Fulfilling fantasies of my brother & his friends – Part 1

Hi guys. I’m Aditi. I’m 21, currently studying in the 3rd year of engineering. My height is 5’4, with fair skin. I have a slim and curvy body. My stats are 34c-26-34.

I have a younger brother Susheel who is 19. Since childhood, my brother and I have been very close. It is especially wonderful to have a brother in the same age group during the teenage and adolescent years.

Since our parents live abroad, we live with our grandparents. My college studies have led me to rent an apartment. For the past two years, my brother has been staying with me. We used to talk about everything, including our friends, relationships and sex.

I had a breakup during my first year, and Susheel knew all about it. He was the one that helped me with my emotional and physical needs.

This happened during Susheel’s first year in college. We were in the same college. We talked about sexuality in detail.

One day, I searched for my mobile and found Susheel’s instead. It occurred to me that I might call my mobile from his, so I opened it. He was in the shower. His WhatsApp was open, and there was a group titled ‘Aditi fans club.’ I got curious and opened it.

There were a total of 5 members, including Susheel. The group was created long back, and the primary conversation topic was ME. I was shocked at first to see that.

Susheel has sent screenshots of my Instagram posts and stories. His friends have commented and reacted to it. They chatted about my body, my dress and their fantasies with me. They have had chats about how they would fuck me.

They cursed my ex-BF and said that he was lucky to fuck me. They called me names, and even my brother mentioned me as a slut. Though offensive, it felt kinky, and I liked it very much.

When he came out of the shower, I confronted him. He was angry that I took his mobile, but he was silent when I asked about the chat. I found my phone and left because I had to go out to a movie with my friends. But throughout the movie, my mind was occupied by the chats of Susheel and his friends.

When I got back, Susheel was watching TV. I sat beside him and told him I was not angry with him. I told him I wanted to know about the group and his friends. He apologized and told me that it was only a fantasy. He meant no disrespect to me. I accepted his apology.

He told me about his friends. I wanted to see their photos. So I asked him for their photos.

Susheel: Why do you need their photos?

Me: Come on. You guys talked about all of my photos. Now I need to see those guys.

He showed me their photos, and surprisingly they all were good-looking. They all looked way older than me, but they were his classmates. I asked him whether it was just a fantasy or if he had the chance, he would have gone for it. He told me it was just a fantasy, and he wouldn’t have done that. I asked him why not, and I asked him whether I wasn’t hot. He told me I was the hottest girl he had ever spoken with.

Me: What would you do if I’m okay with it?

Susheel: (smiles) It would be like a dream becoming a reality.

Me: So, what are you dreaming of tonight?

Susheel: I dream of removing this sexy crop top of yours.

Me: Then why don’t you help me with that?

I was wearing a lavender-colored sleeveless crop top with tight jeans.

Susheel: Are you serious?

Me: Do I look like I’m joking?

Just as I finished saying that, he came near me and started to kiss me. His hands directly went to my boobs, and he was pressing my soft boobs. I kissed him back and ran my fingers through his hair. It’s been so long since I kissed anyone, and it felt great.

He lifted me, made me sit on his lap, and continued kissing me. He pushed his tongue inside my mouth and sucked my tongue. I could feel his dick getting hard under his shorts. He inserted his hand inside my crop top and pressed my boobs. He lifted my hands and licked on my armpits.

He removed my crop top and kissed my boobs over my bra. I kneeled on the floor and pulled his boxers down. My brother had an eight-inch monster hidden inside his boxers. At first, I was shocked. My ex-boyfriend’s dick was just around 6”. But Susheel’s dick was long and thick.

As I was thinking, he grabbed my head and pushed his dick inside my mouth. I was caught by surprise. His dick was almost hitting my throat. He grabbed my head and started to mouth fuck me. I tried to push back, but he was stronger than me. He reached out to my ass and spanked it over my jeans.

He scratched my back with his nails and ripped open the hooks of my bra. I was shocked by his aggression, but I loved it. He held my head and pinched my nipples with his other hand. I bit his dick a little due to pain. He pulled his dick from my mouth and slapped me across the face.

“No teeth bitch!” he shouted at me. I was shocked to hear this from my brother. But before I could respond, he shoved his dick back inside my mouth and started to fuck my mouth again.

He was pinching and slapping my boobs. My nipples were hard and erect, and he was twisting them as he wished. I was choking on his dick. Tears were rolling out of my eyes, and I was drooling. Finally, he pulled out his dick and slapped my face with his dick.

He said, “You’re my bitch now.” I smiled at him. He grabbed my hair and made me walk on all fours. We reached the bedroom, and he made me stand near the bed. He undid the button in my jeans and removed it. Just as I bent down to remove it, he gave me a sharp slap on my ass.

I almost lost my balance, but he caught me. He grabbed my boobs and pushed me onto the bed. He removed his t-shirt and came on top of me.

He kissed me and licked my chin. He kept licking me down to my navel. He inserted his tongue inside my navel and licked it. He slowly moved to my panty and kissed my pussy over my panty. He ripped my panty and threw it away. He started to kiss and suck my pussy like a mad dog.

All that bottled-up lust exploded. I was moaning, and his tongue kept playing on and in my pussy. He bit and sucked my pussy, and juices were oozing out of my pussy. He would claw his fingernails into my thighs and scratch them while making me moan.

He got up and rubbed his dick against my pussy. I was so wet and horny that I wanted him to fuck me as he wished. I asked him if he had a condom, but he didn’t have one. He told me not to worry and that he would pull out before he came. He was teasing me by rubbing his dick over my pussy.

I couldn’t handle the teasing and asked him to fuck me. He smiled at me and pushed his dick inside. My pussy was so wet at that time, and he was able to push it deep with ease. He inserted his dick as deep as possible and kept it there. I let out a deep moan.

He grabbed my boobs and started to fuck me. His dick was ripping me apart. His strokes were so powerful and deep. And the way we made eye contact turned me on even more. His hands were exploring my body. The way he pinched and slapped my body felt kinky.

I was not only being his bitch, but I also felt like one. He made me sit in the doggy-style position and started to fuck me from behind. He fucked me just like a doggy. He kept slapping my ass while he kept fucking me. My ass was burning, and it felt numb.

His hands were so rough. Tears were rolling down my cheeks. He leaned on me from behind and kissed my neck. He scratched my back deep with his fingernails. His strokes were getting faster and deeper. And all I could do was keep moaning.

It had been so long since I had sex, and now I was getting fucked like a slut. He told me he was going to cum and that he wanted to cum on my boobs. I got up and lay down on the bed. He bought his dick close to my boobs and started to jerk off while pinching my boobs.

I was fingering myself. We both came at the same time. He unleashed his huge load on my boobs. Some of the droplets were splashed on my face too. He rubbed his dick over my cum covered boobs and made me suck his dick clean. He told me he wanted to sleep with me naked.

I got up and cleaned my body. My boobs and ass were bloody red. His hand marks were visible on my ass, and my face was reddish. We slept naked that night. When I woke up, he made me suck his dick again and swallow his cum.

Later that day, I told him that I wanted to get fucked by all of his friends. I told him to add me to that group. I told him I was ready to be the bitch to his group.

I’ll write about that in the next part. Thanks for reading, and stay tuned for the next part. Mention your feedback and connect with me at [email protected]