Fuck! I love my family

Where I am from, in royal families men marry their younger sisters. My sister was actually super excited about our marriage. I was abroad the whole time when this marriage planning was going on.

I landed the day before marriage! Things went south from there on.

My sister (my would-be bride) and my mom were at the airport. Mom was driving. I and my sister had to sit in the back seat. She was wearing a shirt, just a long shirt with our family motif embroidered and nothing else.

We loaded my bags in the trunk, I hopped in and the moment we left the airport, my sister jumped on me. She almost tore through my tracks, pulled my dick out and started sucking me off, right in the middle of traffic!

I liked it. She had sumptuous lips and small hands and I could see her assets through that funny shirt she was wearing. The weird part was our mom started telling her what to do, and how to do it.

She lifted her shirt. She was…is hairy. She has little hair even in her asshole. (I still pull those just for fun.)

Mom told me to rub her shit hole while she sucked me! She told my sister to squeeze my balls. Mom told me to shove my thumb up in her ass and the next two fingers in her cunt.

I came in no time. My sibling swallowed the whole load and showed it to mom, sticking her tongue out so that she actually swallowed it. Mom was happy. This supposedly is a family rule.

We got married the next day. It was a woman’s affair. The priest was a lady. Sister had to be naked with just a headwear. This I knew already. I saw photos of my cousins getting married.

My mom, my cousin sisters and all my aunts were there. Men were not allowed. The ceremony was short. Then they set up a bed for us.

It was just not that, I had to fuck my own little sister “in front” of my mom and my aunts! We had to adhere to our family customs.

First, she had to pee on me. I had to drink it all. Then I had to lick her feet clean. Then I had to lick her butthole clean.

My aunts were not that happy with my first try. One of them actually spread my sister’s ass cheeks and made sure I lick every inch of it. And the whole time I had to look at that aunt of mine. She was wearing a saree without any undergarments. Her right boob was out.

This was mandatory in such a marriage so that probably we get to KNOW each other.

Then the real thing started. I had to fuck my sister. She was gentle. But my mom, my cousins and my aunts were not. Mommy did not allow us even to have sex in missionary. I had to fuck her from behind. Again, a family custom, I guess.

Two of my cousins were pushing my new wife into my dick. The women were hugging and kissing us at random. I guess my mom kissed my sister once or twice. And everyone, every single girl had to have her juice right when I was drilling her.

I could not come with so many women looking at me and going about it. Mom whispered in my ear to shove it in her ass! Her own son…fucking her daughter in the ass. Sister was screaming super hard. I was trying not to hurt her. Mom said to shove it balls deep. She wanted what was best for me.

That worked. My sister’s ass was super tight and I was about to come. One of my cousins sensed it, pulled my dick out of her ass, shoved it in her pussy. I came inside my sister. To make sure that I did, one of my aunts (the one in the saree and without anything else) and one of my cousins stretched out her pussy, scooped out my cum from it, and tasted it to make sure it was cum. They stretched my sister’s asshole and put all their fingers like they were searching for a lost treasure to make sure I did not cum there so that my first seed would be in her fucking vagina.

The next day, mom took us to our honeymoon. It was a road trip. Sister was only allowed to wear long tees. No bras or panties either. While mom was driving, I would fuck my sis in the car incessantly. We were newlyweds. And my mom would shout at me the whole time, “Cum inside her…inside her pussy…not her asshole.”

This went on for the next one week. Mom would come into our room, hardly wearing anything. Sister would suck her breast and that would calm my sister. I would fuck her asshole first and when I was right about to cum, I would shove it into her cunt.

My sister was pregnant now and can’t have sex anymore. So, mom was sleeping with us. She was sleeping on our bed in between me and my wife. Me and sister used to sleep naked. Just got married, right? Mommy wore a nightgown, and shed it before getting into bed. She was pretty young and firm. My sister…my wife sucks her boobs to go off to sleep.

I was super horny one night. Both the girls were asleep. I touched mom’s ass and started jerking off. She woke up with a jolt, slapped me hard and left our room. After a few minutes, she came back with the largest strap-on that was ever invented! I woke my sister up and told her to watch.

My mom started fucking me. She had my legs spread and shoved her strap-on up my ass. Her boobs were clanking right above my face. Sister took hold of one of her boobs and started sucking on it. It probably turned her on, she pulled out, squatted on our faces and squirted on me and my pregnant sister. Once she calmed down, she said I should be more open about my needs.

My mom jerked me off last night three times straight to make sure I don’t fuck her daughter. Women are weird!!