Incest Saga – Part 25 (Triple Penetration)

Hello everyone, this is Haritha again. I am 40 years old with stats of 36-30-36. A mom for two horny children. Thank you for reading my series of sexual adventures that I had with my son and neighbour. Also, for the love you showed reading my daughter’s experiences.

Just wanted to give you a teaser about my daughter. She is studying her second year of engineering and had the stats of 34-28-32. You read how she lost her virginity to her bf Abhay. He introduced her to the pleasure of gangbang by fucking her with his village friends. I read these all from her diary.

Abhay asked me, “Do you want to experience how we treated Sneha the other day?” I nodded my head, and he asked me to spread my legs wide. I did, and he took a belt from the hanger and came near my pussy. Phat! A hit on my opened pussy. A scream from my mouth.

Vikram and Kiran caught my boobs and squeezed them hard. I screamed again, “Please be gentle.” Phat! A tight slap on my face from Kiran.

“Bitch, if you want to know what all we did with that slut you should go through all of this. We slapped that slut till her face was red, and you are shouting for just two slaps?”

I now understood these fuckers fucked my daughter rough and in BDSM, and I also wanted to experience it. I said, “Ok, now I get it, do as you did to Sneha and Priya.” I spread my legs wide and Phat! Abhay hit me with the belt again.

I moaned this time, and for the next shot, my pussy was leaking with a sort of painful pleasure. Vikram and Kiran pulled my nipples up and left. They played like that and then held my hands tied above my head and smelled my underarms from both sides.

I moaned as their noses and moustaches tickled me. I saw Abhay taking his underwear. He came over to my face and stuffed his underwear in my mouth. It tasted of urine and cum. He then spread my legs wide and sat between them. He took a but plug from the table beside me and pushed it into my pussy.

He moved it in and out and took it out full of my juices. He circled the butt plug around my ass hole, and with one push, he stuffed it in my ass. I could not scream as my mouth was stuffed. He started to rub my pussy till the pain turned into pleasure.

I raised my ass with pleasure. Then one hard slap on my pussy and I squirted like a slut all over his body. He got up, caught my leg and rubbed my juices to my feet and fingers. He then licked my feet and the juices on it all.  I was shivering with pleasure, and then he started to rub my pussy with his feet.

I was in heaven and full of pleasure. Vikram and Kiran took whips from the table drawer and started to slap my boobs with them. It was not painful at the beginning as Abhay was rubbing my pussy with his feet. He then entered his toe finger into my pussy, and it was so rough.

I was moaning while they started to whip my boobs hard, and they turned red. They clipped my nipples and pulled them. Abhay took a scale from beside me and slapped my pussy. He clipped my pussy as well and began to move the butt plug in and out.

I was moaning and Phat! Vikram slapped me in the face. I was in shock as I opened my eyes, and Phat! Now it’s Kiran who slapped me. I was looking at them in shock. Abhay pulled the clip from my pussy, and it pained like hell. He immediately placed an ice cube which soothed my pussy.

Vikram and Kiran lit two candles. I got scared and tried to shout, but nothing came out of my mouth as it was stuffed. He dropped the wax on my boobs while Abhay continued to massage my pussy with ice. I was experiencing the pain and pleasure at once.

It’s then when Abhay pulled out his dick and pushed it in my pussy and started to fuck my pussy. Vikran came over my face and pushed his dick in my mouth. I sucked him as Abhay was fucking me so good. Then Vikram shouted, “This slut is enjoying the fuck. Let’s show her hell.”

Kiran jumped and came near Abhay, who was fucking me. Abhay raised a little and moved forwards, and Kiran caught my legs and spread them wide. He applied some lube and started to push dick along with Abhays. I could not shout.

But I could feel how my pussy was being spread and with the butt plug in my ass. I was experiencing triple penetration. My pussy got widened completely. They started to move in a rhythm. I was enjoying it now, and when Vikram pulled his dick out of my mouth.

I began to moan, “Ah, you stretched my pussy, fuckers.” The boys got that encouragement and started to fuck with little speed. I was sucking Vikram like anything.

Now they let me free and made me get on Vikrams dick and Kiran entered my ass. Abhay, who has the longest dick, now entered my pussy along with Vikram. They started to fuck me with double-dick penetration. I was screaming and shouting like a slut.

They didn’t stop fucking and fucked me till they filled me with their warm juices. I fell there like a dead body, completely tired. I then slowly asked Abhay, “Did you fuck my daughter’s pussy with two dicks at once?” He smiled and said no. It was a relief for me.

I lay there hugging Abhay while Kiran entered my ass again and began to fuck me. I was kissing Abhay while I was getting fucked by Kiran. I dozed off to sleep and got up after an hour with Vikram fucking my ass.

Kiran brought his dick to my face. I sucked him. They double penetrated me again and fucked till three of us got the orgasm. They carried me to the washroom and made me lie down, and the three boys peed on me. Some of it went to my mouth, too.

Then they lay down and asked me to pee on their dicks which I did. I moved to their faces and peed on their faces. They drank it and licked my pussy and ass clean.

I got ready and came down. While looking for an auto again, Ravi came. When I got in, he asked, “Is everything fine?” I said, “Yes.” I don’t know why he asked like that. I went home, and Sneha was back from college by then. She started to kiss me as I entered the house, dragged me to her room, and lifted my saree.

She went in between my legs and pulled the panty, and licked my well-used pussy. I cum for the 7th time that day. Let me know how you felt reading my experience. My email is [email protected].