Indian Bhabhi fucks to delete a Leaked Sex Tape

This story is based on Savita Bhabhi comics which you can read in Savita Bhabhi Episode #147.

Savita Bhabi was in the garden by herself one afternoon. Her purple silk robe was short and tight. She wasn’t wearing any panties as she bent over to tend to her roses.

She looked over and caught her 19-year-old neighbour, Rishi, peeking through the bushes with a friend. Savita was annoyed, so she wanted to scare him off.

Savita: Rishi Roy…is that you? Should I talk with your mom?

Rishi: No, please don’t tell my mom. I was showing my friend who you were.

Savita looked over at the girl that was with him. The girl was checking her out from top to bottom, making Savita very suspicious. She questioned the two of them. They admitted that they had found her on an online website. Savita demanded that they show her the site.

So, they went inside, and Rishi switched on the computer. He opened up a porn website which showed footage of Savita being fucked openly in an abandoned building.

Savita gasped in horror. She watched herself get fucked by a man whose face was blurred in the footage. But she knew exactly who it was. She could never forget a cock like that. It was Rudra, the artist, who asked her to model for him. She was furious.

She sent the young teens home and headed straight for Rudra’s run-down studio. Savita knocked ferociously on the door, but there was no immediate answer.

Savita: Rudra! Open this door now! We need to talk.

The door creaked open, and Rudra walked out in an open robe. He looked startled to see Savita at the door.

Rudra: Savita?! What are you doing here?!

Before he could cover himself up, she barged in and found him in the middle of another porno shoot. On the floor, completely naked with her legs open, was Myra. Myra was the college girl Rudra had been fucking in the name of “art” for all his productions. Savita was even more enraged.

Savita: You have been making porn, haven’t you?

Rudra: No! I’m a fine art photographer!

Myra: You were making porn? Without our permission?

Rudra: I’m an artist! I have bills to pay!

Savita: How did you get away with this?

Rudra hung his head in defeat as he explained himself. He had been shooting porn videos and selling them to a man named Frado, with connections to the mob. That man had been passing the videos to a Desi porn site in America and paying Rudra in exchange.

Frado was the only guy who could get the video taken down. Savita got the details of the Mafia man, and she decided to visit him. Myra got dressed and followed Savita out the door as they headed off to confront Frado.

The women reached the address Rudra had given them, and the air was tense. Myra clung to Savita nervously as they walked closer to the door.

Savita: Just follow my lead. I want you to record while you pretend to text. We are going to get this guy.

They knocked on the door, and it swung open. A man in a brown bathrobe sat behind the desk. He had his feet up as he texted carelessly on his phone.

Frado: You better have an appointment.

Savita: Should I make one now?

Frado looked up at the two women, and his demeanour changed. He sat in his chair as Savita walked over and leaned on the chair before Frado.

Savita: My friend and I are interested in making porn.

Frado: There are easier ways to make money…so why would you?

Savita (in a sultry voice): Well…we both like sex. So…this seemed like the easiest way.

Frado (smiling to himself): Well then…let’s conduct a job interview.

Myra pulled out her phone and started secretly recording. He pointed at Savita’s chest, and she took her top off slowly. Frado walked over, fondled Savita’s juicy tits, and teased her hard nipples. Savita smiled down at her nipple as Frado grabbed her tit and squeezed it hard.

Savita exhaled, and Frado bent over and drooled on her tits. Savita was mentally prepared to fuck the sleazy fuck, but it wasn’t too hard. Frado knew what he was doing. Savita’s body felt the effects. His warm breath on her chest made her wet, and she succumbed to it.

Frado (squeezing her tits): Still want to go through with this?

Savita: I have made up my mind.

Frado stood her up, and she took off her pants. He kneeled before Savita’s musty pussy and pulled her wet panties down. He buried his face in her shaved pussy. Savita smiled into the camera confidently, knowing they caught him right where they wanted him.

He kept saying she had the perfect body for porn as he licked her clit. Savita moaned extra loudly to make him feel like she was an amateur. Only she and Myra knew how slutty Savita could be.

Frado smacked her and squeezed it in his hungry hands. He slobbered all over her pussy until saliva dripped off Savita’s pussy and onto his shag carpet. He sat back in the chair and opened his robe. Savita knelt as Myra filmed and teased his cock with her hard nipples.

She put his thick cock between her cock and shot him an innocent, sultry look as she licked the tip gently. Frado held her hair and looked into her eyes as Savita swallowed his cock without hesitation. Frado grunted as his body twitched. He looked at her in surprise and made her choke on his cock.

Frado: Wow! Your technique is….

Savita twirled her tongue around his tip and made him lose his train of thought. He choked her with his dick again. He looked over at Myra as drool dripped from Savita’s dainty mouth onto his balls. She licked his balls, and Frado rolled his eyes. She stroked him and licked his shaft from the base to the tip.

Frado: Did you teach her this?

Myra: No…she taught me…

Frado: Well..(looking at Savita)…you definitely have the cock sucking part down. Now let’s see how you fuck!

Savita (gasping from choking): Alright…but please be careful…I am too tight and inexperienced.

She moaned loud and hard as Frado’s tip teased her pussy lips. He hadn’t even put it in yet, and she was already going wild. He didn’t want to wait anymore. He stuffed his cock inside her, and she moaned and gasped and groaned like an amateur slut experiencing waves of pleasure.

He split her legs open and railed Savita. She held onto his sturdy arms and opened her legs wider as she breathed heavily down his dusky neck.

Frado: Producers would kill for an actress with such talent.

He kissed her, and Savita didn’t hesitate to open her mouth for him. They kissed passionately as Frado rammed into her open legs. She leaned back on the desk, and Frado slowly thrust in and out of Savita’s dripping legs.

Frado (looking at Myra): You! Get over here. I need to audition you too, don’t I?

Myra (nervously): Ummm…let me just get undressed.

Myra looked around frantically for a place to prop up her phone. Frado was too busy twirling his tongue around Savita’s to notice. Myra propped up the phone and undressed to join them.

She walked over and grabbed Frado’s chest from behind, and licked his back. Her wet pussy dripped down his thigh as she ground on him. She was too horny from watching them go at it.

Frado: How do you ladies feel about lesbian scenes?

Myra chuckled as she sat on Savita’s face. Frado watched Savita’s hungry mouth wrap clean around Myra’s dripping pussy and fucked harder. He grabbed Savita’s thighs and fucked her roughly as Myra rode her face.

Savita reached up and grabbed Myra’s juicy tits as Frado kissed her. The two women moaned with pleasure as the three of them writhed on that table in waves of pleasure.

Frado: You didn’t mention that you were open-minded like that…(grunt, thrust, grunt).

Savita: We assumed it was understood…(moan, moan, moan)

Myra: (groan, moan)…that we’re a package deal.

Frado flipped Savita on her stomach and fucked her from behind. Myra lay in front of Savita with her legs open. Savita moaned as she licked Myra’s dripping pussy.

Frado fucked her from behind until his cock began to twitch with pleasure. He grabbed Savita’s ass and smacked it as he watched Myra throw her head back and moan.

Frado: Fuck! You, ladies, are so hot! You might have to move to the States! You’re going to make a fortune!

He got on his back, and Savita straddled his cock. Myra sat on Frado’s moustache and ground her pussy on it as she kissed Savita. Savita’s moans got wilder, and Frado felt his balls tighten.

Frado: Oh fuck! I’m going to burst!

He stopped, and Savita opened her legs and laid on top of Frado in reverse cowgirl position with her legs open. Myra licked Frado’s balls as Savita made him grab hold of her plump tits.

Frado: Oh shit! I’m cumming!

Savita: Teamwork, Myra! Come on!

Frado’s cock sprayed cum all over Myra’s sweaty face. He hopped off the desk and made them kiss. Savita licked the cum off Myra’s face. They straddled each other’s faces in a hot 69 position. Myra moaned as Savita stuck her finger in Myra’s ass and licked her dripping cunt.

Savita ground her pussy into Myra’s hot mouth, and they squirted simultaneously. Their fluids drenched the table. The three of them took turns tasting it and stroking Frado’s cock. He felt up their bodies and smacked their asses. Savita got dressed and sucked his cock teasingly as Myra grabbed her phone.

Frado (out of breath): So…when do you want to come to shoot?

Savita (uninterested): Umm…we haven’t made up our minds yet.

Frado: What?

Myra (hurrying out): Yeah…we will let you know when we decide. Bye!

With that, the two slutty women escaped with the evidence they needed. Savita had Rudra edit the video, blurring both their faces and exposing Frado’s. Then they mailed it to his address and blackmailed him.

In a wave of panic, Frado made the call that took down Savita’s porno from the site, and everything went back to normal.

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