How An Indian Boyfriend Became A Cuck

It all started when I was talking to my girlfriend over call back in lockdown 2020. I liked discussing sex as I had never done it till that point in time and my girlfriend had done it many times. I was very curious about her sex life and asked her multiple questions and wanted her to reply in detail, much to her annoyance at times.

So, one night she was telling me how sex with her last boyfriend sucked as he had a small dick. She told me that she almost felt nothing inside her.

I asked her how could it be possible for her to not feel a thing and she must be exaggerating a bit. Then she said, “You see, sex with Neel (her first boyfriend) was so good and his cock is so big!”

When I heard this, I immediately felt a sense of arousal I had never quite felt before! I wanted to know more so I asked how many inches. She said she didn’t know in terms of inches but his cock touched his belly button when he lay down. I immediately compared it to what I got down there. It turned out that I was at least two and a half inches short of my belly button.

I became more and more interested in the past sex life of my girlfriend with this particular guy. I started asking her all sorts of questions related to what all they did in bed. She told me that she knew this guy from back in school.

They never talked much back in school and it was only in the coaching classes during drop year after 12th, that they came close to each other. Pretty soon, she started visiting his home. Both his parents were working and were hardly at home during daytime hours.

She told me how she used to watch porn in coaching classes and when she got horny, both of them would go to his house and have sex. She also told me how Neel would show the bulge of his cock from his jeans.

I asked my gf what position she enjoyed the most and she said, “Doggy style.” Whenever I had these conversations with her over the phone call, I would get hard and start stroking myself. I often imagined both of them fucking each other.

She told me how he would blindfold her and touch her body and that it would turn her on so much and then he would fuck her hard. I also got to know about all the experiments she tried with him. She once asked him fuck her on the dining table. All these details painted a vivid picture in front of my eyes. I couldn’t help but keep thinking about it all the time.

I already knew that he was dark in complexion, so I kept imagining that a big black cock used to devour my girlfriend.

After the lockdown was over, the colleges reopened and I met my girlfriend. One day, I told her that I keep having these thoughts over and over again. At first, she said that she feels sick of these thoughts and how could I even think about all this.

I knew that this direct approach will not work with my girlfriend. So, I started showing her Reddit posts of guys with big dicks and how they used to meet people in cuckold relationships. She was a little curious at first and her curiosity begin to grow gradually.

One day I asked her if should I text this guy on Reddit. She had already gone through his page and seemed to like what he had to offer. This guy had a massive 8.5-inch dick and gave excellent massages. She said, “You can text and see what happens.”

I texted him and we decided to meet in a hotel. We set the ground rules which included that my girl would not kiss this guy.

We booked a room and checked in. I had asked the bull to check in at the same hotel and then come to our room. My girlfriend wanted to get a little drunk so she could get over the nervousness.

We started drinking beer and then invited the bull to our room. We chatted for a while and then started playing truth and dare. After a few minutes, I dared him to undress so that we could see what he got. He did and his dick seemed pretty normal. I remember saying, “This doesn’t look like anything extraordinary.” (Boy oh Boy, was I proved wrong!)

Then, he dared her to undress and drape a towel around her. I could sense the sexual tension and the energy in the room. My gf came out from the washroom in a towel. He started kissing her legs and I could see that she was definitely turned on.

She stopped him and said, “Let’s start with the massage.”

She lay down on her stomach and he started massaging her shoulders and upper back. Then he came down to her calves after which he slowly started removing her towel and massaged her thighs. Then he removed the towel completely hearing my girlfriend moan a little. He had gotten the signal that she wanted him.

It was then that he decided to take his own sweet little time. He massaged my girlfriend’s ass and teasingly, caressed his fingers over her pussy and showed me how wet she was already. Then he turned her around and massaged and squeezed her boobs. By then, his 8.5-inch dick was fully hard.

He spread her legs, grabbed her by her thighs, and slowly put his cock inside her. I could see the satisfaction and amazement on her face. She immediately started making sounds I hadn’t heard before.

He started fucking my GF deep and hard and every time he thrust his cock inside her, I could make out from her moans that she missed getting her cervix rammed by a big cock! I had to play some music to stop sounds from getting outside the room, although it was not of much help.

Then he put her arms around his neck and his hands on her ass and lifted her straight with his throbbing cock inside her. I still don’t know who was more amazed at it, me or her, nonetheless I cummed at that very moment seeing her getting fucked like that. He made her bounce on his cock standing up like that for some time and then dropped her on the bed.

I went to the washroom to clean and when I came back he had her in doggy style and I knew she was going to moan the loudest now as he will penetrate her even deeper. Within, three to four strokes, she was down flat on the belly as he was fucking her too hard for her to be able to take it on all fours.

I remember asking my girlfriend, “Is he bigger than Neel?”, she looked at me and nodded in affirmation and ecstasy.

After a few minutes, they slowed down and started fucking in missionary. Remember, how the rules were set for no kissing, he was tongue deep inside her mouth, her nails firmly on his back. The sheer passion of it made me cum again. She was telling me to go sit in a corner as she wanted to kiss and smooch him even more passionately, and I willfully obliged.

The entire session lasted for about an hour and a half after which he came and she was visibly exhausted after it. I remember wanting to have the sloppy seconds after he went but she was too tired and very satisfied for anything more.