Honeymoon Gone Wrong – Part 5 (Conclusion)

It was two weeks after our return from our honeymoon. Chaitali was getting frustrated day by day. I asked her several times, but she didn’t say anything. Finally, she spoke one day. She said she wanted to go to the same hotel or any other hotel. I was confused and asked her to be clear.

She said she was missing group action and wasn’t feeling the sensation while I fucked her. Though I fucked her three times per day, that wasn’t enough. Understanding her situation, I ordered a few vibrators. I fucked her while a vibrator in pussy or asshole while I fucked the other one.

It was good for a few weeks but later useless for her. After a week, when I arrived home, Chaitali was sitting and crying. I asked her the reason, and she passed me her mobile. I saw videos of her while she was fucked by multiple guys on our honeymoon.

There was even those video that the owner guys had. She asked me to file a divorce case. I can easily get divorced based on that. I can frame her as a loose-character girl. These videos were her debauchery proof. I consoled her and told her I didn’t want to divorce her.

I said that it was my mistake that things turned that way. If there is a punishment for that, we both need to suffer. Then I asked her what she wanted. She said that she wanted to get fucked by multiple guys altogether. I asked her how that was possible at our place.

She said that if she got desperate, she’d hunt any possible opportunity nearby. This would result in defaming our family. I understood what she meant and didn’t reply to that. I was very well aware of the desperation she was in. I asked for an alternative solution.

She suggested a few things. She asked me to take her to a different city, probably in a hotel. There she can get laid by a group of guys. She would achieve what she wants, and we would skip the issue of getting defamed in society.

That partly convinced me, but I asked what I would tell in the hotel. I asked her whether I should tell the hotel manager that my wife wanted to get fucked by many guys. And he should send random guys. She dropped her head for a minute. She said that I could pimp her at the hotel.

This way, I won’t feel disgraced, and she will have what she wanted. I wasn’t 100% convinced by that, but it was partly possible. I clicked her nudes and a few videos and took a leave for a few days from the office. I reached a good hotel in a nearby city and stayed there overnight.

While leaving, I visited the manager and asked whether he could arrange prostitutes. He was reluctant in the beginning but later spilt his beans. He agreed to arrange a whore for me. He told me about the variety he had and showed me some pictures. I showed him Chaitali’s picture and asked her to rate her.

I had good pictures and nude ones as well. He inquired about her. I told him she was my girlfriend and the wife of someone close. He was impressed with his beauty and told me she could easily get customers. I told him that she could easily get fucked by three guys altogether.

I told him she could get fucked all night, and I would charge for it. The manager said he’d add his commission, and I could bring her there. He gave me a rate list. The rate was good enough, but my purpose was not the money. He asked me when I would bring her. So, I said that I’d bring her on Saturday evening.

We would stay here for the night and will leave on next morning. He asked for my contact details. I gave him the alternative number I was using. I arrived home the next day and told Chaitali I had made arrangements for her. I told her what had happened, and she was excited about it.

The rate was nearly the same as that we obtained previously. But she wasn’t interested in money but rough fucking. The stage was set. I told her she had to act like my known lady, not my wife. She agreed to that too.

Next Saturday, I informed the manager that we would be reaching there in the evening around 6. He said that he’d pick us up by hotel transport. Chaitali wore a white coloured floral sari with a matching blouse, light makeup and light jewellery.

As soon as we reached and came out of the station, a white coloured Maruti Ecco was waiting for us. The manager was present there, and he welcomed us. We just had a small bag with us and didn’t bring extra luggage with us. He looked at Chaitali from top to bottom and adjusted his crotch.

He was indeed excited seeing her. The seven-seater Ecco middle seats were removed and had one long seat at the back. We got inside, and I sat on the side. Chaitali beside me, and the manager beside her. The slider gate closed, and the interior had curtains on the windows.

The curtain was closed now, and the drive to the hotel was around 40 minutes with the city traffic. The driver’s side had a partition in between. The van started to move, and the manager turned towards us. He told me that Chaitali looked fabulous, and he was super excited to see her.

Chaitali smiled but didn’t say anything. The manager told her that I had built a big reputation for her and he wanted to make sure she was on the mark. Before we could understand what he meant, he pulled her sari from her shoulder. Her blouse was in view, and the sari was on her hips.

He turned towards Chaitali and started to unbutton her blouse. He carefully opened the hooks and spread both sides apart. Her bra was on view now, so he pushed the bra upwards. Her boobs popped out of the bra, and he was indeed impressed. He grabbed both her boobs and started to maul them lightly.

He pinched her nipples and played with her boobs for a while. He forwarded his palm to her sari over her waist. He inserted his palm inside and started to pull it downwards. Understanding his intention, Chaitali squeezed her stomach and stood up a little.

The grip of the sari fold and petticoat loosened on her waist. The manager managed to pull both the sari and petticoat off her body. Meanwhile, Chaitali removed her blouse and bra too. She was all naked, and the manager jumped on her. He kissed her passionately first and played with her boobs meanwhile.

Then he sucked her nipples and played with her pussy and asshole. He looked at the clock and pulled his pants down. He looked at Chaitali, and Chaitali bowed down and took his dick in her mouth. She sucked her dick nicely for a few minutes. The manager told me he was impressed.

Then he broke the blowjob and asked her to climb on him. She climbed on his lap, took his dick in her pussy and started jumping on his lap. He was in high sensation. It took him hardly 10 minutes to grab her tightly and explode in her pussy.

When he was done, I asked how long it would take to reach the hotel. He looked out and said 15 minutes. So, I dropped my pants and asked Chaitali to come over. She climbed on me and jumped on my lap with my dick inside her pussy. It took her 10 minutes to make me discharge and 10 minutes to wear her clothes.

We got down and rushed to the manager’s cabin. The manager first handed me 3 lacs cash for the booking and told me there would be 3 guys for tonight. Chaitali nodded her head, and we settled for dinner. The dinner was served around 9, and we had soft drinks before that.

The manager asked Chaitali to stay there permanently. But Chaitali said she would think about it later. Around 9:30, he asked us to follow him. He told me the manager and I would also stay in the same room. I nodded my head, and we reached the room.

Before we could knock on the gate, the manager asked Chaitali. He proposed to get rid of her clothes so that she could surprise the customers. She smiled and started to get rid of her clothes. First, the sari, then her petticoat, followed by a bra and panty.

She was only wearing her heels and a few pieces of jewellery. He was carrying a small bag and collected her clothes in that. He knocked on the gate, and three nude guys opened it immediately. They were hard of the 18-20 age group and were quite muscular.

They seemed to be regular gym-going guys. It seemed they were local guys and very desperate to fuck someone. Chaitali was delighted with this. The boys were delighted to see beauty like her. We entered inside. Two guys guided us inside. We reached the hall, and the sofa was cleaned for us.

There was a master bed in the front. The guy asked us to be comfortable and that we could also participate in fucking her. I looked around, and Chaitali was missing. I looked at the door and found her. She was super excited by now and had already caught a guy.

She was on her knees, sucking his dick. He was enjoying the attention he was getting. The boys smiled at this but requested her to come inside so that they could also participate. She got up, grabbed his dick and walked towards the master bedroom.

She reclined flat on the bed and still held his dick in her palm. She pulled him near and gulped his dick back into her mouth. Two guys crawled onto the bed and grabbed hold of both her thighs. They started to lick her thighs from top to bottom. They kissed her thighs and even bit on them.

Slowly they moved towards her pussy and started to lick her pussy lips, taking turns. The manager looked at me and smiled. I smiled, so he removed his clothes and climbed the bed. He pounded on her boobs, started to suck her nipples and maul her boobs.

He bit on her boobs and kissed all over her belly and navel. Chaitali was in extreme pleasure and was forming stiffness all over her body. Though she was sucking the dick, it made her moan in between. A good solid 30 minutes of this foreplay and blowjob.

The guy started to shoot his load inside her mouth. She gracefully drank it all, which made them shocked. They all left, and another guy reclined on the bed. Chaitali climbed on him and took his dick in her pussy. The last guy requested to make it quick to get his first shot.

Chaitali said, “Get in my asshole.” He thought it was a taunt, but Chaitali asked me to pass him the lube. When I gave him the lube, he was shocked at first. But later, super excited, he applied the lube to his dick and climbed on the bed. He entered her asshole slowly, as he was inexperienced.

Soon he was completely inside, and both the guys started to fuck her in rhythm. Chaitali wanted this only, so she started to moan heavily. She even started to speak dirty words. I wasn’t expecting that from her at all. This doubled the sensation of the boys, and they started to fuck her with more energy.

They kept hitting her hard to harder, making Chaitali go crazy. The manager was amazed to see her so open while having sex. He was not impressed with her even more and was calculating how much he could earn making her fuck his guests. They both fucked her more and more passionately.

They took a good amount of time before exploding in both her holes all at a time. Chaitali was satisfied, and her face was telling that. Both guys enjoyed it, and their faces told me that too. She rolled onto the bed and relaxed, but the manager was in the queue.

The manager pulled her to the edge of the bed, spread her legs wide and pushed his dick inside her pussy. He kissed her full mouth a few times before kissing her all over her face and neck. He then kissed her boobs and sucked her nipples before thumping her slowly.

Chaitali was already satisfied, but she wanted more and more. She started to respond to him equally. Her moaning was increasing his passion, and he enjoyed every bit of it. The manager grabbed both her boobs and started to maul them mercilessly. He was fucking her pussy with full pleasure.

He looked at me and said, “This whore doesn’t look like a professional. Her pussy isn’t that loose and looks like fresh pussy.” I didn’t say anything, only smiled back at him. He continued to fuck her increasing his speed with every minute.

He fucked her for a long time before exploding inside her pussy. As soon as he was done, I dropped my pants and made her stand, bending forward. I lubricated my dick and was inside her asshole. I didn’t want them to get the idea that I wasn’t after fucking her.

Seeing her in action had made me high too. I grabbed her waist and started to thump her with full power. I fucked her for a good amount of time. Chaitali was responding equally. I fucked her with full force and exploded in her asshole. When I was done, the manager asked me to accompany him to the bar.

I looked at Chaitali. The manager said she was a paid slut and the guys would take care of her. We went to the bar, and the manager told me how impressed he was. We had a few drinks, and the manager offered me high money for bringing her more often. I told him that I would talk to her and make it possible.

I told her concern that she was married already, so she needed to manage her family. The manager understood it but still was pressurizing me to accept his offer. He showed me a few sluts pictures of his hotel. He said that whenever I would bring her, he would pay me for that.

Besides this, I can fuck any of his prostitutes for free. I assured him that I would make it often. Then we returned to the room. Chaitali was standing with a dick in her pussy and another in her asshole. She was fucked in a sandwich position. Seems that the guys were trying a few postures from XXX movies.

She wasn’t objecting. She was having a good time. That’s why I didn’t say anything to them. Before we could enter, both the guys grunted and exploded in her holes. It gave the idea that the fucking session was on climax. The manager asked me whether I was interested in smoking.

I accepted, and we came back to the lobby. After the smoking session, we went back into the room. Chaitali was on her fours, and a guy was fucking her asshole. The manager dropped his pants and presented his dick for a blowjob. Chaitali took it in her mouth immediately and started to suck him.

As this was his third time in the last 6 hours, I was sure he would take a good amount of time. So, I dropped my pants and relaxed on the sofa. Both of them fucked both ways and made signs within themselves. They changed their places and started to fuck her.

The manager was fucking her asshole for the first time. He was having the greatest sensation of his life. He was growling that he was fucking the best asshole of his life. After a few minutes, they turned places, and both changed holes twice.

Finally, they exploded inside her mouth and asshole nearly around at the same time. Chaitali got up and went inside the bathroom, and the manager came to me. He relaxed on the sofa and started to relax. The two guys got up and went inside the bathroom. I was sure they would fuck her one more time inside.

But I was in no mood to watch, so I started on the sofa. The manager passed me cigarettes. After shutting the AC and opening the windows, we puffed near the windows. Then we opened the TV and watched it. Both guys came out in 40 minutes, and after 5 minutes, Chaitali came outside.

The guy rolled on the bed, and I relaxed on the sofa. Chaitali came to me and said thank you in my ears. She took my dick in her mouth and started to suck it passionately. I was high again. She sucked me for 10 minutes before climbing on me in cowgirl posture and draining me out.

She went to the bathroom again and came back in 5 minutes. She rolled on the bed between the boys and went for a nap. I, too, took my nap and woke up in the night. She was getting fucked again by one of the boys. I watched them for a few minutes and slept again.

I woke up at night a few more times and found her getting fucked in different positions. The boys were desperate, and so was Chaitali. She woke me up around 6 in the morning. The boys were leaving. They kissed her once and bid her goodbye. The manager left to drop them off.

Chaitali was still naked, and so was I. We got a window to talk. I asked about her experience. Chaitali said that she loved the experience and was fully satisfied. She said that two sessions of this type weekly could keep her happy. I said that once a week was alright and twice a week was more than enough.

She thought for a while. She said that if it could be Saturday night and Sunday night, she could manage that too. I smiled and said nothing. I complain that leaving on Monday morning will cause a loss in my job. She asked me how much I earned per day.

I didn’t get her question. She said the per night session cost was way more than my monthly income. She can compensate me for the Monday losses. I laughed at this and didn’t say anything. She took that as my acceptance and said that for the rest of the week, she would compensate me as well.

I asked what she meant. She said I could fuck her in the kinkiest way I can imagine. She could fulfil any of my fantasies. I had few, so I made her take an oath, which she happily agreed to. The manager returned and took her to the bathroom.

He opened the shower and bathed with her while playing with her body. I joined them in the shower and became a part of it. Later we both fucked her in both her holes taking turns. We flooded in both her holes and completed our bath. We came out and started to dress.

The manager took us for breakfast. After breakfast, we started to move to the station. The manager dropped us in the Ecco to the railway stations. Need not say that he played with her body and sucked her nipples on the way to the station.

On the train, on our way home, Chaitali asked when we would return. I told her we would try four different hotels for four weeks instead of sticking to one. I told her that more closeness could lead us to get caught. So we will visit each hotel only once a month or maybe once in two months.

I told her that each session would be in a different city. I had many hotels and many locations in my mind. She said that she just wanted to gang banged. She wasn’t concerned about the hotels and the people. She was sure I could take care of it efficiently.

She asked me about my fantasies which she needed to fulfil. I told her that I would reveal them later when the time came. She didn’t push me more, as we could discuss it later. I asked her to go to the upper berth and sleep. I wanted her to rest, as she was awake all night.

I don’t want my family members to suspect something fishy. I was also making plans on the excuses to be made on our weekly outing.

Closing the part here, I will continue to story after a gap and with a different perspective. Thank you for reading our stories.

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