‘Ghost’ Helps Me To Nail My Innocent Mom – Part 2

Me: I am getting scared now after listening to you. (I didn’t believe anything that my mom said, but I wanted to take this to my advantage.)

Mom: You don’t need to be scared, I will take care.

Me: Mom, I’ll sleep with you tonight.

Mom: Ok, son.

All day I was thinking of a plan to take advantage of my mom. The whole day, I was glaring at her beauty without an eye lapse. She got a little bit slim from my last visit. Looking at her navel from the back, my cock couldn’t stop getting erect. I had a desire inside to pull her petticoat down until her thick black pussy hair was visible. I wanted to bite and eat every inch of her body.

So I decided to seduce my mother within a week as my father would return after a week. Anyhow, I thought, however, my mom agreed that I could sleep with her. So I went to the bathroom to take a bath. Then I remembered the talk we did a few minutes ago about how my mom spoke to me about porn and intercourse. My cock tingled inside. I removed my big six inches cock from the boxers and started masturbating.

I came out in a towel and went to the kitchen and stood behind my mother and smelled her wet hair. She turned backside and her lips came close to my lips.

Mom: Oh, God! Why do you have to stand behind me?

Me: I came to collect my breakfast.

Mom: Go, I will bring it to your room.

Me: Ok.

Mom came after five minutes and she was wearing a complete red saree with a red blouse and wrapped her saree inside her petticoat which made her navel completely visible. She bent over and served me breakfast which made her cleavage visible. Two melons were dancing inside. They were very big, fair, and soft.

Me: Why are you wearing a red saree today?

Mom: Guruji told me to wear a full red saree.

Me: Did he say any reason why?

Mom: Yes, he wants to confirm if there is a ghost inside the home or not.

Me: How could he know if there is a ghost in our house by this?

Mom: He said that the red color attracts the ghost very much. So, wearing a red saree and doing meditation can help find out the ghost.

Me: How?

Mom: Don’t know, Guruji told me to sit in meditation for an hour without opening my eyes and not make any move for any reason. As today is Amavasya (no moon), the ghost has more strength and it will take this to its advantage.

Me: Mom, what about me?

Mom: It will not come to you as you wear the thread that Guruji has given to you.

Me: Mom, but what about you? You are not wearing any thread?

Mom: Beta, Guruji can get only one thread with all his strength. Ghosts can’t get me without any physical body. But it gives me sensations.

Me: So, when are you planning to sit and meditate?

Mom: Today at 9 pm.

Me: Mom, please lock me in my room and lock all the main doors. (My room has a window that is easy to open in two minutes with screwdrivers.)

Mom: Yes, I will do that. I don’t want to see you in any trouble.

In the afternoon after lunch, I went to meet my old friends and spent my time till the evening with them. At 7 pm, I came back home. My mom was already all set with the preparation. Then she lit the candles and made a big circle with red powder. Mom had just taken a bath, so she was all wet. It looked to me like a first-night setup for both of us. Then she looked at me and said –

Mom: Go, eat your supper and get back to your room.

I nodded.

At 8:30, I went to my room and removed the screws from the window and at 8:50 pm, mom saw me reading and asked if she could lock the room.

Me: Of course, you can.

Mom: This is for your safety only.

Me: I understand, mom.

Mom: Don’t come out of the room whatever happens.

Me: How can I? Am I a Superman to come out of the room by breaking the door?

Mom: Yes, I sometimes lose my sense.

She said “good night” and went out locking the door. The whole house was completely dark. At 9:05 pm, I slowly came out of the window and entered the hall. In the dark room, I could see my mom’s body glowing in the candlelight.

I went to her and saw that her eyes were completely closed. She was not ready to open her eyes in any case. I knew this because she trusted Guruji more than anyone in the world. But still, I wanted to check before moving any further. So I slowly released a small breath on her face. She slightly responded, but not ready to open her eyes. Then I began to take some naughty steps.

I slowly released my breath all over her body part by part, starting from her forehead, eyes, nose, ears, and lips very close, and neck then I stopped. I could see my mom couldn’t resist her sensations. Immediately, I released a hard breath with full force on her.

Now her pallu fell and I had access to see her hot cleavage. I again released a slight breath inside her cleavage and smelled her body. Now she began shaking. Slowly, I went to my mother’s navel area and with my tongue, I slightly touched her lean smooth belly.

Then I slowly bent down to see my mom’s vagina but her saree was covering the area. I slowly managed to lift it so that I could see inside, but she was wearing panties. So I again released a small breath inside.

After that, I went up again and started licking her ears slowly. Then I got some honey from the fridge and started licking her lips slowly and in between, my mom also tried to lick my tongue.

Then I got some ice cubes from the fridge and put them in my mouth and rubbed on her cleavage and her whole body. After rubbing on the cleavage, her nipples got erect I could see her white bra inside.

Now, only 10 minutes was left for 10 pm. So I decided to masturbate on mom. I took out my cock, it was so erect. I brought it near her lips, cleavage, and ears. I rubbed my cock on my mom’s whole body and started to masturbate near her lips, giving slight touches in between.

Soon I ejaculated on the floor and then I cleaned it and went back to my room quickly.

To be continued.