Fucked my best friend’s elder sister

hi readers, today i am going to share my real life experience that happened recently. so, without wasting time let me start the story.

So i am 23 yrs old software developer working from home. I am 5’11 with strong physique and i have a 6.5 inch thick dick. So the story begins when one day my friend aman(name changed) told me that he is going on a trip to shimla with his elder sister Akanksha ( name changed) as she had some work there. she is 25 yrs old and had a perfect figure 34b-30-36 with a perfectly shaped butt and thick thighs. so he asked me whether i could company them as he can’t drive too much alone. so i agreed.

The day before leaving my friend girlfriend also joined us and she is also coming with us. her name is harleen( name changed). She is quite chubby and have big boobs and ass. It was a 3 days and 2 night trip. So in the morning we head towards shimla and we reached their by 2 in the afternoon. then my friend elder sister finished her work and we move towards our hotel around 6.

We had booked 2 rooms. one for Akanksha and harleen . other one for me and my friend aman. then after resting for around 2 hrs we all came inside one room and started drinking and partying.

We all were very drunk till 9 pm and my friend elder sister akanksha was hitting on me and we all danced together. bit i didn’t do any thing because my friend aman was there.

Then suddenly my friend aman and his girlfriend harleen went to another room and locked it from inside. Now, akanksha and i were alone in the room. Then i lightened a ciggeratte then suddenly akanksha came and asked
akanksha – can you share your ciggeratte with me?

me – ohh do you smoke?

akanksha – yaa, sometimes but my brother doesn’t know about it and i cannot smoke in front of him as he will tell this to their parents.

me – no problem, you can smoke with me i will not tell him about this.

akanksha – thankyou very much

Then while smoking we talked to each other about normal things then she suddenly asked me will you like to dance with me as i think my brother and his girlfriend will not come out before 3-4 hrs and we should not ruin our night. I agreed.

She was wearing a denim jeans and a long top above it and i was wearing shorts and a t-shirt. then we started dancing and we locked the door from inside.

While dancing she put her hands on my chest and told me that your muscles are very tight to which i reply that you are very hot too.
Then she asked me that do you have a girlfriend??

Then i told her that no i am single right now. then she told me that she is single too. Then i put my hand on her waist and we were very close to each other and continuously looking into each other eyes.

Then we locked our lips and kissed each other and exchaned our saliva. we kept kissing for 10 mins then i step back and said – What if your brother caught us??

Then she replied don’t worry he is not coming soon.
Then she pushed me on to the sofa next to the bed and show her seductive moves and gave me a lap dance. I was on cloud 9. Then she came and sit on my lap facing me and she was kissing me madly.

I grabbed her butt and squeezed them hard. she left out a soft moan and said – you are aggressive. i said – and you are a bitch.
Then she took my t-shirt off and start licking my upper body.

I also removed her top and unhooked her bra. her boobs were so soft. I squeezed them hard and gave love bites on it . She was going crazy and rubbing her pussy over my dick. Then i pushed her down and told her to suck my dick.

She took out my shorts and start squeezing my dick over my underwear. Then she took out my underwear and said – you have a big and thick dick i had seen till now.

I said this is all your now my bitch. then she started stroking my dick and then started sucking it. She was a pro at sucking . She was not able to take it deep so i hold her hair and pushed it inside her mouth untill she tap my thighs with her hands to leave her. Then she licked my balls and suddenly from balls she started moving towards my ass.

Me – you are very nasty and horny akanksha.

Akanksha – i always had a fantasy to get dominated and give a rim job to someone.

Me – i will let you know how dominant i am.

akanskha – i am your slave daddy, use me as you want to. no questions will be asked.

I got very horny after listening this.
I put her head and pushed it towards my asshole. She licked it all over and start pushing her tongue inside my asshole and stroking my dick with her one hand.

Then i pushed her with my leg slowly and stood up. Then i kissed her hard and removed her jeans and panty.

She was all naked now. her big ass and thighs we looking very hot. I spanked her hard and pushed her on to the bed and got on top of her. I put my dick between her boobs and start giving thrusts.

Akanksha – please fuck me daddy, i cant control.

me – wait let me please you my bitch.

I started licking her boobs and then her stomach and then i was licking the surrounding of her pussy. She was clean shaved. she was already very wet . I started rubbing her clit and pushed 2 finger inside her pussy she started moaning

Akanksha – aah, yess, keep doing this daddy, i will be your slave for rest of my life aaahhhh.

Then she hold my head and put it on her pussy and i licked her for 15 mins and she had an orgasm and her juices came out of her pussy. I licked it all and kissed her and gave all her juices to her.

Then we switched to 69 and she was aucking my dick deep then i put my one leg on her neck and pusher her down on my dick for 10 seconds. She was coughing and my dick was all in saliva. I was licking my best friend sister pussy and i inserted 2 fingers in her ass hole. She liked it.

Then i spank her hard and put my finger prints on her big ass.
Then i told her i want to fuck you bitch . I made her into doggy style and omg the view of her ass was amazing then i pushed my dick in her pussy by holding her butt cheeks.

She was in pain so i put my underwear in her mouth so that no one listens. I told her to spread her ass cheeks with both her hands while i fuck her. she did that i simultaneously started finger fucking her asshole. The i removed my underwear and she took a deep breath and started saying

akanksha- yes yes yes fuck me hard, i never felt this feeling before, you are too good daddy. aaahh harder, don’t stop.

I put my toes in front of her mouth while fucking my best friend sister and she licked it. I fucked her continously for 10 mins then i hold her hairs and mouth fucked her. I slapped her on her face and she came on top me and put my dick in her pussy and started riding me.

She came forward and i started squeezing and licking her boobs.the she had her second orgasm and started shivering as i didn’t stopped. I spanked her hard in that position and grab her big butt. Then after 15 mins i was about to cum then i told her to give me a blowjob. She did that and i came in her mouth .

She swallowed it all and cleaned my dick. It was a great sex for both of us and we both enjoyed . Then we both hugged each other on the bed for 10 mins while kissing each other. After that we smoked a ciggeratte together naked. Then as we wore our cloths suddenly someone knock the door and we both got frightened.

to be continued….
what happened after that will tell you in the next part. you will be shocked after listening it. girls looking for hookup can mail me on [email protected]