Incestuous Mysteries of Anaganath – Part 2

In the last part, Indrahara’s longing for Mamatara unfurled. Their mission intertwined with passion. He bared his heart, confessing love. In a blissful union of souls, Mamatara yielded to his proposal, sealing their destiny in ardorous unity.

The next day, Indrahara sent a letter to his father. “From the day after tomorrow, my sister Mamatara and I will start the expansion of our kingdom (the new empire which Indrahara will build). Tomorrow, we will fasten our knots (tie knots with each other).”

King Udaysh was happy that his son was doing the job which he once thought of. But Indrahara fooled his family and the whole kingdom by writing this tricky letter.

Indrahara and Mamatara indulged in the tender rituals of anticipation. Their hearts and bodies entwined as they readied themselves for the sacred dance of their impending union. Each step was imbued with a sultry promise of their shared journey into the depths of passion and intimacy.

They agreed that the next day, they would unite in the sacred space of a temple renowned for its acceptance of their forbidden love. However, Mamatara yearned for a more lavish affair. Indrahara, desiring to fulfil her wishes, commanded his servants to prepare for the grand event.

Secretly, he summoned the priest to officiate their covert union within the private confines of the Sukhila Kingdom. Upon learning of the matter, King Udaysh presumed that Indrahara had seized the enemy kingdom and wedded the princess. However, reality diverged from his assumptions.

A wave of excitement swept through the people of Sukhila upon hearing the announcement, followed by eager acceptance. As the day of their union dawned, the air was thick with anticipation. The priest stood prepared amidst the opulent splendour of the adorned palace, awaiting the clandestine ceremony.

Summoning the royal maids, King Indrahara beckoned for his sister, his beloved Mamatara. She graced the sacred Mandap, draped in splendid finery. A wave of desire washed over him, blurring the boundaries of their familial bond. Consumed by a primal hunger that eclipsed any semblance of their kinship.

The marriage festivities unfolded magnificently across the kingdom. The brother king and sister queen were radiant in their adornments of gold and diamonds. To any outsider’s eye, the entire realm appeared as though it had been touched by celestial hands, transforming it into a heavenly spectacle.

The sacred rites unfolded in the embrace of secrecy, binding Indrahara and Mamatara in the bonds of matrimony. An aura of euphoria enveloped the realm. Joy danced in the eyes of all who witnessed. The clandestine union sealed the fates of two souls entwined in passion and devotion.

The air echoed with congratulations, and the palace walls seemed to shimmer with the resonance of blissful fulfilment. At that moment, happiness reigned supreme, casting its radiant glow upon all who revelled in the union of hearts.

In the hushed intimacy of the Queen’s chamber, Indrahara crossed the threshold of the first night. He was greeted by a spectacle of opulence that left him breathless. Gold glistened like liquid sunlight. Diamonds sparkled in the flickering candlelight.

The fragrant blooms adorned every corner, casting an enchanting spell upon the room. The bed, draped in silken sheets, beckoned to him like a gateway to paradise. Reality shifted, unveiling a truth he never dared to imagine ecstasy beyond measure.

He stood there, immersed in the surreal beauty. Before he lay his sister, Mamatara, their naked bodies entwined in a dance of desire, it ignited his senses with a forbidden flame. In the tender embrace of the night, they surrendered to each other.

Their souls intertwined in a love that transcended all boundaries. Suddenly, the delicate melody of Mamatara’s arrival filled the air, her form adorned in regal splendour, adorned with golden ornaments. She was draped in the ethereal elegance of a royal sari.

Indrahara’s gaze traced the contours of her face, the allure of her ruby-red lips. The soft curves of her breasts, the perfection of her form illuminated by the gentle glow of moonlight. Each breath was perfumed with the intoxicating scent of her essence, sending his senses spiralling into a whirlwind of desire.

Approaching King Indrahara with grace, Queen Mamatara graciously accepted his blessings. His touch on her silky arms steadied her as she rose. He sipped half of the milk before offering the rest to his sister.”

Indrahara: Fear not. Our secret shall be kept hidden from the world.

She said, “Husband and wife?”

In the glow of her smile, Indrahara glimpsed a radiant blaze in her eyes—a flame of yearning. In that moment, he felt an irresistible pull towards her, as if fate itself beckoned. Without hesitation, he stepped closer to his beloved sister, drawn by an unspoken desire.

He tenderly pressed his lips to hers, igniting a passion that transcended mere words. In a tender embrace, Mamatara closed her eyes, feeling the warmth of her brother’s touch enveloping her. He gently guided her down onto the bed, and a wave of anticipation washed over her.

With each delicate kiss upon her lips, she surrendered to the intoxicating rhythm of their love. Slowly, he unfurled the layers of her saree, revealing the soft curves of her body beneath. His hands caressed her through the fabric, igniting a fire within her.

He lovingly explored every contour, cherishing her with each tender touch. Mamatara gazed longingly into her lover’s eyes. Her hand gently explored the fabric of his pyjama, finding his hardened cock waiting for her touch. As she did, she noticed the immense moisture that had formed between her thighs.

Her brother had already helped her out of her saree and blouse, followed by her petticoat. Leaving her bare and exposed before himself. With a deep hunger in his eyes, he began to undress himself. He was eagerly anticipating the moment he would be able to experience his naked sister.

His strong, masculine hands tenderly caressed her breasts. Each movement sent shivers of pleasure through her body. He lovingly cupped them in his palms, feeling their supple softness and revelling in their sensual allure. He gently caressed one of her breasts while tenderly kissing the other.

She tilted her head back, surrendering to his touch. He traced her nipples with his tongue, and they became even more aroused. Mamatara then pushed him onto the bed, straddled him, and lavished his chest with kisses. Her hand explored his body, driving him wild.

After a few moments, he pulled her close and resumed kissing and massaging her breasts. He felt a gentle touch on his manhood and caught a glimpse of her beautiful smile. As she descended, her eyes met with his rock-hard and eager cock.

With a flick of her tongue, she explored the entire length of his enormous nine-inch dick. She couldn’t resist, her desire mounting as she pressed her soft, full lips against his hard cock. The passionate kiss they shared sent shivers down his body. “Your lips are like a taste of paradise,” he whispered.

She explored him with her tongue. In response, she eagerly took him in her mouth, gently swirling her tongue along his impressive length, savouring every inch. He let out a cry of pure bliss, “Oh, my sister, you know just how to please me.” She continued to lick and tease, relishing in the sounds of his pleasure.

She wanted to devour him completely. But she held back, basking in the taste and sensation of him in her mouth, teasing him with each flick of her tongue. Gently yet firmly, he guided her to lay on her back. She gazed up at him, her eyes filled with desire, as he tenderly caressed her navel.

Slowly, he moved his lips down her belly, savouring the softness of her skin. His hands trailed down her thighs, his fingers teasing her innermost desires. With a tantalizing kiss, he brought her to the peak of pleasure, exploring every inch of her that he had longed for.

She quivered with excitement as he drew closer to her core, inhaling the intoxicating scent of her femininity. As he gently lapped at her, she couldn’t help but let out sweet, passionate moans. Gentle Indrahara caressed his sister’s body, tenderly holding her close as he gripped his member in his hand.

“My dear sister,’” he whispered, “I long to enter your lovely, passionate depths and extract all of the pleasure and love our bodies can conjure.”

“Yes, brother,” Mamatara replied breathlessly, “Fill my womb with your seeds and let us create beautiful children together.”

Indrahara slipped his love weapon into his sister’s Loveland, initiating a wild frenzy of lovemaking. Their cot rocked with their movements, the symphony of their slick, heated bodies clashing echoing throughout the room. After some time had passed, he realized it was time to intensify his actions.

He gently placed his hands on her back, guiding her towards the bed. Once they were lying down, he came on top of her, their bodies intertwined. As they gazed into each other’s eyes, they began to kiss once more. He caressed her tenderly, taking his time to explore her every curve and feature.

She let out moans as their lips met, filled with desire and longing. Gradually, Indrahara increased his rhythm, seeking to please her even more. Mamatara broke away from the kiss, her moans growing louder and more intense. With each thrust, he could feel himself reaching the peak of pleasure.

She responded with equal fervour. At that moment, they both knew they were reaching the climax of their passionate union. The passionate cries of Indrahara and Mamatara reverberated throughout the palace, enchanting the maids, servants, and soldiers alike. Even the priests could not resist the alluring sounds.

As Indrahara and Mamatara moved together in a primal rhythm, their love knew no bounds. With each thrust, they were consumed by their desire, their bodies intertwining in a divine dance. As their passionate lovemaking continued for over an hour, they reached their climax simultaneously.

Exhausted and overcome with pleasure, they lay together in each other’s arms. They drift into a peaceful slumber for a few blissful moments. In a swirl of unending bliss, the royal couple and the entire kingdom are united in perfect harmony.

In the following chapter, I will reveal the romantic tale of Indrahara and Kantamini’s marriage.

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