Goan Honeymoon Turns Adventurous – Part 3

Hello readers, welcome back to the world of real horny stories and real-life adventurous experiences of wife and husband. This is the continuation of the honeymoon story of my wife’s friend Rashika. I am back with the next part of the honeymoon which she experienced. If you don’t remember the stats of Rashika, you can read the previous parts. A detailed appearance and stats of her is available there.

Now, without wasting a bit more, let’s get back to the story. Guys and girls, get your fingers between your legs and let’s go for another ride.

Sunshine from the window first hit Rahul, waking him up. He found himself sleeping off the bed. He stood up, holding his head and feeling heavy. The first view he had was his wife sleeping naked in between 3 fat oldies. Her 34 B-sized sexy boobs were floating on the top. Jitesh was on her left side and he was sleeping upside down and his left hand was on Rashika’s right boob. Hari was on the right side sleeping sideways facing Rashika and had his right hand on her tummy. And Raman was sleeping on the side facing the other side of the three people.

Rahul hurried and first made a video of his sexy naked wife sleeping with oldies from all the directions. Then he woke up Rashika.

Rashika opened her eyes and looked around and found herself stuck between the fat old naked bodies. She swiftly removed all the hands from herself and came out of her dream fuck bed. Then she picked her clothes and held it to hide her boobs and pussy. Then both Rahul and Rashika moved out of the room. Rashika was still naked running in the corridor to her room.

Rahul saw her running and her bums were juggling in the corridor. She thought it was Rahul also running along with her. But he was coming normally. Rashika now stood in front of her room’s door, hissing her boobs and pussy in her clothes. Then she looked here and there, to see if anyone was around. She then shouted, “Rahul, come fast before someone comes. Don’t you understand I am naked standing in the corridor?”

Rahul: How does it matter? 2 minutes back, you were naked with 3 men.

Rashika: That’s how it is in Goa, my love. Don’t be sad. Behave like Goans when in GOA. HAHA!

Rahul came and opened the door with his key card and his wife Rashika rushed inside, threw her clothes on the chair in the hall, and hugged Rahul tightly.

Rashika: What a night it was, baby. I just loved it.

Rahul: You loved having sex with strangers. Oh, sorry, old fuckers!

Rashika: Are you upset, baby? You also enjoyed it yesterday.

Rahul: Ya, for a matter of fact I did enjoy the session and also seeing you getting drilled by others.

Rashika: So, what’s the matter then? Let’s enjoy our honeymoon babe. They are not a bad company.

Rahul: Ya, they are not. Leave that. It’s 8:30 am now. Don’t you wanna have something?

Rashika: I am starving. You order, I will freshen up and wear something.

Then Rashika picked up her towel and headed to the bathroom. Rahul went to the hall, picked up the phone, and ordered room delivery. While Rashika was in the shower, the sandwiches came at the door. The room service guy entered the room and placed it on the table and then moved out. Rahul closed the door, went to the balcony, and looked around. He found many couples roaming around in their beachwear in the bank of the sea. He found one couple just below his room kissing each other.

The guy had already stripped off the bikini of the girl and was pressing her boos and sucking her lips. In return, the girl was holding his dick inside his shorts. He started to fantasize about himself and Rashika in their place and started to feel his dick. Just then, Rashika came out in her towel and saw him feeling his dick. She came to the balcony in the same attire and looked down to find the couple.

Rahul regained his senses and walked inside. Rashika came behind him and then both moved to the hall. Rashika saw that Rahul’s dick was hard. In a seductive way, she removed her towel and held her boobs and pinched her nipples and bit her lips seducing Rahul. She slowly moved toward him and pulled his pants down. Then she started to suck his dick along with some licking happening to his balls.

She slowly went wild and started to suck vigorously. As soon as he was about to cum, she removed her mouth and picked up a sandwich, and took all the white cream in between the two breads. Rahul opened his eyes to see a new flavor added to the sandwich which Rashika started to eat again in a seductive manner. She finished her sandwich with cum inside, while Rahul sat there on the chair looking at his slutty wife.

Then she came near his ear and said, “The sandwich was very tasty. It was tasty because it had your flavor along with the two breads and veggies in between them. Our honeymoon can also be tasty with me as a veggie sandwiched in between those men and your presence adding the taste to it.”

Rahul was mesmerized by his wife’s words. He smiled and kissed his sexy wife. They finished their breakfast and Rashika dressed in her translucent blue dress with only blue panties down. The dress was hiding her boobs with opaque cloth and the rest of her whole body was covered in a translucent dress.

She then changed to her tight denim skirt which ended just above her knees and wore a loose t-shirt with a lacy blue bra inside. Rahul changed into his 3/4 shorts and t-shirt. They both left for sightseeing the whole day. Rashika was very happy to see old British time palaces and beaches.

The whole day went on like this with them having their lunch at a local restaurant near Calangute beach. It was 5 pm when they left for their room. Rahul thought in his mind, “It was a wonderful day. Me and my sexy wife roaming around at beaches in beachwear. That’s what I had thought of our honeymoon. I don’t know what happened yesterday. Nevertheless, it was only one night, and now my wife is only my wife.”

Rashika: Babe, what are you thinking?

Rahul: No dear, nothing.

Rashika: I am pretty sure you are thinking of last night.

Rahul: No… I mean, yes!

Rashika: Ya, even I was thinking of them all only. But it was a great day. Just you and me as husband and wife the whole day.

Rahul: Yes dear, and I’m happy about that.

Then they took a local cab and left for their hotel. When they arrived, it was already 6 pm. And both of them were nearly tired. Rashika went to the washroom and stripped her dress. She got naked and wrapped a towel around herself. She washed her face, did a mild makeup, and came out. Rahul was still in his same attire. He sat on the sofa and closed his eyes. In his mind, it was last night’s scene flashing. He could still feel all those 3 oldies fucking Rashika in front of him and he masturbated to it.

By then, Rashika had come out of the washroom. She saw Rahul on the sofa, so she didn’t disturb him. She had her hair open and went to the balcony in the same attire. And then the doorbell rang. Rahul opened his eyes to the bell. He stood up and found out his dick was hard. The thought of him seeing his wife getting fucked had made him hard again.

Then another bell rang and he went to the door. Rashika had just dropped her towel and wore her dark blue translucent nightgown over her naked body. Rahul opened the door and found that it was Hari and Raman standing outside.

Raman: What’s up, Rahul? How are you guys doing?

Rahul: Hey, all good. Come on in.

Hari: Where is Rashika? Our sexy slut, haha!

Rashika (coming outside laughing): Here I am guys! Thank you for a wonderful party last night. We enjoyed it a lot. Haven’t we, Rahul?

Rahul: Oh yeah, sure. We did! By the way, are you guys here to again fuck her?

Hari: Do you mind?

Rashika: I don’t mind. But just that it’s our honeymoon, so we need a bit of time for us too.

Raman: Yes, that is why we gave you the whole day by yourself to enjoy your honeymoon. The nights of honeymoons are incomplete without us, baby.

Hari: Chill Rashika, you need to wait to get your pussy and boobs eaten up again by us. Tonight, we are here for Rahul.

Rahul: For me? I don’t understand.

Hari: Yes, dude. You gave us your wife for the whole fucking night yesterday and we fucked her in and out. We enjoyed all parts of her sexy body. So, it’s on us to give you a return gift to you for your wife.

Raman: So, we came to take you out. It’s boys night out.

Rashika: Wow, and leave me alone?

Hari: Yes, dear! Do you mind?

Raman: You are enjoying your honeymoon. Don’t you want your husband to also enjoy it?

Rashika: Oh no-no, he is all yours. But I will take full revenge on him once you guys are back. Be ready for it.

Raman: Oh, we are always ready.

Rahul: But where is Jitesh?

Raman: He drank too much yesterday and in the afternoon also. Still in a hangover. He is sleeping. He will join us outside soon.

Saying this, Raman and Hari got up and held Rahul’s hand and dragged him out of the house. Rashika closed the door behind them. She looked around and took a deep breath. Then she walked to the balcony and stood there in the same night dress. She sat down in the chair and started to look at her mobile phone. She started to watch more pornos of Goa. She felt tickled inside her pussy, and started to feel her pussy over her dress.

In no time, it was all wet. Then she held the phone in one hand and with the right hand, she started to feel herself. Now she was sitting on the balcony without her panty with her legs wide open. She started to rub herself in the open air on the balcony chair. She was just reaching her climax when her doorbell rang. Then she immediately put on her panty and came inside.

Rashika started to think, who might it be? Was Rahul back so soon? Or was it the housekeeper? She inquired shouting from inside without opening the door. No one responded from the other side and rang the bell again.

With a little hesitation, Rashika opened the door slightly. It was Jitesh standing in front of the door in his beachwear. His fat tummy with some hairs was seen outside his half-sleeved t-shirt.

Jitesh: Won’t you let me in, dear?

Rashika: Oh ya sure, come in.

Jitesh entered to find her in her nightdress. Rashika’s hair was open and messy. Her dress was a bit haphazard as she was playing with herself before Jitesh entered. She adjusted her dress and held her boobs to adjust it too. Jitesh looked at her from up to down. He saw that her pussy was drenching wet.

Jitesh: I think I disturbed you in between something (he winked).

Rashika: Rahul is out with Hari and Raman. They are expecting you too. I think you should go.

Jitesh: I told them to take him out.

Rashika (shocked): Why?

Jitesh: Tonight, you are my feast alone. We have decided that we will take turns each night with you and make you enjoy your honeymoon with 1 husband and 3 fatherly figure husbands. I don’t know how many days we can follow it, but yes, tonight is my night.

Rashika: I don’t think it’s a great idea. You all did fuck me yesterday night. Then, why do you wanna do this?

Jitesh, while listening to this, moved toward Rashika and held her and pulled her toward him. She resisted. He held her hard, turned her around, and started to kiss her neck from behind while holding her hand at the back. She started to feel his lips on her neck and kept on resisting. She pushed him and went inside the bedroom.

Jitesh also ran inside and held Rashika on the wall facing him. He held her right hand and slowly took it to his dick. His 7 inches was ready to tear the shorts and came out. Rashika upon feeling his dick started to dissolve a bit.

Jitesh now placed his finger on her navel and slowly went down. While doing this, he kept on kissing and eating her lips. As soon as he reached Rashika’s pussy, she moaned in a slutty way and her body loosened up. Jitesh left her hand and went inside her dress to hold her boob. He then turned her towards the wall and held her both boobs from behind.

His fat stomach was hitting Rashika’s back. He then went down and lifted her dress a bit and pulled down her panty. He put both his hands on her bum and opened it. Rashika was leaning on the wall with her both hands on it. Jitesh opened her ass and started to lick it along with her wet pussy.

Slowly slowly, he started to eat her pussy and put his tongue inside her vagina. Rashika went mad and kept on moaning loudly. Jitesh, after eating her pussy for 10 minutes, pulled her to himself and started to smooch her.

Rashika was now in full control of her desire to fuck Jitesh. She pushed him on the bed and sat down. She then pulled off her dress, exposing her light brown nipples to Jitesh. Then she went near him and opened his legs. She pulled down his trouser and underwear to release the stressed 7 inches dick out of the box. She held it with both the fist and started to stroke it.

Rashika was sitting naked on the floor in front of an oldie Jitesh with his dick in her hand. She started to tickle his dick with her tongue. Within no time, she was sucking his dick. She played with his balls while sucking the 7-inch lollipop.

After 15 minutes of wild sucking, she stood up and came on the bed and placed her boobs on Jitesh’s face and started to feed the oldie like a baby. Jitesh who was below Rashika, held both boobs in his hand and started to squeeze it and suck and bite her nipples. After this milk feeding session for 10 minutes, they changed position.

Now Rashika was down and the fat oldie on the top of a newlywed girl in her twenties. Her mangalsutra and Mehndi were clearly visible to Jitesh. He was looking at her as if she was the flesh meat in front of a lion and the lion was hungry to eat her.

Jitesh got down from the bed and went to the wardrobe. He pulled out a tie from the wardrobe which he didn’t know why Rahul would have got.

Then he went to bed and tied Rashika’s hands with the tie on the top of her head. He licked her whole body and Rashika kept on enjoying the tongue. He went down to her pussy and started to lick it. And soon she showered some water out of it, he knew now she was ready and could be eaten.

Jitesh placed his dick on the edge of the vagina and climbed his fat body on Rashika. He pushed it inside in one go and started to fuck her. Rashika’s hands were tied. She was crying in pleasure, “Oh yeah fuck me. Fuck me, Jitesh, Fuck the shit out of me.” He kept on fucking her in the same position for the next 15 minutes and she got her full-fledged orgasm.

He then picked her up, took the naked wife to the balcony, and placed her hands on the grill with her body bent. Her ass crack was toward Jitesh, who was behind her to fuck her. He found the hole and started to ram her from behind standing doggy style. There were people and couples out at the beach. But they were enjoying themselves.

Rashika was being fucked by an oldie stranger in her own hotel room on an open balcony. She was fully naked with a stranger’s father like a figure’s dick inside her. Looking at the crowd and being fucked from behind gave Rashika a very big kick and she exploded a hell lot of water with a loud moan which echoed in the whole beach outside.

With that loud moan, she sat on the floor of the balcony tired and naked with her boobs bouncing when she sat. Jitesh was about to reach the climax. Then he started to masturbate seeing and imagining a stranger’s wife on the balcony sitting naked. He too was going to explode so he reached Rashika and exploded all over her boobs and face.

After that, he left her there and went inside and washed his dick. When he came out, Rashika was still sitting down on the balcony floor naked and eyes closed. Jitesh picked up his clothes and changed. He left the room and closed the door behind him.

To be continued.

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