Fucked My Sexy Dance Partner – Part 2

This story is a continuation of the previous part written by Chahat Khanna. I am Arnav, and I will describe what happened after that crazy night.

The story is divided into 2 parts. One describes a small segment after the dance competition, and the second is how we meet again after a couple of years.

I am a 6ft tall, muscular man who loves to go to the gym. I keep changing my hairstyle but tend to keep well-maintained medium to long hair. I dress but make sure the fit is good.

After the crazy fuck at the pub, we returned to the Arena, and we were announced the winners of the dance-off. I hugged Chahat tight, feeling her firm boobs and congratulating her. I was feeling a nice tingle in my dick again after getting a feel of her sensuous body.

I pushed my dick on her pussy while hugging her and heard her moan softly. She softly said, “Not now, Arnav. My friends are here.” I let her loose, and she went on stage to collect the trophy.

After the event was over, I went to her room. She was packing her stuff. I hugged her again, grabbed her ass with one hand, and pulled her close. She did not resist and quickly hugged me tight. I whispered in her ears, “Ab to koi nahi dekh raha.” (No one is watching now.)

She responded, saying, “Maine to ab kuch nahi kaha.” (I have not said anything now.) I pushed her onto the bed and saw her body fall gracefully on the bed. I closed in, kissed her neck, and placed my hands on her waist. She wore denim shorts. I unzipped her and inserted my fingers inside.

I was surprised she was not wearing any panties. I said, “Looks like someone was expecting some action.” I rubbed her moist pussy, to which she responded with light moans. Her moaning got intense as I inserted my fingers. Our lips instinctively got locked, and we smooched.

Now my other hand was caressing her boobs and feeling her softness. I pulled her shorts down to see her wet pussy. She looked heavenly, wearing just a crop t-shirt and exposed pussy. She got down on her knees and pulled my huge tool out.

As she saw my tool, she excitedly said, “Ah, how I love big dicks in my mouth.” and started licking the dick head. She expertly stroked my shaft with one hand while licking my dickhead with her tongue. The warmth of her mouth excited me, and I grabbed her hair and pushed my dick into her mouth.

She started sucking my dick while looking into my eyes. She looked so sexy, and all the craziness from our fuck started coming back to me. I squeezed her boobs and felt her nipples harden as I pinched them. She made all sorts of horny sounds while I played with her nipples.

I pushed my dick further into her mouth and grabbed her hair tightly. I said in a playful tone, “Ah, you are one horny dick lover” She responded with a horny killer look. I was getting hornier looking at her expressions. So I grabbed her waist and pulled her up.

I put my hand under her top and caressed her boobs hard while my left hand played between her legs. I pushed her on the bed again and climbed over her. I positioned my soldier at her pussy and pushed it inside her. Chahat wrapped her legs around my waist as we fucked missionary style.

We fucked for around 20 minutes before we were disturbed by the doorbell. We both got dressed quickly, and Chahat opened the door. Her friends told her to hurry up as the cab for the airport came in. I told Chahat that I would drop her.

But she said that her college wouldn’t allow it. It was their responsibility for student security. As she closed the door, I pinned her against the wall and put my dick on her pussy again, “I cannot believe I wont be able to fuck you again. This was so good,” I said.

Chahat smiled with a tight hug and said, “Well, if life has it, we can finish this fuck sometime later.” She finished packing and changed in front of me, giving me a full view of her body. I saw her dress up and squeeze her lovely boobs one final time before we left. I saw her leave in the car, thinking this was the end.

We stayed in touch for some time but lost touch over time as we both got busy. I finished my engineering and did some part-time modelling. I started working for an MNC and was supposed to travel to the US. As I boarded the plane, I saw a familiar face.

I did not pay much attention as I wanted to use the washroom and settle down. The flight was fairly empty as it was winter in the US. I barely had anyone around my seat. I thought about the familiar face when I entered and decided to take a look one more time.

So, I went on a stroll and noticed a very well-dressed girl wearing a jacket. To my surprise, it was Chahat. I went up to her and said, “Hi. Remember me?” She looked at me in surprise and calmly said, “Yes, I do, Arnav – we won the dance competition.”

I was happy she still remembered. I shook hands with her and said, “Wow, you have not changed!” She responded with a smile and said, “Wow, you seemed to have put on some muscle!” I looked around, and the air hostess was preparing to start her safety demo.

Chahat was travelling alone, so I convinced her to sit with me and catch up on lost time. I offered to take her carry-on bag and showed her my seat. As she walked in front, she looked extremely hot in her shorts and a denim jacket. As we settled in our seats, we discussed how life had changed.

She was working for an accounting firm and doing ad shoots part-time. I congratulated her and discussed the ads she worked in. She thanked me as she felt that the dance competition changed her life as she started getting many offers after that.

I naughtily said, “Oh please, you know how much I enjoyed the event. The pleasure is all mine.” She blushed and said, “It was so exciting, but you know what, my life is boring now.” She flashed a ring on her finger” I was shocked and asked if she got married.

She laughed and said, “No, not even engaged. Just BF, who recently proposed to me.” I congratulated her again but said, “Relationships are tough.” After some time, she excused herself to use the washroom. I scooted a bit but did not get up completely.

She managed to slide through the gap between me and the front seat. But not without brushing her smooth milky thighs. 10 minutes passed, but she did not return, so I went to check on her.

Me-Hey, are you OK in there? It’s been a long since you’ve been gone.

C-I am OK, but I think I dropped my ring accidentally and cannot find it!

I looked around to see, but no one was nearby to help.

Me-Chahat, I don’t see any cabin crew. If you don’t mind, I can take a look.

Chahat quickly opened the door and asked me to get in. Chahat had removed her jacket and was wearing an off-shoulder crop top. She looked a real hottie in the crop tee and shorts, displaying her flat abs and pierced belly button. I switched on my phone torchlight and started looking for the ring.

There was a slight turbulence, and we both lost balance, and Chahat fell on me. I avoided her fall and held her by the waist. As I tightened my grip on her waist, her firm boobs crushed on my chest as I took support against the wall. Chahat said, “Ouch, I am so sorry!” as she tried to balance.

I balanced myself and held her tightly and pressing her body on mine. I felt the softness of her boobs while my hands wandered on her back to make a firm grip. She was taken aback by the turbulence and held on to me tightly. I could feel her nails dig into my back and scratch me.

Naturally, I had a boner with all the action and started poking her waist. She felt my hard dick and looked into my eyes. She said with a naughty smile, “Oh, looks like someone is getting excited.” I was shocked by the way she said it.

I flirted back, “I am not surprised, locked in with a hottie like you. It is very exciting.” As she tried to step back, she slipped and fell right back on me. Her boobs again landed flush on my chest. I held her by her waist and slowly steadied her.

I felt her smooth skin and caressed it lightly while she took the handle’s support on the side. As I looked behind her, I saw a flashy ring. She was happy to find her ring and thanked me a lot. We went out of the washroom one after the other ensuring no one saw us leaving together.

When we reached the seat, there was an announcement of a weather advisory. All flights were advised for Emergency landing owing to bad weather. I called my travel agent, who said that all flights were delayed. There is no connecting flight.

Luckily, I had insurance for my travel, and my agent booked me a room at the airport. As expected, the flight was cancelled. We were given food vouchers and asked to wait.

As I waited, I overheard Chahat talking to her BF. She seemed upset with something and quickly hung up when she saw me.

Me- All good? You seem upset with something.

C- My BF is killing me. He had told me to reschedule my flight when the weather advisory was issued. But I couldn’t because of my work.

Me- Oh, yeah, same here. We have to be professional.

C- Exactly, he doesn’t understand. I asked him to book me a hotel. But he is giving me a lecture saying he is too busy and cannot handle this madness.

Me- Well, that’s why you should not have BF and have good friends like me.

I started laughing as I said it. I told her I had booked a room at the hotel as soon as we landed. She was super impressed and had an instant smile on her face.

C- Oh, amazing. I found you on the flight. Else I would have ended up fighting with my BF all along. I am so tired. Can we please go to the hotel?

We reached the hotel, and I checked in at the reception. The room was very nice. It was a big room with a queen bed and a couch. Chahat went straight to the washroom with her bag and said she would freshen up. I ordered some wine and food meanwhile.

Chahat took a shower and changed into a loose crop top and shorts. She looked extremely hot. I remembered the last time we had sex. I had a slight hard-on thinking about it. She seemed excited and asked me what the plan was. I told her that I would also freshen up till the food came.

I took a nice warm shower, thinking about how hot Chahat was and how exciting this journey had become. As I stepped out of the bathroom, I heard Chahat talk to her BF. Her BF had apologised, and Chahat told him how she got a room with the help of her friend.

I did not want to bother them, so I said nothing and served myself food. Seeing me, Chahat told her BF that she would call later. But her BF wanted to talk as he was missing her. She signalled me for 1 minute with her fingers and finished her call.

As she joined me for the food, I told her, “Tum to apne BF ko bohut tadpa rahi ho. Bechara seemed to be missing you a lot.” (You are teasing your BF.)She smiled and said, “He fought with me, so he should learn his lesson.”

Chahat said with attitude, “He does not understand what he is missing in life if I do not make him realise.”

Me- Wow, you sure are dominating him. Does he know you are staying with me?

C- No, I did not tell him, or he will start behaving more like a baby.

Me- Hmmm… looks like you are in a complicated relationship.

Chahat explained how he had proposed, and later, she realised he was a politician’s son. She was happy with him but sometimes feared his family, who were very powerful. I said, “This is the most boring love story I heard.” I started laughing.

She punched me in the arm and said, “I at least have a story. You have been single only! So, don’t act too smart.”

Me- Arey, I don’t want gf and all. I am happy with the way things are.

Chahat said with a naughty smile, “Really? I do not believe you. You are hiding something.” I decided to flirt with her, “I missed you and never found anyone like you, so I stayed single.”

She blushed and played with her hair, trying to let go of the topic. I offered her some wine, and we both drank a little. I was bored and casually asked her if she remembered our dance moves. She said, “We did dance on ‘Bang Bang’ song na?” I said yes and played the song.

I got up and did some steps. I did not remember the steps properly, but I still danced. Chahat started laughing, saying you are doing it wrong. She slowly stood up and joined me. She danced ever so gracefully and looking at her dance, I remembered the steps and started grooving.

There was a part where we had some lifts and intimate moments. As soon as that part came, I held her close and put my hands on her waist. The feel of her body sent shockwaves to my dick, and I had an instant erection. My dick was against her ass as we grooved together.

I pulled her closer and did the ‘Bang Bang’ signature step with my hand on her waist and my dick tightly pressed against her ass. She moaned softly when I pressed my dick on her ass. I turned her around and lifted her by her waist, watching her boobs as I lifted her over my shoulders.

I softly landed her, and the music started fading away. I had a stiff boner after the dance, so I continued flirting. I boldly said, “Do you remember how you accidentally grabbed my dick at the final pose?” Chahat was shocked. I said it but instantly replied, “Kya karti year? You had such a hard erection then.”

I was shocked at her saying that and boldly, “Erection to abhi bhi hai!” (I still have an erection.) Chahat naughtily said, “Haan, I felt it while you were dancing. You are always so horny.” Saying this, she softly punched my arms.

I stepped up and said, “Don’t blame me. You are so hot. It is impossible not to get an erection.” Chahat blushed a little and touted back – “Oh really? So what are you going to do about that erection?”
I looked into her eyes and said, “If you are so worried, why don’t you do something about it.” Chahat looked back into my eyes, and I knew we were in the zone. Our lips came close, and I put my hands around her waist to pull her close. We leaned in as our lips teased each other with soft short pecks.

Soon the short pecks turned into passionate, hard smooches with our hands exploring each other’s bodies. My hands were quickly on her firm ass squeezing and slapping them over her shorts. His hands explored my back, intermittently pulling my t-shirt up.

We broke our smooch for a bit and we both were panting with excitement. I whispered softly how much I missed her hot body, and she engaged her sexy lips on mine. We both were extremely passionate and now started biting each other lips. I grabbed her ass beneath her shorts and felt her bare curvy ass.

She was now moving her hands on my bare back and abs. I could feel her intensity rise as her hands started moving south. My hands moved up her waist, and I caressed her back. It was my turn to feel under her top as my right hand cupped her left boob.

She let out a soft moan while we continued to kiss. We broke the kiss, and I ripped her top from her shoulders. There she was in her strapless bra and shorts. I looked at her boobs, face, and, again, her eyes. I put my lips on her neck this time and began licking and softly biting it.

Chahat let out soft ‘oohs and ‘hmm’ whenever my teeth caved on her body. I slowly slid my tongue lower, licking her cleavage, and her moaning got louder. I lowered my face, put it full on her boobs, and kissed her cleavage. By this time, Chahat was shaking.

I picked her up by the waist and pinned her to the wall. I spread her hand apart and dug into her boobs. I sucked her boobs and gave her hickies on her cleavage. She enjoyed it and kept egging me to suck harder. I let her hands loose, firmly held her waist, and turned her around.

Her back was facing me. I put my dick on her booty and started grinding her. My hard dick was firmly pinned on her ass while I unhooked her bra and let it fall on the floor. My hands grabbed her melons from behind, cupped them fully, and continued squeezing them.

I felt her nipples harden with each squeeze, and her moaning intensified. Our bodies were now moving in rhythm. My dick explored her ass while my hands aroused her body further. My lips, meanwhile, were biting her ears and neck, which drove her even more crazy.

She was now mumbling words and calling my name, “Arnav, aah, I missed ur fat dick fuck….” I put my right hand on her shorts and unhooked the button in front. She helped me with the zip. I pulled her shorts down, exposing her fair ass.

As soon as the shorts were gone, I spanked her ass, put my dick on her bare ass, and continued grinding. I whispered in her ears, “I never imagined getting to fuck you again, but I am not letting you go without fucking every hole in your body.”

Chahat got excited and said, “ Ah, first, let me release your cobra out of the pants,” she turned around and quickly pulled my trousers down to my feet. She bent down on her knees and put her face on my undies. “Ah, I remember this thick rod entering my pussy and how tasty it felt in my mouth,” She said.

My undie slid down as she put her hand inside, and my hard tool sprang out. She expertly started stroking it while adjusting her hair with the other hand. I cared for her hair while she used both hands and stroked my dick.

She used her tongue to lick my pre cum from the dick head and started sucking it like a lolly pop. Her bare boobs jiggled as she moved her head while sucking. I grabbed her right boob with my left hand and pinched her nipples. She got so aroused she choked on my dick.

She used her tongue and rolled it on my dickhead, her warmth of mouth was so satisfying. I grabbed her hair in between and gagged her with my dick. At this point, the whole room was steaming with our lovemaking. I looked at her face while she was giving me the best blowjob ever.

It was still glowing, and she looked into my eyes with her big eyes staring at mine. I couldn’t take it anymore, so I picked her up and put her on the edge of the bed. I made her bend down while I put my dick on her ass. I slid her thong to the side, accessing her pussy and slid my long shaft inside her.

I pressed it in slowly, “Oh, push it in, Arnav, fuck me like a bitch.” Chahat egged me on. I held her by her waist and inserted my dick at once. I started stroking her, and soon my dick slid out of her pussy. I spanked her ass as I stroked multiple times and played with her dangling boobies.

Whenever I pinched her nipples, she would moan loudly and urge me to fuck harder. I could feel her pussy turning hot as I kept drilling her, and her body getting lighter with each stroke. Her silky hair was bouncing off her back. I stroked her harder.

I wanted to see her beautiful face while I fuck her, so I turned her and put her legs over my shoulder. Now I bent down and got closer to her face while my dick entered her pussy all inside in one shot. I could see her lips open as soon as I hit her pussy.

She wanted to moan out loud. But, at the same time wanted to enjoy the silence with just our bodies thudding into each other. Her expressions were so sexy I could fuck her like this forever. I whispered while fucking her, “I love this feeling of fucking you and seeing your beautiful body.”

As I said, I pounced on her boobs and sucked and bit her nipples. She let out a loud moan and increased her body movements. I now fucked her faster and harder. She moaned louder and called my name, “ Arnav, you are the best. I so missed your touch on my body. Aah, fuck me harder, like your bitch.”

I could feel her juices rushing as I fucked. But she kept on taking my dick and kept on egging me to fuck her more. She was one hell of a girl who could fuck all night. I changed my position a bit, turning her sideways with one leg on the bed and the other over my shoulder.

I could feel her pussy expand with my dick. I couldn’t believe how long I could fuck Chahat. Her body was magic, and looking at her, I got more energy to fuck her. I started feeling a little light as I stroked her harder. I was going to ejaculate, so I asked her to get on top and ride me.

She expertly swivelled on top. I stuck my dick under her and saw those juicy boobs jiggle as she rode my hard dick. I couldn’t take it further and exploded inside her. She continued a little longer and then, tired, lay beside me, staring at the ceiling.

This is not the end. As we lay there, Chahat’s BF called. The next part will describe how we ended up fucking with him on the call. Many more episodes lined up as Chahat broke up with her crazy BF and got stalked by him.
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