Incest Saga – Part 23 (First Lesbian with my daughter)

Hello everyone, this is Haritha again. I am 40 years old with stats of 36-30-36. A mom for two horny children. Thank you for reading my series of sexual adventures that I had with my son and neighbour. Also, for the love you showed reading my daughter’s experiences.

Just wanted to give you a teaser about my daughter. She is studying her second year of engineering and had the stats of 34-28-32. You read how she lost her virginity to her bf Abhay. He introduced her to the pleasure of gangbang by fucking her with his village friends. I read these all from her diary.

Last I saw Abhay dropping my daughter. When she entered, I smelled cum all over her body. I went and examined her body and found bite marks all over her. I could not control myself seeing her boobs and sucked them for a few minutes, and left her room.

The next day, I decided to speak with her and asked her to stay at home without going to college. I went to her room and saw her in a skirt and sleeveless T-shirt, reading some books. She adjusted her skirt, seeing me walking in. I went and sat on the bed and asked her, “How was the party?”

She said it was good and enjoyed it a lot. I then asked her how many there were at the party and who they were. She said that her friend Priya was there along with 5 boys who were her friends. I asked her about the bite marks. She got scared for a second and replied that it was nothing.

But I made a serious face and asked her who they were. She had no other option as she understood I saw them all and said that she had her bf get some naughty while at the party, and he bit her. But I came to know later from Abhay he and 4 of his friends fucked Sneha and Priya together in the party.

I asked Sneha to remove her top. I was acting like a strict mom, and she did slowly. I went close and looked at her boobs which were still red, and blood was clot at the places she had bite marks. I went closer to her boobs, especially to the parts where there were marks.

When I examined it, it was clear that it was not just from one person. I immediately caught her by her hair and asked her to tell me the truth about how many had fun with her. She was begging and asking me to leave her. I slapped her, and she had tears in her eyes.

I pulled her skirt down and saw bite marks on her inner thighs as well. I touched and pressed her thighs. She screamed in pain, and I also noticed that her nipples were getting hard. “Tell me slut, what are you doing?” Sneha was scared to see me that harshly towards her.

She said he would confess everything and then told me how she was in a relationship with Abhay. Later how he made his friends to fuck her. She said she was having this sex drive so high since she had her first sex with Abhay. She was still nude while I made her sit on the bed, and I sat beside her.

I started to explain how that sex drive would spoil her life. Being a girl, she should not allow someone to do such things to her body. She nodded her head in agreement. I then asked her did she liked it when they bit her. She bit her lower lip and nodded her head.

I smiled at her and moved my hand on her boobs. I told her that she had amazing boobs, which are perfect and tempting. She said, “You, too, have good ones, mummy.” I replied, “No, mine shag. But look at yours. They are so firm and stiff.”

Sneha said, “No, even yours are firm.” To prove her wrong, I pulled my boobs out and showed them to her. Her eyes got wider, looking at my huge boobs. She placed her hands on both the boobs and lifted them. She then noticed that they shag a little.

She said, “They are so beautiful, mommy, and they don’t shag that much.” My nipples got harder as she was examining them. Sneha looked at me, and I looked into her eyes. We got closer till our lips met each other. We kissed and fell on the bed but continued to kiss.

I pulled away after a few minutes and told her that it was wrong to do with her mom. I left the room as I knew my daughter was a sex addict and couldn’t stop herself. I was in the kitchen waiting for her. When her room door opened, I acted as if I was doing some work.

Sneha came from behind and hugged me. Her hands were on my boobs, pressing them gently. I couldn’t control myself. I turned towards her, and we kissed again. She pulled my nighty down and took my boob into her mouth, and started to suck one after the other.

I was in heaven getting my boobs sucked by my daughter. I placed my hand over her pussy and started to rub her. Sneha bit my nipple as I started to rub. I moaned and pushed my boobs more into her mouth by catching her head. She gagged over my boobs, and she spit her saliva all over them.

I pulled her away and then started to press her boobs with my hands. Sneha moaned, “Mummy, press them hard.” I pulled her t-shirt down and played with her nipples while pressing her boobs. I pushed her to the wall and crushed her boobs with mine, and we kissed like lovers.

She reached for my panty and pulled it aside. He slid her finger into my pussy and fingered me while I moaned in her mouth. I took my hand and slid my finger into her pussy, and fingered her. She was moaning, and I was too. She said, “Let’s go to the bedroom,” and we quickly went to her room.

She made me lie down on the bed and went in between my legs. She, in no time, sucked my pussy while I arched my back and moaned. She licked me for a good 15 minutes. I was at the edge of cumming but held on by pulling her up. Once he got up, I pulled her on me and kissed her lips.

They tasted of my juices. I turned her down and got on top of her. I started by licking her neck and reached for her boobs. I sucked and bit them while she moaned and asked me to do more. I was understanding how horny bitch my daughter has become.

I licked her navel. As I went down, she opened her legs, giving me access to her pussy which was pink in colour and cleanly shaved. I slid my finger in and fingered her. Took the finger out and had it in her mouth. She licked it well. I went over to her pussy and licked the top with my tongue.

She moaned and asked me to do more. Once I started to lick her pussy my daughter moaned, “Aah, mummy, it’s so good. I never got licked by women. Mom, you licking me was turning me on so much. Lick mummy, lick.” She was begging, which I did. I understood that she was also on the edge.

I then got into the scissoring position and placed my pussy over hers. It was so wet but warm. I rubbed her pussy with mine. It was the first time for me to do it with a girl, but it was heavenly. We rubbed each other sometimes. Sneha got up and kissed me and sucked my boobs.

The scissoring went on for a good 20 minutes, after which we squirted into each other’s pussy. We hugged and slept nude. When I woke up, I asked her to keep this as our little secret. I winked at her while leaving the room.

But later in the evening, I texted Abhay, asking what they did to my daughter. He smiled and said he would tell me if I came to his place. I said okay and disconnected.

Let me know how you felt reading about my first lesbian encounter with my daughter. Email [email protected]. Bye.