Fucked my crush in Manali

Hi, readers. Your Milf Lover is back with a new story. This is also a real story. This happened after I lost my virginity to my aunt. I got more confidence to have sex with other girls. So let’s get to the story.

This is the story of me getting lucky with my female best friend’s older sister. She had always been my crush since my school days. She was 4 years older than me.

So the story starts when I receive a call from my friend one day.

Me: Hi, what’s up!

Friend: Hello, nothing much. I want to know what your plans for the next weekend are.

Me: The weekend is far away, and till now I have no plans so…

Friend: That’s great! So actually, my sister had a Manali trip planned for the extended weekend with her boyfriend.

Me: That’s great. So you want me to accompany you as your boyfriend?

Friend: No, No, Didi broke up with him yesterday.

Me: So sad!

Friend: Didi is so sad, and she has made all the arrangements for the trip. She has saved the last six months for the trip. Now that she has broken up, she is extremely sad and disheartened.

Me: What do you want me to do for her?

Friend: I know how costly it would be if she cancels the bookings and she can’t even take her friend with her. How embarrassing it would be for her. I am also going to Bangalore for office work.

Me: So what do you want from me?

Friend: I want you to accompany her on this trip.

Me: What will I do there? You know what kind of plans she would have had with her boyfriend!

Friend: I insist, please go with her.

Me: Only because you insist I’m going with her.

I agreed to go with her sister. But I was not very excited about the trip. She was pretty hot, and I used to get boner seeing her.

The weekend came, and I reached my friend’s house early morning, around one hour before the departure. We were going in her car. So it was a 3-4 hour journey to Manali, and we decided to drive half the route each.

Friend: Thank you so much for accompanying Didi. Look at her. How sad she is. Now it’s your duty to make her happy and make sure both of you enjoy. (Winked)

Me: I will try my best.

When I saw her sister, she was wearing a T-shirt and tight denim shorts. She was looking so sexy I even can’t explain it. So we sat in the car, and I started to drive. She looked so beautiful that it was hard for me to concentrate on the road. She saw me looking at her smooth white legs, and she smiled.

She: Hey, stop looking at me and focus on driving!

Me: It’s tough to concentrate on the road with such a beauty sitting beside you.

She: Thank you for coming with me at such short notice.

Me: No worries.

She: Tell me if you need anything from me in return.

Me: Anything? Promise?

She: Yes!
We chatted for a while, and then she slept for an hour. We stopped at McDonald’s for a break. After having one coffee and burger, she said she now wanted to drive, so I let her drive. We were very near to Manali, and I played romantic songs.

I had started to get thoughts of fucking her. So I told her to stop at a chemist so that I could get some headache pills for myself. But I wanted to buy some condoms.

We reached the hotel, and we checked in as a couple there. The room was fully decorated for a honeymoon couple. She got emotional seeing the decorations. I gave her a tight hug. I felt her boobs on my chest, which was an amazing feeling.

The soft, medium-sized boobs were getting pressed against me, and my dick started to rise. I think she felt my dick, and we separated.

Me: Don’t be sad. I am here. I can also give you what he could have given.

She: I could feel that down there.

Me: Let’s go for a walk on mall road.

She: Let’s have lunch as well and…

Me: And?

She: Nothing, just leave!

I could sense that she was getting a little horny. She had planned a trip with her boyfriend, so plans for fucking each other were being made.

We roamed around on the mall road, and couples were roaming and in hand. I was looking at the facial expressions of my friend’s sister. She looked sad, and I took the courage to hold her hand.

I just touched her fingers with my fingers. Then she held my hand. We walked around for some time. It started to get cold after the sunset.

She: Let’s go to a cafe and enjoy a coffee there.

Me: Why not? It will be my pleasure to have coffee with such a beautiful girl.

She: Aw, thank you!

And she gave a peck on my cheeks. But inside, I wanted more. We went to a cafe and ordered coffee. We sat there and discussed our lives and everything with work and jobs. But suddenly, she changed the topic to relationships.

She: Do you have a girlfriend, or are you single?

Me: If I had one, I wouldn’t have been here with you.

She: So you have been single for how long?

Me: It’s been quite a while since I dated someone.

She: Ok!

Me: What about you? Tell me something about yourself now.

She: You know I have broken up with my boyfriend and am single now.

Me: Do I have a chance now?

She: Are you proposing to me?

Me: Just asking you if I qualify to be your boyfriend or not.

She: You are handsome and funny. Anyone will have a good time with you. I don’t know why you have been single till now.

Me: Thanks for the kind words. Why don’t you be my girlfriend for the time we are here in Manali? You had planned this trip with your boyfriend. I can do better than him, I’m sure.

She: We will see that but let’s order something to eat now.

Me: I will have whatever you will have.

She: Ok, as you wish.

We had our dinner and went back to our hotel room. We changed into our night suits, and I asked her.

Me: Are you comfortable sharing the bed with me? Else I have no problem sleeping on the couch.

She: No, not at all. If you are not comfortable, I can sleep on the couch.

Me: I am more than happy sleeping with such a beauty.

We got comfortable in the blanket and started watching a movie. After some time, when I started to get horny, I asked her.

Me: Do you remember you promised me anything in return for accompanying you on this trip?

She: Yes, I do remember it.

Me: Are you sure you will not refuse?

She: No, I won’t, but what you want, first tell me.

Me: I have had a crush on you since day one. But you were in a relationship. So I could not do much about it. So now that you are single, I want to be your boyfriend.

She: No, I can’t be in a relationship for now after such a bad experience with a long-term relationship.

Me (Sadly): Ok.

She: Tell me if you want something else.

Me: I want to do EVERYTHING you would have done on this trip had you been here with your ex-boyfriend. EVERYTHING means EVERYTHING.

She: You are my sister’s best friend. I can’t cross my limits with you.

Me: Whatever happens here will remain between us, and I will never tell anyone about it.

She: No, it can’t happen.

Me: Ok then, I am leaving by the first bus tomorrow morning.

She thought for a while and then.

She: Ok, I’m fine with it. But once we go back, we will never do it again.

Me: We will see that, but I want it now.

She: Do you have condoms? I don’t want to get pregnant.

Me: Yes, I bought it when we stopped at the medical store.

She came close to me and started kissing me. She was a pro at it. She must have done it so many times with her BF, but now I was enjoying it. We kissed for 5-7 minutes and broke the kiss.

We helped each other remove our clothes. She was in her bra and panty, and I was in my underwear. We started kissing again. I unhooked her bra, and those pretty boobs came out during the kiss.

I started pressing the boobs and kissing her neck area. She let her hair open and started moaning softly. Slowly I went inside her panty and started rubbing her pussy as well. Now she had also started getting hornier and was enjoying it.

She took out my cock from my underwear which was saluting her. She started giving me a hand job, and I was fingering her. Her hands were so soft on my cock. The feeling was amazing.

We both were moaning, and after some time, she asked me to wear a condom and get in the 69 position. We came in 69 position, and she was giving me a blowjob. I simultaneously started to lick her.

She was moaning in between, and I also let out moans. I started to finger her as well as lick her. After some time, she stopped the blowjob and started moaning.

She: Ah, keep doing. Oh, Yes, keep doing it, don’t stop. I am cumming.

With a loud moan, she cum, and I drank her pussy juice and kept licking her till the last drop. She now tightened her hair and took my cock in her mouth. She removed the condom as she wanted to feel the cock.

Me: Ohh Ohh Ahh Ahh.

She kept doing it for a few minutes and then I held her head and started deep throat her. After a few moments of deep throat, I cum inside her throat and force her to drink every bit of it.

She: What the hell? I was choking.

Me: Sorry, it was just in the moment, love.

She: But thanks for making me cum before you. My EX never did this. He always finished before me.

Me: That means a lot.

We started to kiss each other, and I kissed every part of her body. She took my cock and started to use her hands and kiss it. After some gentle strokes, it was fully tight again.

She laid down, and I spat on my cock and came on top of her in a missionary position. She helped me in adjusting my cock on her pussy. I entered her, and with a few thrusts, I was fully in her. She was enjoying my thumping.

She: Nice, keep doing it harder.

Our hands were interlocked, and she was moaning like hell. I was enjoying that moaning a lot. It gave me the confidence to thump her hard. It was chilly outside in Manali. Still, we were sweating like it was 40 degrees in summer.
Again she cum before me.

I was not done yet, so I made her come on top of me. She took charge in her own hands. I opened her hair and pressed her boobs. She was riding so fast that, with a loud groan, I cum hard inside the condom.

She: Thanks, dear, it was the best experience in quite some time.

Me: Same with me, baby. I had never enjoyed this much before. Thank you too.

We wore our clothes and slept till noon the next day. We fucked each other till the end of the trip in different positions and areas of the room.

It was the best trip of mine with my crush.

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