Intense Sex With Hot Pahadi Friend Girl

This story is about my graduation friend Mona. I am from Mumbai and Mona is from Arunachal Pradesh. My friend is very beautiful and sexy as we all know how hot Pahari girls are.

We were in the same college during graduation. The first day she entered my class, I was completely head over heels for her. Many guys were staring at her but somehow, she ignored everyone. I wanted to talk to her every single day but I didn’t have the balls to do so.

But during one lecture, I and Mona and two other guys were asked to form a group and share a presentation the next week. And at that time, we were connected and started to talk. As we say, “baat jaaegi to dur tak jaaegi” and so it went.

We were good friends but just good friends during the entire graduation. The hot pahadi girl started talking less to me and her phone started getting busy for long hours. She started chatting with a guy from the next college.

Then I came to know that she had a crush on that guy and made him her boyfriend. I was completely shocked and shattered. I was angry also at that guy but I couldn’t do anything. Mona started roaming with the other guy and was ignoring me. They were in a physical relationship, bad luck for me.

Finally, the college tenure ended and we were placed and got jobs in Mumbai itself.

My friend was still in my mind. I started thinking of her and saw porn and masturbated daily.

After completing 1 year at my job, I got a notification on LinkedIn congratulating me for 1 year. It was from the sexy pahari girl Mona. I said thanks and asked her where she was and our conversation re-started.

She said that she was in Mumbai. I was also in the same city. I was pleased to hear that and my cock was completely erect. I wanted to fuck my friend hard.

Me: Shall we have a reunion after 1 year?

Mona: Sure. Nice to have it.

Mona: Who all will join?

Me: I don’t know who all are in Mumbai. At least, we can meet and we can drop a message to everyone and send out the invitations.

Mona: Yes, this is a good idea.

(I didn’t want anyone to join the reunion. I wanted to meet her alone, stay with her and fuck her.)

Mona: Date of the reunion?

Me: Next Sunday evening.

Mona: Agreed.

The day came and nobody showed up at the cafe. I was waiting for her. She was late because of the traffic.

Finally, she came in a cab. My friend was looking gorgeous in her black dress. The pahari girl’s boobs were bigger and her ass was also in perfect shape. She was shocked as nobody showed up for the reunion except me. All were too busy in their lives.

We had a coffee and had a good conversation. I asked her where was her boyfriend. She said they broke up when college ended. I was very glad and had a cunning smile on my face.

Me: Do you drink?

Mona: Of course.

Me: Do you want to join me today?

Mona: My pleasure.

Me: Let’s move to a hotel and get the liquor from the outside.

The pubs were too expensive and this way, my dreams will also get fulfilled.

She hesitated in going to the hotel. After convincing her a lot, she agreed.

Me: Let’s go and purchase a few stuff.

I took her on my bike and got everything like cigarettes and liquor. We booked a room in Oyo. We went there and sat on the bed. I opened the liquor bottle and made a peg for her.

1 down, 2 down, 3 down.

Then I started smoking and asked her, “Do you smoke?”

Mona: No, I don’t…but I can try.

Me: It’s difficult. You must try differently. Are you ready for that?

Mona: Sure.

I took a puff with complete smoke in my mouth and asked her to open her mouth. As my friend opened her mouth, I released all the smoke in her mouth and closed her mouth with my hand.

She started coughing but I didn’t remove my hand. I did the same thing again. Soon, she was high.

At last, when she opened her mouth, I released the smoke from my mouth into her mouth and started kissing her! This time, I didn’t put my hand. The hot pahadi girl started responding to my kiss.

We were kissing passionately. I was completely mad. I threw her on the bed and started kissing everywhere on her neck, lips, and arms. I started pressing my friend’s boobs. She was moaning and started responding very well. I understood that she was excited and wanted hard sex.

I opened her black dress and now she was in a bra and panty. I started licking her boobs. Then I removed her bra started and was licking her nipples.

She opened my trouser and removed my underwear. She saw my iron rod. Without wasting time, the pahari girl took it in her mouth. Wow wow wow! My dream came true. I was waiting for this day.

I held her hair and pushed my cock entirely in her mouth. She was choking but I didn’t leave her hair. It was completely wild. I started saying to her, “I will fuck you all night in all positions.”

As I removed my cock from her mouth, she said, “Yesss.. fuck me Raunak like no one fucked me before.”

I got wild. I held her hair more tightly and put my cock inside her at full speed.

Me: I will fuck you like your ex-bf never fucked you before.

Me: How many boys have you had sex with in the past?

I pulled back my cock and she said, “Only with ex-bf. He used to fuck me regularly.”

I got mad after listening to this. I tore her panty and put my rod cock in the pahari girl’s pussy in one go. She shouted, “Ooh oohhhhh…”

I said, “Shut up bitch. I was waiting for this day.”

She said, “I know you are angry because and I was not yours in the past But don’t worry, today I am fully yours. Tear my pussy. My ex never fucked me like this. You are too good and wild. Go on go on…. don’t stop Raunak.”

Me: Yes Mona. Yes Mona…

I increased my fucking speed. Then we changed the position to doggy style. I was holding her hair., pulling her hair to the back tightly and my cock was fucking her at full speed in and out.

At last, I came and deposited all my cum inside her vagina. That was a superb session, complete “Pagalpanti”.

We started drinking again and fucked during the entire night.

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