Helping a Hot Bhabhi Conceive – Part 2

Hello everyone, this is Milflover back with another story. This is the second part of my story. So if you haven’t read the previous part, please read the part one. And do check out my other stories as well.

So let’s get to this part of the story.

In the last part, I told nothing about my aunt’s sister-in-law, whom I called Bhabhi. I will continue to refer to her as Bhabhi in this part of the story.

Bhabhi was around 35 years of age. She was married to my aunt’s brother when she was 25 years old. But still, she looked 25 years old. She was a gym freak and was very diet conscious. One reason she was diet conscious and a gym freak was her mother-in-law, who believed that the problem was in Bhabhi.

So the day came when we had to leave for our trip. We went to Sri Lanka as it had beaches and mountains. It was a little cheap as well. I had to break the ice between myself and Bhabhi. At the airport, I asked.

Me: What would you like to have? Tea or Coffee or anything else?

Bhabhi: I prefer Coffee.

Me: Okay, Bhabhi, I will get a coffee for you.

I went and got two coffees and some salad from Subway.

Me: Bhabhi, you are okay with what we will do? I mean, like making physical relations with a man other than your husband?

Bhabhi: Sometimes you have to do things you might not have done. But the result is such that it forces you to do it.

Me: If you are being forced, I will not do anything. I will enjoy my trip. I had told Aunt that the consent of Bhabhi is important.

Bhabhi: My consent is there. I meant that the result, which will be the baby is more important. Moreover, I’m not cheating on my husband. He has given his consent also. I hope you are not cheating on someone helping me!!

Me (In thoughts): How will I be cheating? She herself has convinced me to do this.

Me: No, No! I’m not cheating on anyone. I am single. Don’t worry.

Bhabhi: So you are a virgin, this means.

Me: No, I have experience. Don’t worry. I will satisfy you as well. Does your husband satisfy you?

Bhabhi: At times, he does. At times he doesn’t. But I’m happy with him. The only thing I’m unhappy with is that he can’t make me a mother.

Me: No worries. I will give you the pleasure of being a mother. Tell me how you like it in bed getting dominated, or are you the one who takes charge?

Bhabhi: I take charge in bed at home. But on this trip, I want something new. So I will like to be dominated.

Me: Okay, as you wish.

We had some more talk, and then we boarded our plane. The flight to Colombo was not long, but I still decided to sleep.

We reached our destination. A cab from the hotel was there to take us to the hotel. To our good look, we got a beach-facing suite. It had a sitting area outside, and the hotel owned a beach area, so there was also a tourist crowd.

We were chatting that evening, getting to know each other. We had a few drinks and then ate dinner. We slept that night without any action.

The next morning I woke up and made Coffee for both of us. We took a shower and went for breakfast. After breakfast, we decided to sunbathe on the private beach.

Bhabhi had carried a lot of bikinis with her, which I didn’t know. But she showed it to me and asked me which one she should wear. There were a lot of bikinis. We were there for ten days; she had around 20 to 25 bikinis monokinis.

I told her to wear the floral one, and she agreed. Till now, I had never seen her nude or in Innerwears, so I was excited to see her. I went out and sat on the shack and waited for her. After some time, she came out. She looked like an absolute sex goddess, which a man should worship.

I thought that thank god I agreed with my aunt and came here to have sex with this beauty. I just kept looking at her with my mouth wide open. Those medium-sized boobs and big ass with a flat belly. I wondered why she wanted to get pregnant and spoil her sexy figure.

Me: Bhabhi, you look gorgeous in this bikini.

Bhabhi: Thank you so much!

Me: I must say that your husband is a lucky guy. He gets to fuck you whenever he wishes to.

Bhabhi: Indeed! But for now, you are that man who will get some action. However, he can’t get me pregnant. Hopefully, you will.

Me: Bhabhi, why do you want to get pregnant? Please think once again. You have such a sexy figure. Why do you want to spoil it?

Bhabhi: You don’t know the feeling of being a mother. Moreover,  my mother-in-law wants a grandchild. So that is one reason as well. But having your child is a beautiful experience only a female can understand.

Me: I will try my best to get you pregnant. And will try to give you maximum satisfaction as well.

Bhabhi kissed me on my lips. It was the first time we were kissing. I was responding to her as well. Her lips were so soft I enjoyed my time kissing her. My hand was pressing her big ass while we were kissing.

After some time, we broke the kiss. We were gasping for air. It was such a got experience kissing her for the first time.

Bhabhi went inside the room and brought lotion for the massage. We decided to relax in the shacks on the beach. The sun was not harsh, so we enjoyed the sunbath.

I offered Bhabhi the massage, and she agreed to the offer. I started with those lovely feet of Bhabhi. I pressed those acupressure points to relax her. Aunt had told me about the acupressure points which can relax a person.

Bhabhi was enjoying the foot massage. I was getting excited seeing her sexy feet. I took her one foot in my mouth and started licking it. I was enjoying every bit of her feet. Only the people who have foot fetish can understand how it feels. Bhabhi was also excited as it was something new to her.

After some enjoyment, the massage started. I took the lotion in my hands and started with her legs. Her legs were so smooth. I spent good time on her calves, and then came the thighs. I started to kiss her thighs. She let out a moan, and I knew she was enjoying it.

As soon as I reached her panty, I stopped. I took more lotion in my hands and massaged her milky thighs. She was getting horny and was pissed at me for stopping near her panty. But I wanted to spend more time taking the feel of that sexy figure.

I reached near her breast area and asked her to remove her bra. So she said to me, why don’t I remove it myself. So I did not hesitate to remove her bra and free those beautiful boobs.

I started to crush those boobs. They were so soft. I think her husband didn’t spend much time on her boobs. He was more of a penetration-sex kind of guy. This is my assumption.

While crushing my boobs, I started kissing Bhabhi’s neck. Bhabhi got excited about that. She kept saying to continue kissing and licking her neck area. After a few minutes, I started sucking her nipples. In between, I would bite her nipples.

Bhabhi: Aah! It’s painful. Please don’t bite.

After playing with her boobs and neck, I went down towards her pussy. I saw a wet patch on her panty. I got very excited seeing that I had made her wet by playing with her boobs and kissing her.

Bhabhi ordered me to remove her panty and started licking and fingering her pussy. I removed her panty. Now Bhabhi was completely nude before me, and she looked fabulous. I hadn’t seen such a well-maintained body of a woman of that age till now.

I started licking her pussy lips, rubbing my palm over her pussy. Bhabhi got excited by my way of oral sex.

Bhabhi: Oh, Yes! Keep going. Come on! My husband never does that way. Come on!

She pushed me between her thighs. I went inside her pussy with my tongue. I kept using my tongue to go in and out of her pussy. I wanted to use my fingers. But I was tied with the force she applied with her hands on my head and thighs around my face.

Suddenly the grip got strong. I knew from my previous oral sex experiences that she would be cumming at any moment. So I kept going fast in her pussy. Within a minute or two minutes, she cum on my face, and she let loose of me.

Bhabhi: Aah!

I drank it all I could. Both of us are very breathing heavily. I went to the shack adjoining Bhabhi’s shack and lay there.

Bhabhi: Thank you so much for this experience. My husband has never given me such pleasure before. Never in my life thought that oral sex could be so pleasurable.

Me: Thank you, Bhabhi. You exploded like a hell lot of cum.

Bhabhi: My husband does oral sex when he has cum during penetration, and after that, for formality, he does it. That’s why I said sometimes I am satisfied and sometimes not.

Me: Don’t worry, Bhabhi next few days will be all about your satisfaction.

Bhabhi: If you are satisfied, only I can get pregnant, so your satisfaction is also important. And I must tell you that if you satisfy a woman, she will go to any extent to give you the pleasure back.

Me: Really, Bhabhi?

Bhabhi: Now, let me give you a nice blowjob. My husband doesn’t even enjoy blowjobs. He is just into penetration.

Me: Don’t want a blowjob, Bhabhi. I don’t want to waste any sperm. I have promised my aunt that I will get you pregnant.

Bhabhi: I want to give you a return gift for what you gave me, the best pleasure of my life.

Me: I will tell you what return gift I want. Just wait for the right time.

We kept chatting. Bhabhi slept after some time, and I also slept. When we woke up, it was around 4 in the evening.

What happened on the trip ahead? What was the return gift I was going to demand? Keep guessing, and you can give your feedback and also guess by messaging me at [email protected]