How I Fucked My Maami At Her Home – Part 7

This is your friend Sameer again, and I am back with the seventh part of the series. I had never thought you guys will love this series so much. Thanks for your love and support.

Till now, you are aware of how maami and I took our relationship to new levels by doing sex outdoors in the woods. You read how we lost all inhibitions and we would get naughty wherever and whenever we got a chance, even if it was the highway. We had become besharam (shameless) in the quest for lust.

Read the previous parts if you haven’t so far, for context. Now, coming back to the story and taking it forward.

Maami was horny and wanted sex as soon as possible. She asked me to get into the car as soon as possible. I opened up the boot and opened up the back seat. So it almost became like a comfortable bed with the mattress and the satin sheets.

We went toward the car and I started to kiss her soft lips. I was kissing her lower lip and then kissed her upper lip. Meanwhile, my hands were all over her body, starting from her neck to her ass. I also pressed her boobs over her dress. My maami was so horny that day that she bit my lips in lust.

Then I turned her around and removed her kurti. She was wearing a pink colored bra. I bent her on the boot and was kissing her neck and back. Meanwhile, the tent in my trouser because of the hard dick was between her ass crack. While I was kissing and biting her back, she was moaning.

Maami: Aah Aah kus mazze. Cze chai saeri pata zanaani kith peath chu mazze dyun” (Aah Aah I am loving it. You know how to give a proper foreplay).

I opened her pink bra and threw it to the side. I was kissing her back again, pressing her boobs from the back with my both hands while rubbing my dick on her ass. Her nipples had started to become hard and I was playing with them. It was a moment full of lust. I started my tongue at her neck down to the ass crack just above the naada of her salwar. Mami was shivering with pleasure.

Then I turned her around and continued hovering from her naada all the way up to her navel. I kissed her navel before going all the way through her cleavage. Then I bit her right breast before moving forward to her neck. I bit her neck as well and she made a sound, “Aah”.

I went to her lips and we were kissing each other like rabbits. I was also pressing her boobs and playing with her nipples while kissing. Then I started sucking her breasts. I started with the right one and then the left one. Those two tankers had milk in them. I was slurping both of them while maami was moaning.

I slid down licking her tummy and navel all the way down to the naada to her salwar. Then I just opened the knot and it all fell to her feet.

Maami was wearing a pink panty just like her bra. Usually, it is said, “Whenever the bra color matches with the panty color of a woman, it’s the woman who wanted to have a fuck”. Though maami might not have planned the logic of this one, she definitely wanted to be fucked since yesterday and this was showing up.

I removed her footwear and her salwar as well from her legs. I told mami to get inside the car. She went inside and lay down in the makeshift bed I had made in the car.

Then I stood up while she was lustfully staring at me. It was looking like she was gonna gobble me up like a lioness. I removed my shirt and was staring her back for a while. There was some sexual tension between us.

Maami: Kya chuk wuchaan? (What are you looking at?)

Me: Sonchaan chus cze kecha baed gaen. Otre peth lakhnawat khabar keta lati. Me os ne zanh suchmut be lakhai cze zanh (I am thinking what a slut you are. Over the past few days, you got fucked so many times by me. I had never thought I will ever get a chance to fuck you).

She started smiling.

Maami: Yi chuka maamni gaen wanan? (Are you calling your mami a slut?)

Me: Khandar chui taziyatas. Hyuhur te hash chi ghari nebar rishtedaran nish. Shuir chi maalni te cze chak Doadhpathri lakhnawan bentharas athi. Gaen wanai na te adkya wanai (Your husband is at a funeral, so are your father-in-law and mother-in-law are mourning and your kids are at your parent’s place while you are getting fucked in Doodhpathri by your nephew. What should I call you other than a ‘slut’?)

Maami: Chean lyaath wuchim otre. Su wuchit gowum khabar kya. Me thow sori sideas te lakhnawim cze ati. Me aawui su mazze be lakhnawai duhai cze ati. Patte agar cze gaen ti wanakh, sahli chu magar me lakhzi duhai (I saw your dick a few days back and I couldn’t stop thinking about it. I left all my inhibitions to the side and wanted to be fucked by you. And I enjoyed so much getting fucked by you that I want you to fuck me daily and if that means I have to be your slut, I am happy to be your slut. But just fuck me daily).

Me: Meti laich waryahan koryan Magar cze chui su mazze lakhnas yas ne kaensi chu. Dapaan che na yiman khandar chu aasan karith, timan lakhnas chu iwan warya mazze. Yi cheank chai azki peath myean (I fucked a lot of girls till now, but the satisfaction I get after fucking you is the best. It is said that married women give the most pleasure in bed. This pussy belongs to me now).

Me: Baaki cze yeli moake dikh yi lyaath myean aasi garam ti tayar (Rest whenever you feel horny and want a fuck, my dick will be hot and hard for you).

Maami: Chalo kar wain jaldi (Ok come on, do it fast now).

Me: Jaldi kuas chai. Goodis chui ras wasan. Guade chem be yi rass (Why are you in a hurry? See your pussy is wet and leaking. I have to drink these juices first.)

After that, I pulled mami by her legs. Now maami was lying in the boot of the car while I was standing next to the boot. Her pussy had a wet patch. I licked her pussy over the patch on her panty and gave a slight nibble. It tasted a bit salty. She made an “Aah” sound. I pulled out her pink panty and found it was wet and clean-shaven.

Me: Yi che saaf. Me basan cze asekh tayar aaz (This is neat. Looks like someone wanted to get licked and fucked today).

Maami was blushing. I just took maami’s legs and put them on my shoulder and went to give a lick to the smooth pussy she had kept ready for me. Then I started from the bottom of the pussy and licked all the way to the clit. I started to suck the pussy lips as well. Maami was enjoying me sucking her pussy. She was moaning and running her hand through my hair and pushing my head more toward her pussy. I gave her a bite towards her inner thigh and she moaned.

Then I took one finger and started fingering her. I was rubbing the inner walls of her vagina. It was warm and all wet already for my dick. I then put another finger and with both my fingers rubbed her G-spot.

After that, I started rubbing and her moaning became loud. Thankfully, it was an isolated place so there wasn’t anyone around. After a few minutes of fingering and sucking, mami got an orgasm and she squirted at my face. I wiped it off with her panty and started sucking her pussy dry.

Maami was all nude while I still was wearing my trousers. So I removed my trousers and underwear and went inside the car and lay down next to maami. She was still lying down next to me breathless due to the previous session.

Me: Me basan cze thachekh aaz (I think you got tired soon today).

Maami: Chaani ungjan manz chu khabar kya. Yi kya koruth cze aaz. Zan koruth me puncture (Your fingers had magic today. Whatever you did today with them, I am still lost for breath and words).

Me: Hahaha, wuni chai myaani lyaati hinz sawaer karnai te cze thachik. (You still have to ride my dick. Don’t feel tired. The main course is still left.)

Maami: Me taam asiha be lakhnawha duhas raatas cze athi (If it was up to me, I would get fucked by you day and night).

Me: Wal di me baaz teli. Khacz yath lyaati pyath (Come on then, let’s fuck. Get on my dick).

Mami just got up and sat on me in the cowgirl position. She positioned my hard dick near her wet and supple pussy and started putting it in. Damn, her pussy was so wet. I can’t even explain it here. My dick went smoothly in. She sat for some time to settle it in.

Once she felt comfortable, she started jumping to ensure pumps to her pussy. I was laying down but had both of her breasts in my hand. Her nipples had become hard. I was pinching them and she was moaning whenever I did that.

After a few minutes, I pulled her breasts toward myself and started sucking them. Breasts of women who nurse their babies are so good for sucking. Maami became so ecstatic that she opened her hairpin and started pumping my dick in her pussy. I was getting close to my orgasm so I grabbed her back and started pumping her with force. She started moaning my name.

Maami: Aah Sameer. Aah. Me lakh zoare yithai peath. Me banaw panin zanaan. Be rozai chaen gaen hamesh. Yemis Shabnamas phoalraaw yi good. Me aas duhai lakhaan. Aah… Chaani lakhne seath gow me gooid prahh. (Aah Sameer Aah. Fuck me harder just like you do it. Make me your wife. I will stay your slut forever. Make Shabnam’s pussy lose. Fuck me daily. Aah… You are making me a sex addict.)

We had pumps for a few minutes before both of us orgasmed. Mami collapsed on me tired and all sweaty.

Me: Gaykhe khuash? Yi armaan osi raath pyath tim gaya poore? (Are you happy? Whatever you missed yesterday, you got it, right?)

Maami was still breathing heavily.

Maami: Cze kati osukh yithan waryan. Me aasiha jawaeni kadmech cze seath. Mye kar soa temis sesis seath zaaye (Where were you since all these years? I would have spent my youth on you. I wasted it with your maama).

Me: Adde masle kus chu, cze aas moake diwaan, be aasai duhai lakhaan. (It’s still not late. I will fuck you daily if I get opportunities with you.)

We were just casually talking for some time before I started feeling horny again. Then I started to use my hand to get my dick hard again. Maami saw it and grabbed my hand.

Maami: Khabardar, yi che myean kaem ( Stop, this is my job)

She went all down, grabbed my dick with one hand, and balls with another. She then started licking the glans of my dick and made it sloppy. Then she started sucking it like a lollipop or more like how a vacuum cleaner sucks things. I was getting wild sensations in my dick and getting hard.

Then I got an idea. I wanted to fuck her on the car bonnet. I shared the idea with my maami. She wasn’t much excited about it and was afraid someone might see us if we do it outside.

Me: Maami, yemis wuchun aasi, su wuchi asi gaadi manz ti karan. Cze maan myuan. (Maami, if someone has to see they will see us doing it in the car as well. Let’s do it outside, it will be fun.)

Maami: Adsa chaani khaetre kar be kenh ti (Ok-ok, I will do anything for you, my love).

We then came out of the car all nude and went in the front of the car. I bent my Maami over the bonnet of the car and pushed my dick from behind her.

Then I started pumping her slowly and also grabbed her arm and pulled it behind her back for grip. I was pumping her while she was moaning. We were doing it in the open without any fear.

After a few minutes of hard rough penetration, I unloaded all my junk in maami’s pussy and kissed her back. We then got up and went back and cleaned ourselves a bit.

Maami: Wain neraw. Czear gow. Baaki karaw raatas ghari. (Let’s leave now. It’s late. We will do it again tonight at home).

Me: Theek chu. Teli neraw (Ok, We will leave).

Maami started wearing her panty and bra and told me to hook her bra. Then I went behind and bit her neck while doing so. As revenge, she grabbed dick and pressed it hard. We laughed about it. We wore our clothes. While wearing clothes, we were playfully naughty with each other grabbing each other’s bodies.

We boarded the car and I started driving towards my maami’s mother’s house, as we had to pick up the kids.

While I was driving, maama called maami to enquire if we had picked up the kids and reached home. Maami told him that we were stuck in a traffic jam and we were yet to pick up the kids.

After driving for an hour or so, we finally reached our destination. The kids were playing and didn’t remember their mother. And we also went into the house for tea as they didn’t let us leave without it.


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