Fucked My Team Leader at the Call Center – Part 3

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So the next day, I went to my office early. I reached the office at around 5 pm. I updated my team about my half day, and I’ll leave by 9 pm today. During my smoke break, I called Shruti to check if she was fine. I tried calling a couple of times, but she didn’t answer.

After a few minutes, I received a text saying, “I’m busy and will call back later.” I replied, “OK. I’ll be coming to your house today by 11 pm as I took half a day for you.” But I didn’t get any response, and it was left unread.

After my shift, I took a cab and reached her house. To my surprise I saw her with her husband and Anu having dinner. I really wished she was alone when I left office.

I went inside. Shruti and Anu invited me in and asked me to sit down. Shruti introduced me to her husband and told him that I was her office colleague. She only called me to get office updates. I smiled and gave some unwanted updates to Shruti.

Her husband Arun offered me dinner, but I said, “Thank you, sir, I already had mine.” They all completed their dinner and Arun said.

Arun: I have some work early morning, so I’ll go to my room to sleep. Shruti, you come soon, Babe.

Shruti: Yes, Babe, I’ll be there soon.

Arun left, and I started speaking at a very low volume.

Me: Shruti, what’s this? I came to see you, Babe. Is everything OK?

Shruti: Yes, I’m fine, don’t worry na darling. Do one thing. Stay here tonight. I’ll make sure to come to you for some time once everyone is asleep.

Me: What, but how can I stay?

Shruti: Don’t worry, I’ll talk to Arun and give him some reason. You go upstairs, and the second room on the left is the guest room.

Me: OK, Babe, but come soon.

She left, and I waited for her to confirm. I was waiting and watching her bedroom from outside. After 10 minutes, Shruti came in her night dress. She showed me a thumbs up and signalled me to go upstairs. I did as she said and went upstairs.

I entered the guest room, and it was big and amazing. After 15 minutes, Shruti came and hugged me tightly. She just took my mouth in hers. She kept sucking my tongue for 5 minutes and then broke the kiss and said.

Shruti: Baby, I’m so sorry. I didn’t expect you to come today. What happened? Why are you here? Is everything OK?

Me: Babe, I already sent you a text.

Shruti: I’m sorry, I left my phone in the room and didn’t check it. Anyway, don’t worry, I have to go for now but don’t sleep. I’ll come as soon as possible to you.

She then gave a gentle tap on my dick and said, “Babe, give a little rest to this hard baby. It has a lot of work today.” She gave a freaky smile and left. I closed the door and turned on the TV, and lay on the bed.

After an hour, at around 1 am, I heard a knock on the door. Thinking it was Shruti, I went quickly and opened the door. And when I saw it, it was Anu standing in her night dress. It was a black skirt which was long till her knee.

Me: Anu, what are you doing here?

Anu: Vik, I should ask you this and not the other way around.

Me: To see if Shruti is fine or not.

Anu; Don’t lie and tell the real reason.

Me: Fine, I wanted to spend some romantic time with her. Since yesterday I couldn’t get enough of her.

Anu: I knew it, but you didn’t expect her husband to be here right

Me: Yes, but what should I do now?

Anu: I’ll help you, but you have to do it my way.

Me: OK, tell me what do I have to do?

Anu: Just follow my instructions, and you’ll be fine.

Me: OK, but first, tell me what to do.

Anu: OK, first you have to remove your clothes.

Me: What and why? Do you know I already spoke to Shruti a few minutes back? She promised that she would be coming here in a few minutes.

Anu: Oh, you don’t know anything yet. Arun won’t let Shruti out till morning. Just do what I say, and I’ll make sure, Shruti will be here in 15 – 20 minutes. You know na that I have your secret and I can talk to Arun anytime.

I was feeling helpless, and I did what Anu said. I removed my shirt and pants, and then I took off my socks. I stood in front of Anu, wearing only my boxer shorts. She said, “Nice, now take your boxer off, too.” I said, ” What?”

Anu said, “You heard me. Now take your boxer off.” I asked, “Why are you doing this? You know I love Shruti na.”

Anu: I know you want her, but I’m the boss here and helping you,

Me: How are you helping me here?

Anu: Well, I told you that I’ll help you, but you have to do it my way.

Me: OK, fine.

I pulled my boxers down.

Anu: Now, put your hands behind your head and spread your legs wide open.

I did what she demanded.

Anu: Now take your dick out and show it to me. I want to see why Shruti loves your dick so much.

I held my dick and showed it to her.

Anu: Nice, now stand still like that and don’t move.

Anu then came closer and held my dick. With the touch, my dick became really hard. Anu slowly rubbed it and said, “Wow, it’s amazing and too hard. Do you want to release some tension? It seems like there is a lot of tension here in this.”

She continued stroking it slowly. It’s been a few minutes, and I was slowly moaning too. I started getting close to an orgasm. Anu then stopped stroking and asked, “What do you like about Shruti physically?” I clearly said, “I love her smooth ass and beautiful pussy.”

She smiled and turned around, and started rubbing her ass on my dick. My dick started releasing pre cum, and her skirt became a little wet from behind. She then pulled her skirt up and pulled her black panty down. She held my dick and pushed it inside her ass.

I didn’t want to say anything. I just started enjoying her ass. Then, without any further hesitation, I grabbed her from her stomach. I pulled her hard towards my dick, and she let out a hard moan. I started pounding her hard and from the front.

I inserted my hands inside her skirt and found she didn’t have a bra, so I held her boobs and pinched her nipples. Anu then turned and faced me. She held my face and started kissing me. I closed my eyes and imagined that Shruti was kissing me. I opened my eyes and looked at Anu. She was smiling at me.

Anu: I think you enjoyed this as much as I did.

Me: Yes, it was awesome.

Anu: I’ll take care of your dick now.

She then sat on her knees and held my dick. She started licking my dick slowly from the top to bottom. And she was so good that with her every lick, I was getting shivers running through out body. I held her head and asked her to open her mouth.

I inserted my wet, erect dick into her mouth, and started moving my hips and started to fuck her mouth hard. I was moaning, and my eyes were closed. “Oh god, Anu, this feels great.” Anu kept sucking my dick. Then, I felt her hand playing with my balls. I moaned again.

While Anu was sucking and playing with my dick, suddenly, the door opened. I was shocked to see Shruti standing at the door. I quickly covered my dick from Anu’s view and said, “Oh shit, Shruti.” Anu stopped sucking my dick.

Anu: Hey, what are you doing here? I thought you would be asleep by now.

Me: I’m sorry, baby. Anu forced me into this. You know I love you. Please understand.

Shruti: I understand, but don’t worry, I won’t mind this. I’ve been thinking about you all this time, and I really hope you had fun.

I didn’t know what was happening. I didn’t know if she was testing and genuine about it. I took a risk and said, “Yes, baby, I was having fun.”

Shruti: So, how was it?

Anu: I bet he loved it, Didi.

Shruti: Why didn’t you call me earlier? I would also have enjoyed it.

I was shocked and said, “Do you remember Anu is your sister?” She said, “Yes, yes, I know. Who wouldn’t want a steamy threesome?”

I was stunned but said, “OK. But I have to say something.” Shruti said, “What is it?” I said, “I have never done a threesome before.”

Shruti: Don’t worry, I’ll teach you everything, darling.

Anu: I’ll teach you too.

I said OK and, pulled Shruti closer and hugged her. I started sucking her lips hard and played with her tongue. Meanwhile, Anu was still on her knees and started stroking my dick slowly. Anu then, still on her knees, pulled Shruti’s pyjama down.

Shruti wasn’t wearing her panty, so Anu just held Shruti’s ass in one hand and my dick on the other. Anu inserted her finger in Shruti’s asshole and started finger fucking her from behind. Shruti started moaning and pushed me on the bed.

She removed her t-shirt and held my dick, and opened her legs wide. She sat on my dick and started riding it fast. Seeing this, Anu said, “I also want some,” and climbed the bed. I opened her legs wide and sat on my face positioning her wet pussy in my mouth.

I inserted my tongue in Anu’s pussy and started licking and biting it. Anu then leaned forward and held Shruti’s face. She took her mouth inside her and started sucking her mouth. This is the best feeling I ever had in my life. Shruti was so turned on that without even realising it, she started riding my dick.

My dick blasted with cum, and her pussy was completely wet. “Now I’m going to sit on your face,” Shruti said. Shruti stood up, took some tissue and cleaned her pussy. She sat on my face, moving Anu. Anu, this time, came down. Instead of sitting on my dick, she climbed down.

She started sucking my wet dick, using her tongue. She already cleaned my dick and started sucking and licking my balls. I started biting Shruti’s pussy, and it was becoming wet. I started inserting my tongue in her pussy and started fucking her with my tongue.

After 5 minutes of tongue fucking, she cum all over my face. We all 3 stood now and sat on the bed for some time. Meanwhile, Shruti took some more tissue and cleaned my face.

Me: Shruti and Anu, thanks a lot for this amazing experience, babies.

I held both of them and hugged them, and we all 3 kissed together. Then, after having a glass of water, I laid down and Anu’s thighs. I held her boobs and started rubbing it and pinching her nipples while having some casual talks. Meanwhile, Shruti was playing with my erect dick.

Then I pulled Anu down, started sucking lips and tongue. I wanted more of Anu now. So, I made her stand and pushed her onto the bed while Shruti went to the washroom to take a leak. I opened her legs wide, inserted my dick inside and started fucking her.

She was enjoying it, too. I was pumping her hard, and Shruti came and said, “Hey, how can you leave me alone?” and jumped on the bed. I was finally about to cum for 3rd time in 3 hours. I cum all over Anu’s pussy immediately. Shruti pushed me aside and said, “I want it.”

She quickly went down Anu’s legs and held open her wet pussy, and started licking her hard. Meanwhile, Anu called me and said, “Don’t worry, baby, come here. I’m waiting here.”

She pulled me and sucked my lips and tongue again. Both Anu and Shruti held my dick. While Shruti sucked Anu’s pussy and Anu sucked my lips, and both started stroking again.

I had already started getting tired and wanted to lie down. So I did as I wanted and lay down near Anu and Shruti. Both kissed my cheek and said, “Oh, Vik, you are too good, baby.”

We all rested for some time, and then we slept together in one bed. The next morning, I woke up late and saw Anu was sleeping next to me naked. I just smiled and went to the bathroom. After taking a shower, I was leaving when Anu opened her eyes. I gave her a flying kiss and left.

After that night, I didn’t get enough chance to meet Shruti or Anu. They were not in Delhi anymore. Shruti also left the job, and I couldn’t contact them. To date, I’m waiting for their calls.

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