ISS reader to sugarbaby ?

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Hi, guys. This is Sandy. I’m a man of 37 years, happily married and residing in Gurgaon.

Today I am sharing how I met a woman through ISS and got into a SugarDady-SugarBaby relationship.

Reading my previous stories, I got a lot of emails. But as I got busy with family and business, I hardly got time to reply to such emails. During covid time, I was generally sitting and scrolling through emails. I found a mail from a girl from Jaipur who had come to Gurgaon to study and work.

Her name was Shruti, and she looked very beautiful in that small hangout pic. Though it was an old mail, I took my chance and replied, thanking her for her appreciation. To my luck, she replied immediately and said that she loved my way of writing and command over the language.

She started taking details of the story and about myself. I have always been straightforward and genuine about all my details and stories. She regularly started chatting at night time. Being in the lockdown, we had all the time in the world to chat and gel. She also had no college or office.

Within days our chats became more frequent and friendly. We shared many details about ourselves and our likings. We also share our pics and also my family and pics of Sim with her newborn baby. She then had more confidence in me and shared all her details.

We then started chatting on WhatsApp. We shared everything from what she was cooking to her dressing styles. Slowly the chats turned to sex life discussions. She wasn’t a virgin but had a very limited sex life. She had only one past boyfriend with few short sex episodes.

She shared that for a few months, she had no sex life. It was now all sensuality and lustiness disguised in a friendly message. We were now in touch all the time. We started talking over the phone at night and during the day when I could steal time from my family.

As I said, we were now more than friends. She shared her location. I helped her with regular groceries and day-to-day stuff during the lockdown.

Post-lockdown, things changed. We remained in touch. But as we got busy in our day-to-day life, we weren’t talking or chatting as much. As I travel a lot for business, we hardly chatted. It slowly was left to just one or two messages a week.

I was at a coffee shop in Gurgaon one fine weekend with a colleague. I saw this girl staring at me. I then realised it was Shruti, and she also had figured out that it was me. We had only shared pics before and had never met before. The proximity of the cafe had a lot of risks. I had a lot of known people around.

But seeing this beauty, I forgot all. As soon as my colleague left, I said ‘Hi’ to her. She was with a male friend but seeing me, she was very happy. She asked me to wait 5 minutes and she will join me at my table. All these 5 minutes, I couldn’t help staring at her. She noticed me checking her out.

A 20-year-old perfect-looking girl. Very fair, with a waist of hardly 28 and bust 36 or 38. Wow, it was a sight. She was in shorts and a tan top. In no time, she was on my table, smiling and sitting across me. There was silence, and then she asked me to stop staring and say something.

I apologised for being a jerk and told her how beautiful she was. I started asking about her well-being and life in general. She was all gaga and praise for me. I helped her emotionally and with grocery and monetary stuff during the lockdown.

Also said she was amused as I never followed her after everything opened. I was only listening to her and just looking at the beauty. If I knew how beautiful she was, I would have tried my luck during the lockdown only, I thought.

Then she shared that she was not happy. She wasn’t getting a job post covid and the job she got. The HR wanted to misuse her physically. So she did not accept. I told her to feel free to ask me for any help I could give her. And transferred her 5k to her Paytm as we were sitting.

She saw that and said she did not share all this for money. I told her not to take me wrong. This was just a help as a friend. She can take more if needed and return this to me when she gets a job.

She had tears and said she had never encountered a more generous gentleman. She also said she missed having our chats at night and me. I remembered we had got close to lockdown. These chats had become very intimate and sexual when we stopped them.

She continued saying she missed the chats and emotional support, and intimacy. I told her that I was always there. Nothing has changed. She can still message me. But keep my wife and family time in mind and that there were no unwanted surprise calls or messages from her side.

She was happy, and we parted and started the late-night chats and some calls again. This continued for a few weeks. She was still struggling with her job and the money. Though I transferred her some amount and on, that was not enough. She felt shy asking for more.

Conversely, our chats have moved to seduction. She would send me her lingerie pics and tease me. Ask me about my sex life and then say if she would be there ten, she would do this or that.

One day she shared that she might have to shift from the flat to a hostel because of finances. I knew she was in a 2-BHK flat with a good friend’s flatmate. She was very happy there. It was just a difference of 6k a month. So I told her I would give that and don’t leave the flat.

She did not accept it. I insisted and said I wouldn’t be allowed in the hostel if she left the flat. So where would we meet if we want to? So I am not doing it for her but keeping my options open and sending her a wink emoji. She said ok but only on one condition: the coming weekend.

I shall come for drinks and dinner at her flat. I had an unplanned international tour and was out for 3 weeks. We hardly spoke as I was travelling and busy. As I came back, I found a different Shruti. She was all over me. On night calls, she started directly hinting at me about sex and how horny she gets in bed.

She remembered all the fantasies I shared during our chats. She told me she would love to please me with all I want. We then planned to meet on a Friday night. I from the office told my wife that I had some buyers. Around 7 pm took champagne and went to the given address.

As the door opened, I skipped a beat. There she was, about 5’5″ and very fit and amazingly fair. She stood before me in a red dress just above her knees, showing her perfect shining legs and flaunting her amazing figure. Her blossoms were to die for.

She had to shake me and pull me in to take me out of that ough. She could see me bamboozled with her beauty. She was a magnificent-looking woman. We hugged and kissed cheek to cheek as greetings. And went to the living room where her flatmate was also there, who, by the way, also looked stunning.

We all initially just chatted and had some beer and appetisers. Then I opened the champagne and started on it. Good music, champagne and the company of two beautiful women. It was all perfect. She would give me weird expressions now and then. We chatted and played music.

Then her friend said goodbye for the night and went to her room. As time passed, we got into a happy place and started dancing. She pulled me to dance and got close to me. She got more comfortable and anticipated a move from my side, but I just danced normally.

Nothing turns on a woman more than the tease. In that time, small touches here and there, this I’m telling you with all my experience. It’s all the more sensual if the man doesn’t rush. They are getting increasingly desperate. As we kept dancing, she started grinding me. I was still controlled, acting as a gentleman.

While dancing twice, she tried to get into a kiss, but I moved off. She had an annoyed expression. I stopped the music and told her that we should talk. I then asked her if she wanted to do this. She was a beautiful young girl, and I am a married man with nothing to offer.

No commitments or future. I can’t even dine or shop with her in Gurgaon. And so sexy, she can have much younger and better-looking men than me any day.
She then told me she had seen and been with many guts. All of them just want to fuck but don’t have the guts and honesty to say it straight.

So they would try to have a relationship or lie. But with you, honesty, respect, or chivalry is all I need. She then told me that she wanted to be my sugar baby. I will support her with some finances and shower her with gifts. In return, she would give me the best sex I have ever had.

She said she didn’t need any commitments but my chivalry and emotional support. Also, she wants to be part of my fantasies. She wanted to be mine for the rest of 1 year she was here in Gurgaon. This came to me as a shocker.

But the next moment, she pinned me to a side and kissed me deeply on my lips. She whispered in my ears that she was wet and couldn’t wait to have me. My presence had started making her horny and wet, she said. I being mindful, stopped and asked her again if she was sure as she was drunk.

She once told me it was a big thing for her. She said she was all ok. She held my hand and made me feel her wetness over her wet panty, blaming me for soiling her costly lingerie. She then asked me to do something before she started dripping. She said make me your bitch and fulfil all your fantasies.

That’s it, guys. I am ending part one here. Shall continue with intimate details of this wonderful and many more amazing sessions. With time she turned submissive to full fill my fantasies. This and a lot more are coming in the next parts.

I hope you enjoyed it. Do share your views, suggestions, etc., in this mail. And last but not least, if any girl or lady wants to get into a sugar daddy, mutually beneficial relationship. Feel free to mail me at [email protected]