Incest Journey – Part 7 (Marrying my wife’s sister)

Hi readers, I am here with the seventh part of the series, ‘Incest Journey.’ I hope you all enjoyed the first six parts of the series. Let’s start with the seventh part.

My whole family went to Krishna’s marriage. The temple is silent. I already told you that we don’t have many relatives. My wife’s father received our family. He is in a bit hurry and breathing heavily. He is the only male person in his family. So he is the only one doing all this work.

The groom’s family is very orthodox. I want Krishna so desperately. But I don’t know what to do. My mom is talking to Keerthi’s mother. Keerthi and the baby are in the bride’s room. I am alone in the temple, waiting for a miracle.

Suddenly I heard a scream. It’s my father-in-law. He immediately becomes unconscious and falls to the ground. The groom and I went to him immediately. I sprinkled some water on his face. But there is no response from him. I checked his pulse. It stopped.

There is no doubt about it. He died because of a heart attack. The groom’s parents asked what had happened. The groom told everything to his parents. They immediately said its a bad sign, and they left the temple. My wife and my mother-in-law are crying, holding my father-in-law.

Krishna stands like a statue. She couldn’t speak and cry. She was in a deep shock. The marriage was cancelled. We did the funeral for my father-in-law the next day. The news spread throughout the village. Everyone in the village is saying that her father died because of her marriage.

Krishna heard those words. She was crying all day and locked herself in a room. Some ladies in the village came and made my mother-in-law a widow. She was changed into a white saree. Her face was filled with sadness. But she was worried about her second daughter.

The rumours of my father-in-law’s death related to Krishna’s married were spread rapidly. My mother-in-law worried about Krishna and that no one will come to marry her. My wife is also sad.

A week later, My mother-in-law came to my room and asked my wife to talk personally. I went outside the room.

Mother-in-law (MIL): Keerthi, your sister’s life is completely ruined. It’s been ten days since she came out of that room.

Keerthi: I am also worried about her.

MIL: Please help her. Save your sister.

Keerthi: What, mom? How could I save her?

MIL: Krishna is facing a very terrible time. Her marriage was cancelled. Your father is also dead. She can’t bear this much pain now.

Keerthi: I know that, mom. But how can I save her? Tell me, mom. I would do it to save my sister if it were in my hands.

MIL: It… Its…Vijay has to marry Krishna.

Keerth: What? What are you talking mom? You want to make her second wife to my husband. How can you think like this?

MIL: It’s the only way, Keerthi. Rumours are spread all over the village. No one will come to marry her. She will become a normal person if she can marry and leave this village.

Keerthi: I understand the situation. But this is…

MIL: You accepted a horrible mom-and-son relationship. This is not a big deal. Vijay is a good person. If I marry her to your husband, both of you will take care of her. Please, Keerthi, agree to this marriage. Save your sister’s life. I am begging you, please.

Saying that she fell to her knees.

Keerthi: Get up, mom. I will agree. Please stop crying. My husband already has two women, and you will bring another one. OK, if this saves my sister’s life, I will agree.

MIL: Thank you, Keerthi. Thank you so much.

Keerthi: OK. I will talk to my husband.

Then Keerthi came outside the room and said, “We need to talk.”

Me: What happens, Keerthi? Is everything OK?

Keerthi: Yeah! Come inside the room with me?

We went inside the room. She locked the door.

Keerthi: Vijay, You need to marry my sister.

Me: What? What are you talking about? Are you mad? (I am feeling happy inside. But I am acting like I don’t want to marry)

Keerthi: I know. This is crazy. But this is the only way to save Krishna. She is completely lost.

Me: How can she become normal if she marries me?

Keerthi: We both take care of her. I know you will take care of her.

Me: But Keerthi, you are already sharing me. Are you ready to share me with one more woman?

Keerthi: I know you love me very much. I also know even after your marriage to Krishna. You will love me as much as your doing now.

Me: OK then. If you are OK with this, then I will do this.

Keerthi and her mother went to Krishna to talk about the marriage. At first, she didn’t agree to the marriage. But finally, they managed to convince her. I married Krishna in a registered office. MIL tried to arrange the first night for us. But I stopped her from making the arrangements.

“If I do it now, it might be forcing her. She won’t like it. I have already married her. So I thought making love to her with her permission was a good idea.”

After 2 days we went to our house. Keerthi gave my sister’s room to Krishna. It is beside my mom’s room. After a week, everything became normal. But Krishna is struggling to bond with my family.

That’s Friday, and I have two days’ leave. Keerthi and I finished our dinner quickly and went to our room.  Mom knows everything, so she is smiling. But Krishna is so confused. Everyone went to their rooms. At midnight, Krishna woke up and went to the kitchen for water.

She opened the fridge and drank some water. When she returned to her room, she heard some moaning sounds from our room. She came upstairs. The door is not locked. So she opened it and saw the erotic atmosphere in our room.

I am fucking Keerthi in the doggy style, pressing her head towards the bed. She moans, “Ahh… fuck… don’t stop fuck me, deeper ahh…ahh fuck yeah…. fuck me.. ahh…” Krishna is watching our fucking session silently. Her hands went to her pussy. She started rubbing her pussy lips.

After two minutes, I am about to cum. I told her to suck. Keerthi took my entire dick inside her mouth and started sucking. She increased her speed. And I cummed inside her mouth. She swallowed it.

Krishna is still rubbing her pussy, and saliva is leaking from her mouth. Her thighs become wet. Her juice is coming from her pussy. Keerthi came 3 times, and she asked for one more orgasm. So I told her to sit on my face. She sits on my face holding the bed. She started moving.

I inserted my tongue inside her pussy and licked all of her juices. I started licking her pussy lips and inserted one of my fingers into her asshole. She pressed her hip on my face. After 10 minutes, she said, “I am cumming.” I ready myself to drink her orgasm juice.

I drink every drop of Keerthi’s pussy juice. Krishna sits on the floor, fingering herself and moaning slowly. She also came. Krishna’s dress became wet because of her sweat. Her legs are shaking. She can’t be able to move. But she managed herself and reached her room.

When I woke up in the morning, I noticed some sticky liquid on the floor. It tastes so familiar. I cleaned it. Keerthi went to bathe. My mom is preparing breakfast. But Krishna is still sleeping. Normally she wakes up in the early morning. But she is still sleeping.

Then I remember the taste of the juice. It just tastes like Keerthi’s hot pussy juice. Then I realized the entire thing that happened last night. She saw Keerthi and me fucking each other. And she did fingering herself outside our room. She has become sexually active now. Now is the time to fuck her.

In the eighth part, I will tell you how I fucked Krishna, my mother, and Keerthi in a single day. We four became a family with strong bonding with each other.

I got so many views and liked the first 6 parts of the story. I hope you all like this 7th part too. Leave a comment about your thoughts on the special event in the 8th part of this story. It will encourage us.

To be continued.