Hot Mom and her daughters – Part 4

She kissed me and sat on her knees in front of my dick. Her hand was over my dick, stroking. This was my dream come true scene. A beauty like Mouni is on her knees and here to take my dick into her mouth.

The view was amazing. My eyes were filled with lust. I slowly slid my fingers into her hair and started roaming them there. She is stroking my dick, looking into my eyes.

“Do you like me?” She asked me. “Yes,” I replied.

“What made you like me?” she asked. “Your figure and hotness,” I replied.

“Ha ha ha ha,” she laughed. “I want you to be my slut.” I replied, smiling. “Slut!?” Pallavi exclaimed. “I want to be,” Likitha said in a loud voice. But Mouni accepted by just taking my dick into her mouth.

Her lips became round to just sit over my dick. I must say that she has the best thick lips among the three, and these lips are juicy. “There it is, we are your slut family,” Pallavi declared.

I laughed hard and pushed Mouni onto my dick deeper. I must say this she is a pro at sucking. I pushed my dick deep into her throat to choke. She choked also, but she managed to get her to breathe. So I made her lay over the dining table as her head had no backrest and was bent back.

I pushed my dick into her throat and checked. She is ‘Wow.’ She is amazingly managing her breath. I fucked her in a deep throat. Whenever she felt hard, she tapped over my thighs. I took her pussy lips to suck one after another while she was sucking my dick deep throat.

Likitha and Pallavi came and sat beside Pallavi at the dining table. I started fucking her mouth slowly and increasing phase. She is adjusting herself to the phase and sucking. I am billing her pussy here in 69 position.

This continued for about ten minutes, then she tapped on my thigh and said, “Fuck me in my pussy.” Her face was drenched in sweat. Then I stood up and turned her like her pussy facing my dick. First, I inserted my middle finger and started fingering.

She started screaming. Then Likitha stopped her from screaming by kissing her. They were sucking each other’s lower lips in a spider kiss. I inserted my pointing finger along with my middle finger into her pussy and started ramming it.

Pallavi came and started tapping her pussy. Her pussy was clean-shaven and pink inside. I felt like it wasn’t much I increased the phase of my fingers to tease her more and more. She broke the kiss and started screaming louder as the whole dining hall was filled with her moans.

“Prathap fuck me. I want your dick drilling my pussy. Please fuck me,” She is screaming. Then I took Pallavi’s hand and tried to push my dick all at once into Mouni’s pussy.

She screamed hard, but only half of my dick went in. I took it back and tried once again with full thrust and a little more if it went in. Mouni is gasping for her breath and trying to take it full, but she is screaming like hell.

On the third try, I could make two-thirds of my dick in. She jumped to adjust it in her pussy. Her tears came out of her eyes and fell off. I started ramming my dick in and out, starting with low speed and more thrust. My dick is going a little more forward with every thrust.

She is screaming like, “Hmm, fuck me, I’m your bitch fuck.” By which I’m getting more and more hard on. Her tits were really hot. They were like circles over her body. They are moving as circles move to and fro with my fucking phase. It is amazing to have a lactating woman with this firm tits.

I increased my phase, and she increased her screams. “Aah. Aah,” was her response to my thrust. I felt her pain converting into pleasure. Her screams are converting into moans. Her pussy took my dick fully and comfortably.

She held me by her legs around my ass, and she made me bend towards her, and she started kissing me. She is kissing me like she likes it. But I can feel my every thrust in her breath. I took her left nipple into my hand and started pinching it.

“Aaaah,” she said, and she bit my loved lip on its edge. I increased my phase and her expression changed to grasp breath. I started pulling her nipples while kissing and fucking her. She tried to scream, but I didn’t let her scream.

Then Mouni pointed something at me. I saw both Pallavi and Likitha fingering their pussies. Mouni and I looked at each other and laughed. Now, we wanted our position to change. So I made her bend like a bitch and pushed my dick into her pussy.

This time the whole of my dick went in, but Mouni jerked like a jump to take it whole at once. I am watching her expression through a mirror. I started fucking her. I must say that her ass looks like an inverted love symbol. I feel like it is the best ass for anyone to get an instant hard-on.

So I started fucking her holding her hair to control her. The room was again filled with her moans, and her expressions were a visual feast. I started with a slow phase and increased my phase.

I can see her swinging tits through the mirror. And I took her nipples into my hands and started fucking her holding her nipples. “Oh, Ah,” These are the only words coming out of her mouth. I left her after a while, and I laid myself beside her, and I made her sit over my dick.

She came and sat on my thigh. But I lifted her into my hands and made her sit over my dick. I placed my hands over her tits and started moving my thigh. It made my dick move in and out of her pussy in a cowgirl position. She started dancing over my dick with her bouncing tits.

I moved my navel against her every thrust. To make my dick go deep. I pinched her nipples and pressed her tots while fucking her in the position. Suddenly, I felt like she was getting her muscles tight. So, I increased my phase.

She tightened her muscles tighter and released a hard scream. Her juices flowed out of her pussy, and she relaxed herself. She looked into my eyes and found my dick still hard. So she made me stand and started sucking my dick. Likitha also came and joined her sister.

Pallavi took a picture of her slutty daughters sucking my dick. Pallavi kissed me. As I was fucking Mouni, my dick was also loaded with its milk which was intended to feed Mouni. So I asked Mouni to take my dick into her mouth. Mouni understood it was to feed her and took my dick into her mouth.

I released my load into her mouth. She started tasting it while Likitha and Pallavi started sucking me to clean my dick. This is how we had our lunch. Then Mouni asked me for an outdoor fuck to which I said ok.

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