Innocent Virgin Girl Fucked By Manager – Part 1 ?

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Hi all. My name is Reshu and when this story happened, I was 43 kg with sizes 32-38-34. This happened when I was at the age of 22 in year 2016. I finished my B. Tech and decided to move to Bangalore in search of a job. I found a job within 3 months and started working in an MNC. I was new to the city and was an innocent girl who knew nothing about the world of sex.

A few months into working, I was not meeting my targets and was at a peak of losing my job. I started crying for the same. Seeing this, my manager scheduled a one-on-one meeting. Unlike usual office meetings, he took me out for a coffee break where he asked me about my life, with whom I live, and all.

He realized that I stayed alone in the hostel and had zero friends and offered to take me on a night drive. I was scared of the offer as I never went out alone with a guy but couldn’t reject it as he was my manager. We both agreed on the day and met at 9 pm the following week.

My manager got his bike and we drove to places in Bangalore and had food. Everything was going smoothly until he applied brakes on his bike. My 32-size boobs hit his back and pressed hard against him! And since then, he started applying brakes frequently and I’d make sure my boobs touch him every time he did that. And to make sure he noticed, I’d say sorry every time my boobs touched him. I still don’t understand why I did that because I was not attracted to him nor did I like him.

This continued until my manager decided to stop near a dark place with no lights. He asked me to get off the bike so we can talk. Little did I know he had some other plans.

He then pressed me against the tree and started kissing me and pressing my boobs. I was in a panic state and pushed him away, but he had already decided to screw me up. He again pressed me down to the tree and started deep kissing and within a few seconds, his hands were inside my bra, pressing my 32 boobs.

I got super scared, pushed him and literally sat on the road and started crying. That was when the police saw us (they were doing night-patrolling) and came to us. Since I was crying, they thought something happened. But we covered saying that I was not well and throwing up on the road. They took out the details and sent us from there.

This made me relax a bit actually. It seemed so funny that we were caught and it got to the point where they took our parents’ details. I started laughing as all the things that happened that night were new to me and happened first time ever.

While we drove off from there, I hugged him from behind and kissed him. And that was when I decided that I was going to enjoy it to the fullest.

The manager then dropped me at my hostel and kissed me bye. We met the next day at work and decided to meet on the week off for a full day of fun. We didn’t talk about sex or anything at that point.

On one fine morning, I took a cab to the place he mentioned. It was actually one of his friend’s house who lived alone and was at work that day. He took me in and we spoke for some time and then we started making out. He started by kissing my soft lips and biting them and then slowly moved his hands down my body to my waist and pressed it hard. He then lifted my top and moved his hands into my top and pulled my bra down and started playing with my boobs.

I was on the bed not moving but moaning while my office manager was playing with me. He then removed my top and bra and made me naked from the top. I was feeling shy and blushing all the time.

He then started squeezing my nipples and sucking them, licking my boobs. He was a strong man and he could easily hold my 32 boobs with his hands. Once done with that, he slowly removed my jeans and panties. He then got up and took a look at my completely naked body. I was smiling when he was doing that.

The manager then took off his pants and showed his monster. It was not that big. Maybe like 5 inches. But that was the first time I saw a dick and so I was amazed. He then came on my top and started kissing me when his dick rested on my pussy. He didn’t put his dick inside me but on the top and started giving small strokes and kissing my lips and pressing my boobs all the time. Within 10 minutes, he cummed all over my tummy.

He gave me a tissue to wipe off the cum and slept beside me. He then said, “Let’s not name this relationship, we will enjoy it as much as we want.” And I agreed to it.

After this, we met 2 more times and did the same. My manager didn’t fuck me the first three times. (Don’t think he is a gentleman, he had more things planned for me.)

And the real game started in June 2016. We decided to meet as usual but during the evenings. I went to his friend’s place at 4 pm. I was not prepared for the fuck session. I thought it was going to be the usual fingering and playing. But it was different.

As soon as I was inside the house, he started playing loud music (the place was actually a residential apartment with families living around). And then he slowly pushed me onto the bed and started kissing me. It was deep and he started biting them.

He then moved to my boobs. He didn’t care to press them from the top of the dress. He just made me naked right after kissing and undressed himself. I was laughing at him as he seemed very horny. He then came on top of me and started kissing me and told me how much he missed me. And as usual, he placed his dick on my pussy. But this time, he didn’t move his lips from mine. He kept kissing me. And suddenly, he pushed his 5-inch dick inside my tight virgin pussy!

Since I was a virgin, it was extremely painful and I started shouting. To make me calm, he closed my mouth with his right hand, kept the left hand on my head for support and started to push his dick deep inside my pussy. I couldn’t move as he was completely on top of me.

After trying for 5 minutes, it went inside. But I was not ready for it and still kept shouting. He got scared as the neighbors could hear me shouting. Since it was his friend’s place, he got scared too much. He then left me un-fucked that day and said he will take me to a movie to feel good.

But because of his strokes, my pussy started paining. I was unable to walk or sit on the bike. But my manager seemed to be very happy that he took my virginity. I still remember the movie we saw that night. It was the Udta Punjab night show. After the show, we had food and he dropped me off at the hostel.

This is not the end. I was turned into a bitch because of him. By the way, my boyfriend’s name is Siddu. Stay tuned to how he fucked me and made me suck his dick.

P.S. All this is 100% real-life experiences.