and what will you do with me, Sukanya madam?”

I said with fear and tears in my eyes. Sukanya came closer to me and hugged me and wiped my tears, and said, “Don’t cry, beta. I am Sukanya Ganguli. You can call me Suku. I heard you are fucking the women of this settlement. I am the most senior woman in this settlement. I was the one who started this settlement after my husband’s death. It’s been twenty years since I last had sex. It will be fun to do it again with you, my lovely boy.”

I was shocked by what Sukanya had said. Sukanya was a 60-year-old fat Bengali lady. She had grey hair tied in a bun. She had a big red bindi which I feared. Her eyes were big, and her face and whole body were big. I said, “Sukanya, madam, I prefer not to sleep with you. I hope you understand.”

“Why? Just because I am old and fat? Here, you can keep my gold bangles, but please sleep with me.”

I desperately needed some money, so I agreed to sleep with her. She was very quick to start kissing me. She was like a wild animal in front of me. Her lips were very juicy. We kissed for a long time, after which I removed her saree. Her body wasn’t bad for a 60-year-old.

I sucked her big boobs and prepared to enter my oldest lady. As soon as I entered her, her face was filled with joy. I was pounding on her for 5-10 minutes, after which I came inside her. But she was not ready to call it a day. She started sucking my tool, making it rise again.

Then started riding it like a fisherwoman rides a boat. I came in a few minutes this time, and she called it a day. Both of us were there lying on the floor naked. She told me she had been a fisherwoman for the past three decades. She also thanked me a ton for sleeping with her.

I said I worked nearby but stayed 4 hours away due to rent. That’s when Sukanya stood up and said, “Babu, why don’t you come here and stay with me? Your office is nearby. And you have me, Sunita, Velamma and others available. You don’t pay me any rent. Just sleep with me.”

Sukanya did make a fair point. I could never afford to rent a place like hers. And Sukanya’s hut was made of solid bricks and cement, unlike others. So I agreed, and Sukanya kissed me in joy.

“Sukanya, I am very hungry. Can I get some food?” I said. “Sure, my loving husband. Fish curry and rice coming up for you, my love.” She made fish and rice for us, and we ate it. It was 10 at night, and I decided to sleep at her place.

The next morning I woke up to a lot of unnecessary kissing from Sukanya. I thought all that was a really bad dream. But soon realised I had to sleep with the fat old lady for the rest of my life. But to give her credit, she was a very good kisser.

It was a Sunday, so I had an off. But my new partner Sukanya had to go to the market to sell fish. She gave me a key to her house and said, “Darling, keep this key. I will be returning in the evening. By then you should bring all your stuff from your old apartment. If you think of leaving me, I will make our videos public. I will ask Sunita to help you.”

She went after threatening me. I knew I was in some trouble, but I kind of enjoyed it.