Heavenly Fun In Crowded Mumbai Train

Hello everyone, this is Rickey with a thrilling and amazing experience. This incident is about how 2 middle-aged guys seduced me and got me trembling with pleasure in a crowded local train!

But first, let me introduce myself. I am Rickey currently living in Mumbai. I am 23 years old, 6 ft tall with a slim body type and a flat belly which I am kinda proud of :). In the past, I had a neighbour with whom I used to have soft fun and this was about a decade ago. Maybe I’ll upload another story as to how it started with my neighbour, let me know if you want it. So, that was how I got into the touch of another guy.

Now, coming to the story. I had gone to CST for some work and was returning home during the evening. It was almost 8 and was peak rush hour. I boarded a local train to Panvel which was a journey of about a little more than 1 hour. All the seats were occupied, so I was standing near the entryway with my bag in front of me. It started getting crowded at each station and within 3-4 stops, the train was completely packed. There was still an hour of the journey left.

I was standing with my both hands grabbing the bar above for support. Suddenly, I felt a touch on my dick. At first, I thought it was because of the crowd, but it was repetitive. I noticed the middle-aged guy in front of me and he made eye contact with me. He was also holding the bar above with one hand, but his other hand was right in front of my dick.

I got kind of horny and started to enjoy his touch. I was wearing a black track pants and a t-shirt. He was lightly brushing my dick with his hand and started slowly circling my tip with his index finger. I was getting hard and he could feel it grow easily as I was wearing a bit loose underwear. So, as I was getting hard, my dick had some room to grow by his touch. This was all happening under the cover of my bag and also the train was so crowded, no one could have any idea what was happening with me.

He kept doing this for like 5 minutes and I was getting hornier, trying to move my hips a little in tandem to cum. But he suddenly stopped and put both his hands on the bar above. I was disappointed and wanted to cum badly. But then I saw him look back and call another guy of similar age as him.

After a couple of minutes, that guy managed to come beside me on my right in that crowd. The guy in front made eye contact with the guy beside me and pointed his head toward me. I got excited seeing this as I knew what was about to happen.

Then the guy on my right started feeling my inner thighs and gradually touching my dick. The guy in front of me also got his one hand down and started caressing me again. So now two middle-aged guys were moving their hands around my dick in that crowded train.

Another 40 minutes of my journey was left. After a few minutes, the guy beside me grabbed my waist and guided me such that now I was a bit diagonally sandwiched between them (imagine the two guys standing at the corner of a square and me standing diagonally between them with both my hands up). Now the guy in front of me could freely access my front body and the guy beside me had access to my ass.

After he adjusted my position, they both started touching all over my lower body, the guy in front circling/caressing my dick with his fingers and the guy beside me caressing/trying to finger my ass through my track pants. My dick was now rock hard and the guy in front held my dick from the tip above my pants and started stroking it, while the other guy slid his hands inside my pants feeling my ass.

I got so horny and hot by this. I came within a couple of minutes in my underwear. As I came, he stopped as he must have felt the warm cum sticking to my pants as some of it might have gotten through my underwear. He moved his hand away from my dick and very stealthily sniffed his finger. Seeing this, the guy beside me also got to know that I came so he spanked my ass a couple of times and stopped caressing for a few minutes but he didn’t remove his hands from my pants. Instead, he slid his hands in front and touched my bare dick covered with my cum. He softly rubbed all that cum on my dick and then removed his hands. I got horny after this move and I could feel my dick getting hard again.

Still, 30 minutes were left for my journey and the train was still crowded. Both the guys signaled each other and started seducing me again. This time, the guy in front carefully slid his hands in my pants to grab my dick and the guy beside me also slid his hands inside to grab my ass.

He started to caress my cum covered dick and the guy beside me slightly made my legs apart with his leg and he bent a little to let his hand go down my ass to grab my balls and dick from behind. I got extremely horny feeling 2 hands caressing my dick and I got rock hard again after a couple of minutes. The guy in front started stroking my focusing on the tip of my dick while the guy beside me grab the lower half of my dick. This position was too much for me and I came harder than before, this time on their hands.

But to my surprise, they didn’t stop even after I came. I tried to move my hips away, but it was so crowded that I couldn’t do anything but hope for the crowd to get less. They lathered my cum on my dick again and still kept caressing and stroking my dick roughly. They both had exceptional skills handling my dick.

After 2-3 minutes, I got hard again and this time, the guy beside me moved his hand and put his thumb on my asshole and rubbed it. So, now my cum covered hard dick was being stroked and also my ass was getting fingered by the other guy’s thumb while he was rubbing a spot between my balls and asshole as you would rub a vagina. I was in heaven and my legs were starting to feel weak.

I was so lost in the pleasure that I wanted to cum one more time and I started moving my hips without worrying that someone might see my movements. I finally came for the third time and they guys lathered my cum all over my dick and ass.

They both removed their hand from my pants and looked at each other giving a smile. They were smirking at me making me cum 2 times in that session in the span of maybe 15 minutes even after they made me cum earlier.

After a stop, the crowd got off and so did they. I realized they knew the crowd would get off at that station so they gave me a session of my lifetime.

After 10 minutes, my stop came and I got off still thinking about what had happened. I wish to meet them again to experience that wonderful pleasure again.

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