Innocent teacher bhabhi and cuckold husband in Goa – Part 1

Hello everyone. I am a 35-year-old man living in London for the past 6 years. My family lives in Delhi, so I visit Delhi once a year for sure.

Once for Diwali, I went to Goa. My friend was supposed to join, but canceled at the last minute. As everything was paid, I decided to go ahead and stay in Goa for Diwali.

There was a social Diwali function in the hotel I was staying at and a few people were attending. There I saw some new faces, a shy couple was standing in a corner not interacting with many people. I went to wish them Happy Diwali and they replied back the same.

They only came to Goa today. The husband’s name was Vinay and bhabhi’s name was Richa. Both were in their late 30s and came to Goa for 2 weeks for sightseeing/traveling/fun. Vinay and Richa were originally from Lucknow, UP.

Vinay was 6 feet tall, and medium built, but looked a bit of a nerd. Richa was a sexy dusky lady with a figure of 36-30-30. From interacting with them, I got to know Vinay was a professor and Richa was a school teacher. Both of them always wanted to explore Goa and have some fun.

One noticeable thing was that Richa was dominant in conversation. Normally, the husband talks more with a random guy than the wife, but she was talking more and using the word “fun” at every opportunity. For example, our conversation was like :-

Me: Are you enjoying Goa?

Vinay: Yeah.

Richa: Goa is beautiful, with less traffic than Lucknow. We want to enjoy Goa and feel like we will have lots of fun.

Me: Goa visits are supposed to be fun.

Richa: At Lucknow due to our jobs, there is a certain image we have to maintain. But here in Goa, no one knows us and we want to take full advantage of that (and she winked at me).

Me: So, what is the plan for the next 2 weeks?

Vinay: We are thinking of..

Richa: Whatever plans my husband will make, I will approve of them.

Me: I guess it involves sightseeing and the sea?

Richa: Yes, the beach and sea are a must.

Vinay: We are a bit conservative, so we will see how it will go at the beach.

Richa: I have a few surprises for fun.

From a little conversation, it felt Richa was controlling Vinay. Richa gave me the impression of a horny bitch.

We retired for the day as we had an early morning excursion booked for the next day.

The next morning, luck was on my side, they booked the same excursion as me for safari. I was wearing khaki shorts and a t-shirt, and both of them were in jeans and shirts. Richa’s ass was on full display in tight jeans, but her shirt was hiding her assets (remembered Vinay’s words – they are conservative).

During the journey, the three of us had a good conversation. As usual, myself and Richa were talking more than Vinay.

Richa: Have you done a safari before?

Me: Nope, but seen on TV a few times.

Richa: Is it fun?

Me: Daytime can be watching animals and having fun at night

Richa: Jungle mein mangal (and she winked).

Me; Yes, mangal ke liye clothes can be different.

Richa: What do you mean?

Me: Foreign girls wear shorts and have legs out on safari (and I winked).

Vinay: It is not in our culture.

Richa: Shut up Vinay, we can enjoy it here.

During the conversation, Richa bhabhi started mobile surfing which it was easy to see Vinay didn’t like. After some time on her phone, Richa showed me her phone with some foreign girls pics on safari wearing green khaki shorts.

Me: Yes, these are the shorts.

Richa: Do you think they will look good on me?

Me (thinking – shouldn’t she ask this to her husband? But thought of pushing my luck): Yes, these shorts will look good on you, make you more sexy and ready for fun.

Saying that, we both laughed while Vinay did an awkward smile. The rest of the safari was usual stuff. Vinay was feeling a bit awkward and was trying to keep her away from me. But as usual, Richa was more powerful and was trying to keep me involved. To keep things good between myself and Vinay, I stepped back for them to relax and enjoy.

Around 9 pm, we reached back to the hotel and I decided to go to a bar to have a drink. After some time, Vinay and Richa seemed to follow me to the same place and we started having food/drinks.

Unsurprisingly, Vinay was veg, whereas Richa and I ordered non-veg (I was thinking- it seems like Richa loves meat and will like my meat soon).

After a few drinks, they went to the dance floor for a couple of dances. Then Richa held my hand and pushed me on the dance floor. Our steps synchronized, and she was moving her body with song. Then she put my hands on the side of her stomach, both sides and her perky boobs were rubbing my chest, and her hair and face were rocking. I got excited and turned her around. Now she was shaking her ass on my semi-hard dick.

My hands were on the side of her stomach, which moved to the front of her soft flat stomach and my face rested on her shoulder. Suddenly, the song stopped and I looked at Vinay. He was uncomfortable, so we quickly walked back to him.

At that point, we decided to finish and retire, Richa requested, if we could go shopping tomorrow. I was looking at Vinay for his approval. Richa interrupted both of us and agreed to go together after lunch.

Now, both of us had no option but to agree to this dusky beauty for a shopping trip. She gave me a tight hug before going to her room. Now, that hug gave an electric shock to both myself and Vinay. I smiled, Vinay smirked and walked behind her. Now I was quite sure, I was in for a lifetime trip to Goa!

The next day I met them in a hotel for a shopping trip. Vinay was dressed in a trouser shirt (like, he was going to work), the teacher bhabhi Richa made more effort that day by wearing a skirt up to her knees. I gave her a sign of approval by winking at her skirt. While going towards the shopping mall, she stunned Vinay by expressing her desire to buy a 2 piece bikini for the beach.

Vinay was trying to convince her to use an existing swimsuit that went up to her knees. Richa asked me for my opinion, which I clearly said if Vinay had no problem, then a 2-piece bikini was the way to go in Goa. At the mall, we went to a few shops and finally found one that was selling sexy Western clothes.

I decided to buy some tight swim shorts for which Richa made some, “Ohhhh ahhh..” type of comments. Vinay decided to buy long shorts up to his knees. Richa went to the women’s section and after some time called us to have a look. She picked up women’s safari shorts, which should be just above her knees, and hot shorts.

Vinay was not comfortable with either pair of shorts. Richa decided to try them on the top floor at a very quiet corner. We followed her, but surprisingly or unsurprisingly Vinay made an excuse for a call and left. Now I went with her to the changing room. The staff girl in the changing room thought I was her husband.

After changing into shorts, she called hubby to have a look. As no one was there, the staff girl pointed me to have a look at shorts. Who was I to say no to this opportunity. So I went to the changing room. Richa was surprised for a second and then smiled to see me. She showed me her shorts and asked how it looked. I complimented her that it looked nice. She said, “Let me try hot shorts.”

I quickly went outside with Vinay nowhere to be seen, got another call and wow, she looked like a smoking hot sexy lady with her ass coming out of those shorts. Same question from her and I complimented her.

She looked hot and sexy with a little smack on her ass. She moaned with, “Ahhhh” and a little finger in her mouth. Then she again asked me about fabric. Without her permission, I moved my hand on her ass and said –

Me: Fabric is like your second skin – smooth and sexy.

By that time, I heard some noise and quickly left the changing room only to find Vinay outside the changing room waiting for us. She walked out in hot shorts. Now, this was awkward. I just came out of her changing room, and she followed me in hot shorts. Vinay’s face was stunned and slowly, it turned into a smile.

She proceeded to the bikini section with Vinay while I was watching for some distance. From their body language, it seemed like Vinay was not happy with the choice of bikini Richa wanted to buy.

After going through a few different bikinis, Richa decided to buy one pair of bikinis with shorts as the bottom and another pair of bikinis with strings to tie the bikini top/bottom. She overruled Vinay and he seemed a bit nervous about it. I felt sorry for him, but at the same time, it felt like he enjoyed being a submissive partner in the relationship.

Once the shorts and bikini shopping were done, we were having some lunch. I was on the internet to see what else was nearby. I saw a listing for a hidden sex toy store not far from the mall. All three of us got curious and decided to visit a sex store in Goa.

After checking us thoroughly, the owner of the store gave us directions – how to reach the store. It was in the middle of flats and will say quite safely hidden from traditional old-school Indians (a legal sex toy store was opened in Goa in 2021 only to be shut down very shortly by people).

Richa was shy looking at all the vibrators and dildos. Eventually, she picked up a blindfold and innocently chastity cage. Rather than asking Vinay, she asked me about both these items. Our conversation was like :-

Richa: What is the use of a blindfold?

Me: Blindfold can simulate more pleasure in sex.

Richa (shy): How?

Me: Blindfold can increase the potency of touch and smell of partners – hence increased fun.

Then she asked about the chastity cage.

Richa: What is this?

Me: Chastity cage.

Richa: What is this for?

Me: It’s for locking a man’s penis.

Richa: Why will you do that?!

Me: Various reasons. Primarily, not to get a full erection or cum.

Richa: And?

Me: Maybe it gives more power to the female partner when to make her man cum (if she has a key for the cage).

I silently saw Vinay had another chastity cage in his hand and looked at it closely. As soon as he saw me looking at it, he put it back and both of them decided to leave the store. I went outside but then came back inside the store to buy both a blindfold and a chastity cage.

While going back, we discussed shopping, she said it was fun and had a little surprise for us back in the hotel.


Please contact me at [email protected] for feedback, as mentioned before I am from London UK, with occasional visits to Delhi. Part 2 will come soon.