Incest Journey – Part 10 (Mother-in-law)

Hi readers, I am here with the tenth part of the series, ‘Incest Journey.’ I hope you all enjoyed the first nine parts of the series. Let’s start with the tenth part.

When I ask mother-in-law for water, she opened the fridge and gave me a bottle to me. I drank and returned the bottle to her. The real reason for me not sleeping well is my erection. Both Keerthi and Krishna are on their delivery dates. They can’t be able to participate with me in sex.

I thought of returning to my room after giving the bottle to her. But my penis is getting bigger and bigger. My pant feels so tight. No matter how many times I masturbate, it’s becoming rock-hard again. The only solution for this is sex. And the only woman who can solve this is my mother-in-law.

So I stopped walking and turned to my mother-in-law. I feel that she also wants a man to touch her body. She lives alone after her husband’s death. I also know that even in the presence of her husband, he can’t satisfy her with a heart problem. How she talked to Keerthi to convince her also gives me hope.

So I dared and asked her.

Me: MIL…

MIL: Yes, Vijay. Do you want anything more?

Me: I am so thirsty. Can you satisfy my thirst?

I am talking to her with my penis erection.

MIL: What are you talking about, Vijay?

She saw my pant with a confused face and saw my erection.

MIL: Vijay, Why are you standing in front of me like this?

Me: Please, MIL. No one can satisfy this except you.

MIL: Why me? Go to the bathroom and pump yourself.

Me: I tried it. But It’s no use. I can’t go to sleep like this.

MIL: Then try some alternatives. Why are you asking me?

Me: Because you are my wife’s mother. Your two daughters are not in a situation to take care of their husband’s needs. That’s why I am asking you. Your daughters can’t satisfy me now. So it’s your time to take responsibility.

MIL: This isn’t correct, Vijay. What you are asking is wrong.

Me: There is nothing wrong. I know you also want a man’s touch. Keethi told me about your conversation. I know your husband won’t be able to satisfy you. This is what we both want. There would be nothing wrong if both accepted it.

MIL: I can’t do this. I can’t take my two daughters’ lives.

Me: Don’t worry. Your daughters will accept this. I will make them accept.

I went closer to her. I opened my pant button and zip.

Me: Don’t wait. Make me happy. I will satisfy your desires.

MIL: OK, I will do this. But for this one time. Only a blow job. After that, you have to go to bed. OK?

Me: OK, MIL.

She sits on her knee. Pulled my pants. My cock popped in front of her face. She is gently touching my penis head with her tongue. Slowly she started licking my cock with her tongue. She is applying her saliva on the penis. I told her to put it in her mouth and suck it.

She swallowed my cock and started sucking it. She started it slowly, but soon she picked up her speed and gave me an awesome blowjob. I held her head with my hand and started counteracting her moment. She closed her eye. My cock is touching deep inside her throat.

I was reaching my climax. I hold her head stronger and fucking her mouth. I pulled her mouth towards me and made my cock reach the maximum deep. I cum inside her mouth. I won’t let a single drop escape from her mouth. She swallowed it all.

But my cock doesn’t lose its erection. She was shocked to see that. After cumming that much inside her mouth, it’s still rock hard. She understood the situation. She stood and turned around. I hugged her from behind.

MIL: Please be gentle. I am doing this after 15 years.

Me: Don’t worry. I will fulfil all your dark desires. Trust me. I am not like your husband. I will make you scream with pleasure.

I lifted her saree and petticoat and removed her underwear. She put her half-body on the dining table and spread her legs wide before me. I placed my penis from her behind. I pushed my cock inside her pussy. She screamed. But immediately, I blocked her mouth with my hand.

I started fucking her. She wants to scream, but my hand does not allow her to. Her eyes were full of tears from pain. But I didn’t stop. I kept on fucking her until she started feeling pleasure. After 10 minutes, her screams are changed into moaning sounds.

I removed my hand from her mouth. I hold her hip with my two hands and fucking her. She is moaning slowly. I turned her. Now she is facing me. I pushed my cock inside her pussy and started fucking her. She is holding me tightly and moaning.

MIL: Please don’t stop. I am reaching my climax. Do it faster.

Me: I am also reaching my limit. Let’s cum together.

Within 2 minutes, we both cum. She falls on the dining table. She has no strength to stand on her legs. I took her to the bathroom. After cleaning herself up, I put her in her bedroom. As I went, she stopped me by holding my hand and said.

MIL: You forgot to lick my pussy.

I was surprised to hear that. She has no strength now. But she is still asking me to lick her pussy. I went inside her petticoat and started licking her pussy. I placed my tongue deep inside her pussy. I placed my hands on her thighs to make her legs wide open.

I licked her pussy walls and drank the sweet juice leaking from her pussy. Suddenly she held my head and pushed it towards her pussy.

MIL: You told me that you would fulfil all my desires tonight. My husband didn’t do this to me. Now lick me and make me cum.

She cummed in my mouth. Then I went to her side and slept beside her.

Me: Are you satisfied now? Do all your desires fulfil?

MIL: Yes (She is replying to me with a smile). You licked my pussy just like my second daughter Krishna.

I was shocked to hear that.

Me: What! Krishna licked your pussy?

MIL: Yes. She is bisexual. She licks my pussy to satisfy her desires for females. I also allowed her because it would satisfy me sexually. Not as much as men, but I adjusted to that.

Me: (In my mind) That’s why Krishna licked her sister’s pussy that day. She can’t be completely satisfied with me. She also wants a woman. Before doing anything on this matter, I must know Keerthi’s opinion.

To be continued.

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