Helping a Hot Bhabhi Conceive – Part 1

Hi everyone, I hope you have read my previous stories as well. If you haven’t read them, I recommend reading this story, ‘Nephew Losing Virginity To Sexy Widow Aunt.’

Now I am back with another true incident of my life. I receive many emails about writing stories, but I don’t write imaginary stories. I share my experiences.

So this is a story between me and my widow Aunt’s sister-in-law. My Aunt’s brother couldn’t get his wife pregnant. Even after 10 years of marriage, they could not have a baby. My Aunt’s mother did not believe his son could not get his wife pregnant. There was a lot of pressure on the lady to get pregnant.

All the tests were done, but my Aunt’s mother still didn’t agree to go for an IVF baby. My Aunt also was unhappy with the mood on the other side of her family. She wanted her mother to be happy, and her mother could have only been happy if she became a grandmother.

We had decided that we would not tell anyone about our relationship. But she asked me whether we should tell her brother and sister-in-law. Firstly I didn’t agree with her. But she convinced me to tell them about our relationship.

Aunt: Dear, you know what my brother has been going through in the last few years.

Me: Yes, I know. Your Bhai and Bhabhi are not able to get pregnant.

Aunt: My brother’s sperm count is low, so Bhabhi cannot conceive a baby. My mother wants to become a grandmother at any cost.

Me: But baby, you only told me about your operation after we got into a relationship so that we could enjoy sex without tension.

Aunt: You are not that innocent. I know you understand what I mean.

Me: You only said that your mother wants to be a grandmother. You have undergone an operation, and you can’t get pregnant now.

Aunt: I was thinking about you getting a sperm count test. Then we could talk to my brother about helping them get pregnant.

Me: Aunt! What? Have you gone nuts? No, this isn’t happening. We decided not to tell anyone about our being in a relationship.

Aunt: Who is going to tell them about our relationship? I will not tell anyone about us. All you need to do is to have sex with her and cum inside her.

Me: I am not going to do any of this. I am telling you this for one and the last time.

After this, Aunt and I didn’t talk to each other for the next 2 days. We slept in different rooms. We would not talk to each other, even at the dinner table. I took the initiative to talk to her. I went to her room and held her hands. I gave her a peck on her forehead.

Me: I am sorry, Aunt. I shouldn’t have behaved that way with you the other day. I was rude to you, and genuinely I am sorry for that.

Aunt: I am sorry too. I shouldn’t have asked you in the first place.

Aunt leaned forward, and we smooched for 5 to 7 minutes. Aunt decided that we could go out on a date tonight. So we dressed up well and went out on a dinner date. I had a few drinks, and we ate dinner.

We didn’t talk much, but we kept looking into each other’s eyes the whole time. It was such a beautiful moment.

Aunt drove the car on our way back as I was drunk. Aunt was in a good mood after the dinner date. Romantic songs were playing in the car. Aunt started to touch my cock while driving. I was getting horny with her hand moving around my thigh and cock.

Aunt stopped the car on the side and opened my belt and pants. She slowly removed the underwear, and my hard cock came out as a spring. My sexy Aunt caressed my cock and then started to stroke it.

After some time, she tied her hair and gave me a blowjob. The perfect use of her mouth and tongue. I was enjoying her bit of it. But as I was about to cum she stopped and put on her seat belt, and started driving the car.

I was left without satisfaction and couldn’t do much. I wore my pants as we arrived home. I was very unhappy with being left unsatisfied.

I went into her room, removed my clothes, and sat nude on her bed. I was waiting for her to get out of the washroom. I knew she didn’t wear undergarments at night. As soon as she came out of the washroom, I held her and started kissing her.

While kissing, I inserted my hand in her pussy and kept fingering her while we continued to kiss. I made her lie on the bed and removed her nighty. Without warning, I entered my cock inside her pussy which was wet from fingering.

Aunt: What the hell, you motherfucker. At least you could have told me before entering. Ahhh!

Me: You bitch left me unsatisfied in the car. Now enjoy this.

Aunt: Aahhh!

I kept going for some time, and I was too horny, so I cum early. Aunt had not cum yet. So I thought I would go down on her and make her cum. Aunt stopped me from going down on her and started kissing me.

Aunt: I would not have let any man behave like you did with me. You are precious to me, so I didn’t stop you.

Me: You mean a lot to me as well. I love spending time with you. I have never felt anything that I have felt for you.

Aunt: If you love me and our relationship is not just for physical needs, fulfil my one wish.

Me: Yes, Aunt, I love you, and if you think I am with you for physical pleasure, then I will leave you now.

Me: I will fulfil your wish all my life. Tell me, what is it, darling?

Aunt: Don’t be mad at me again. But I beg you. Please help my Bhai and Bhabhi have a child. You know how much I love my mother. And at this stage of her life, only a grandchild can give her happiness.

Me: I have already told you this is impossible for me. But if this is for your mother, I will help them.

Aunt: Thank you so much.

Me: But I have some conditions. If you are ok with it, then it’s fine.

Aunt: Even before listening to your conditions, I am ok with it, but still tell me.

Me: 1.)You will not tell them about our sex life.
2.) Your Bhai and Bhabhi should be ok with me having intercourse with your Bhabhi.
3.) Nobody should be around when your Bhabhi and I have intercourse.
4.) Both of us will also have a baby after your Bhabhi conceives, and our relationship should not be public.

Aunt: I agree with the first three. The last one is a little difficult, but I agree with all your conditions.

The next day, the four of us met at a coffee shop. My Aunt proposed the idea of me helping her Bhabhi conceive. I was shit scared about how Aunt’s brother would react to it.

But to my surprise, he had no problem with the idea. He was ok with me having intercourse with her wife and making her pregnant.

Now the only problem was how to get me and Bhabhi alone. Her brother suggested that we both should go on a trip. I could spend time with Bhabhi and make love to her, and she could get pregnant.

We decided to tell Aunt’s mother that Bhabhi is going on a work trip for 10 days next month. We consulted the doctor about which days would be good for intercourse to conceive. As advised by the doctor, we booked the tickets for those days of next month.

They didn’t know that Aunt had convinced me to help Bhabhi conceive. So they offered me money for my help. But I refused to accept any money. But still, they kept insisting on whatever gift I wanted in return.

So I said that the trip should be a luxury trip. Five-star hotels and flights and all other things could be luxurious. My Aunt’s brother instantly agreed. I was very happy to go on a luxury trip and have sex with my Aunt’s Bhabhi.

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