Gift of virginity to daddy on my birthday

Hi everyone. I’m Jasitha. I am 37 years old. I belong to Mumbai, but now I am living in Visakhapatnam. After many years of my life, I decided to share my exciting sex life through this wonderful platform. My story is not made up. It is my real-life experience.

I was born to a Marathi mother and a Telugu father. We were a family of four- my father, Narasimha Murthy, a Furniture businessman. My mother, Sapna Desai, is a teacher. My elder brother Dheeraj and me, Jasitha.

I was born in 1985. My mother passed away one week after my delivery due to delivery complications due to her diabetes. So, my father was the one who took care of me since I was born. Their marriage was a love marriage, and they married without the consent of their parents.

No one from both my parents’ relatives came to support us. He went through a lot of struggle taking care of both my brother and me. Taking care of a son is easier. But taking care of a daughter without a mom is complicated.  My father is a great man in understanding a girl’s issues and problems when a girl grows.

When I entered puberty and got my first period, my father also became my mother. I cannot forget that day when he understood what I was going through. He made me sleep on his lap when I suffered pain during the period.

Later, my brother shifted to Bangalore. In 2005, he came home with his girlfriend, a Malayali Christian and his colleague. Her parents disagreed with their marriage. So he eloped with her and came to Mumbai. But my father knows the value of elders in a marriage.

He decided to go and talk to her parents and try to convince them. We went to Allapuzha and met her parents, but they did not agree. So, we returned to Mumbai, and my brother married her. That was the best marriage I have seen in my life. I got a SIL as well as a good friend through her.

Days passed by, and I completed my MBBS in 2009. I started practising in my father’s friend’s hospital. The beginning days were fine, but later on, I found a difference in the behaviour of my senior doctor. He was trying to stay close to me and trying to touch me whenever there was a chance.

For some days, I thought maybe I was overthinking. But one day, I was in my room during the night shift. He came inside and locked the door from inside. He tried to hug me and kiss my neck. I pushed him away, unlocked the door, and ran into the general ward.

I told him everything that happened in the hospital. My father took me to my senior’s house, didn’t speak a word and just gave him a tight slap on his face in front of his wife.

He said, “I won’t say anything. If you are ashamed, never see any other girl with such vulgar thoughts. Whenever you get thought to force any girl, imagine the same thing happening to your wife. Have some shame, at least now.” I just fell for his presence of mind. He is the calmest angry man I have seen.

We were returning, and I admired my father, looking at him. I found him something different that day. Then I understood the maturity and greatness of my father. He knows when to bow his head and when to raise his hand. Somewhere in my heart, I started developing feelings for my father.

I always dreamed of a person who is like this only to come into my life. It has been 25 years of my life, and never met a guy of such composure. I understood that I love my father. A few days passed, my 25th birthday came, and my father bought a brand new scooty. I was very happy, and I hugged him.

I hugged him many times, but this was not the same. I felt some difference in myself. My heart was banging inside. I even felt my nipples getting hard. That day I decided that I loved him. But my father broke my happiness within a few minutes.

He said, “Jassi, I saw a groom for you. He is a doctor like you. He belongs to Vijayawada. I feel that you will be very happy your whole life if you marry him. Your in-laws are my distant relatives, who are very calm and understanding.”

As he said this, I suddenly started crying and went into my room and closed the door. My father was banging on the door and asked me to come out. I came out after 15 minutes.

Dad: Jassi ma, what happened?

I didn’t say anything.

Dad: It is common for girls to get worried when asked about marriage, ma. It’s ok. Do you love anyone? Tell me, dear. I have no problem at all. I want you to be happy all your life.

Me: You will not accept him.

Dad: No, ma, say who is that guy? But I want him to be a good earning guy, and he needs to take care of you like me lifelong.

Me: He takes care of me just like you, Daddy.

Dad: Oh great! Tell me what he does for a living.

Me: He is into business just like you, Daddy. The same business also. He is into the furniture business.

Dad: Superb! Then I will collaborate with my son-in-law.

Me: His name is also Narasimha Murthy. He is from Kakinada.

Dad: Arey wah! The name is also the same. This is a great coincidence. Show me his photo.

I gave him my phone and showed him my wallpaper. He was shocked to see his photo. He kept the phone on the table, went to his room, and didn’t come till evening. I was worried about what was going on in his mind. I wanted to convince him at any cost.

I decided to cook for him. I cooked mutton curry and chicken biriyani. I called my friend and asked her to bring me a red wine bottle. I know that my father loves wine. I bathed, stood in front of the mirror naked and saw myself. I’m 5 feet 4 inches tall.

I’m looking sexy with 34-26-36 measurements. I wanted my body to become my dad’s property tonight. I took a transparent red saree with a black blouse from my mother’s wardrobe and wore it to make him remember the days he spent with Mom. The blouse fitted me perfectly and made me look more hotter.

It was 8 pm. I knocked on my father’s door. He opened the door and was shocked to see me in his wife’s saree. For a second, he felt like his wife had come back to him.

Me: Daddy, I cooked your favourite dishes today. Mutton curry and chicken biriyani, along with your favourite red wine. Let’s wine and dine, Daddy. Later we can talk and fu… I stopped there.

Dad: Jassi, we need to talk, ma.

Me: First, eat, Daddy. Then we can talk.

We both ate our dinner. I was looking at him continuously while eating, making him very uncomfortable. We finished eating, and I took his plate and mine and went to wash them. My daddy was sitting in the hall and thinking.

I finished washing, and my saree became wet while washing. He could see my blouse and my hard nipples through the wet saree. He couldn’t see or talk to me for some time, and later he broke the ice.

Dad: Jassi, what you are expecting from me is not right.

Me: Daddy, before you say anything, say my feelings. I know all the struggles and hurdles you have faced since Mom left us. You raised me without knowing that I don’t have a mom. I always wanted a guy like you and decided you were the man I wanted.

Me: I don’t know about society and the world. But you are my world. And as a woman, I know the importance of sex in everyone’s life. Mom left you when you were at a prime age for sex. I know you are craving for a physical relationship. I want to be the woman of your life, Daddy. Please accept me. I love you, Daddy.

He was shocked by the way I spoke. He was speechless. He was looking at me without saying anything. I went closer to him and held his hand. I put it on my cheek and moved it to my neck and then to my naked waist. When his hand touched my naked body, a wave of current passed through my body.

I went close to him and kissed him on his cheek and went closer to his lips. Our breaths were mixing, and I kissed his lips for the first time. He suddenly stood up and tried to go away. I held his hand and hugged him tightly from behind. Then he turned towards me and looked into my eyes.

He saw my body, suddenly held my waist, pulled me closer, and kissed me on my lips. This was a very passionate kiss. He put his tongue inside my mouth. He started to suck my tongue. I was enjoying my first kiss and that with my daddy. He was moving his hands all over my back.

His hands finally stopped at my ass, pressing my ass over my saree. I looked into my dad’s eyes and said, ” I LOVE YOU, SIMHA, be my lion. I will be your lioness.”

That was enough for him. He started removing my pallu and looked at my bulging boobs. He started to press my boobs and suck my nipples over my blouse. He removed my blouse and was surprised to see me without a bra. I avoided wearing the bra to make things easy for my darling daddy.

He started to suck my boobs like a kid sucking out milk. I was on cloud nine, and that pleasure couldn’t be told in words. I was getting goosebumps all over my body. His moustache made me tickle, and I was turning wild at how he was sucking my boobs.

He put his hand into my petticoat and rubbed my pussy over the panty. I gave a big sigh, “Ishhh… Aahhhh.” I twisted in my father’s arms like a snake when he touched my pussy. He went into my panty and touched my pussy, and was again shocked to feel that it was shaved.

He had a small smile on his face. He said, “I asked your mom many times to shave her pussy. She never did. But you know what your dad wants. I love you, Jassi.”

He removed my petticoat, and I was starkly naked before my dad. I also removed his lungi and t-shirt. Finally, we both were completely naked. He lifted me in his arms, took me into the bedroom, and threw me on the bed. He turned on the AC, and he joined me in the bed.

He came over to me and started kissing me. Now I pushed him down, and I came over to him. I held his 5.5-inch cock in my hand and gave him handstrokes. He was enjoying it. He closed his eyes and gave out moans. It’s been 25 years since he had sex. He never touched a girl in these years.

I was the first girl after my mom. I’m lucky to get fucked by the cock that fucked my mom 25 years back. I’m very happy to give the pleasure that my dad was missing all these years. Then I started to take his cock in my mouth and blow him. It’s so big, and it was touching my throat.

My dad was turning wild. He stood up and made me kneel. He held my hair and started to blow his cock deepthroat. He was turning me on and on and on. I blew for 5 minutes. His cock was bulging in my mouth, and he was about to cum. He pushed me onto the bed and started to lick my pussy.

He was an expert in this. I felt jealous of my mom that she felt this pleasure before me. I was also happy that I would get this pleasure all my life. He was biting my clitoris and tribbing it with his tongue. It was an amazing feeling.

I was moaning,“ Ahhh… Amma… It’s so good. O God… Yes… I love this. I Love you… Eat me, Daddy. Eat me.” He sucked me like hell, and I was cumming. He didn’t stop licking me. He licked my juices and kissed me immediately. I couldn’t wait any longer.

Me: Daddy! Fuck me now. I can’t wait any longer. Please, Daddy. Give me your cock. Give it to me.

Daddy was going somewhere.

Me: Where are you going, sweetheart?

Dad: I will get a condom. Otherwise, you may get pregnant.

Me: Where did you get a condom from? You were inside the room all the time.

Dad: You were cooking. I went out silently and got a condom. I expected that something might happen tonight.

Me: (smiling shyly) You are a silent killer, Simha darling. There is no need for a condom. Let’s get married and lead a happy life ever after. Don’t waste any time. Fuck your new wife, darling.

He was waiting for this. He pulled me towards him. He was rubbing his cock over my pussy and teasing me. Then he started to enter my pussy slowly. My heart started pounding. He entered slowly, and half of his cock was inside. I was feeling the pain of first sex.

He started moving his cock in and out to make me comfortable. I was moaning and held his hand tightly. He started to enter more and more. He came over to me and started kissing me to make me comfortable. Suddenly he entered my pussy completely in a single stroke.

I was shouting in pain, and he kissed me to control me. I could feel my pussy bleeding. I could feel the pain of losing my virginity. I asked my father to remove his cock. He whispered,“ Trust me and wait for 2 minutes.” I controlled my pain and tried to bear it. He started stroking his cock in and out deeply.

After 2 minutes of hell pain, I started feeling a strange sensation that was very beautiful. I started to say, “Yes… Yeahhh… Fuck daddy… Deeper… Give it to me, baby.” My dad’s confidence built up, and he gave his complete energy and started giving deep and fast strokes.

He then shifted below and made me sit on his cock. I started to fuck myself from below in a cowgirl position. I love this position. He fucked me 5 minutes in this position. Then he made me on four limbs and started to fuck the doggy style. This was my dad’s favourite position.

He fucked the shit out of me. I was moaning and screaming in pleasure and pain at the same time. He was spanking my ass, and my juicy white ass turned red from his spanks. Those spanks were turning me on and making me wild.

Again just when he was about to release his sperm. He stopped fucking and made me lay on my back. He approached me and started kissing my boobs and sucking my nipples. Without saying anything, he lifted my legs and put them on his shoulder, and entered my pussy.

This time he was on another level. He was fucking like a bloody machine. He was drilling like a monster. He was going deeper and faster. That made me cum for the third time in this session. His cock grew, and I understood he was about to release.

I told him to cum inside me. “I want to feel your hot sperm inside my pussy.” His sperm is a stock of 25 years. He fell over me and kissed my lips, and fucked harder. Suddenly he grunted and convulsed over my body and released his sperm inside my pussy.

I was very happy. Both our sweaty bodies were over each other. He was sleeping over my boobs like a baby. He didn’t remove his cock outside my pussy as if it was his cock’s home. I, too, didn’t want him to remove it. We slept naked and woke up at night.

We bathed together and had another session of fucking under the shower. Then we ate the remaining food from the afternoon and slept together, hugging and kissing. This was the start of a new relationship and an end to an old relationship.

The next day I started calling him Simha, and he started calling me Baby.