First Sex Experience With Friend’s Friend – Part 1

A friend in need is a friend indeed. The heroine of the story is Navya. She was introduced to me by my close friend on one of our boozing days.

The story starts on a beautiful evening when I and my friend decided to have booze. I went to pick up my male friend in my room and that was the first time I saw her. She was a normal Indian-looking girl with a lean body and fair skin. But what attracted me most were her well-sized assets matching her body shape. She was introduced to me by my friend as his childhood friend.

To tell you about myself, I am a typical guy with no girls in my life, and hardly spoke to a few girls in my college days. I am a kind of introverted guy, with 6 feet in height, fair looks, and a normal body shape. And now having a girl in my room that too while boozing was a dream. She and my friend were normal friends brought up in the same locality and he had no intentions of her.

We started the evening with whiskey and my friend’s friend had vodka and it went late at night. We became high and decided to sleep. My friend slept on the bed in the living room and I decided to sleep with a mattress on the floor, leaving the bedroom for her. To my surprise, she adjusted herself on the same bed and decided to sleep along with me.

I decided to try my luck sleeping with her. For the past couple of hours, I didn’t make a move due to fear. But then she started coming close to me while in deep sleep. At one point, she was sleeping tightly hugging me and that was the first time I was having touch with a girl that close. But still, I couldn’t dare to advance being an introvert.

That night passed with her hugging me and me doing nothing out of fear. In the morning, my friend decided to stay back in my room due to the hangover and she wanted to leave her home. I decided to take a chance and drop her at her home.

My friend’s friend was like, everything was normal and had a nice conversation with me till we reached her home. Then finally we exchanged our numbers. You know the greatest skill of an introvert, they can’t utter a word with new people, but they are unstoppable in chatting, the same case is with me.

Then we started chatting and it went on day and night with a lot of things about our personal things. The chat went on for a couple of weeks and we became close friends. Then I decided to shift the gear later and started with our biggest weapon – “Adult Jokes”. And to my luck, she responded well to that.

Things were going on well with all the adult content and in no time, we became so close that adultness became a part of our conversation. Then I decided to use my next weapon “Her Past” and it always starts with the common question, “Have you been in love ever?”. That’s how I got into her past and came to know that she was in a relationship and it ended up just 6 months back.

She had a breakup with her BF and it didn’t go well between them. And to her badness, they had sex once and lost her virginity. Now I went on a path to start giving her mental support at one end, and the other end was asking her about their romantic times and intimate experiences.

After a couple of days, she started discussing more about their private moments and we literally started sex chat. This went on for a few days and we started exchanging our desires and opinions about sex.

At one point, all her bad past and intimate experiences, with my deep discussions got her to the point that a casual relationship with no commitment is better than a serious relationship. There started the second phase of our journey, “Sexting”. Things got more spiced up in the next few days with intense discussions on sex and later started to have a sex session between us in chat. We became so close and dirty with all our desires and fantasies, literally making her wet and me releasing loads of juices every night.

This continued for the next couple of weeks and we never met anywhere except in chat and not even phone calls. Sexting became a daily routine to us and I decided not to end this with just chat. I decided to test my luck.

Then one day, when both of us were extremely high with all the lust, I asked her, “Let’s try it out in real” and her answer was neither yes nor no. For the next few days every time we had great fun, I started asking her for a real meeting. She never got serious and also never said no, which means always there was a chance of the most anticipated answer “Yes”.

Finally, the day came and yes, she accepted for a real meeting. To my luck, I stay alone and not much challenge to take her into my room. We waited for the right time and decided to meet on a Saturday. She made a nice plot to her parents that she would be meeting her best friend. And would be staying at her home that night.

That was the most anticipated moment and I went to pick her up. Oh God! She was completely ready for it which I sensed looking at her dressing. She wore tight blue jeans and a casual blue color shirt. Her thighs and ass were poking out showing her nice shapes.

She had a lean body with 5’6″ in height, fair Indian color. But looking at her shape seems her boobs and ass perfectly match her body. I couldn’t wait anymore to unleash her but decided not to hurry. I was waiting for the day for 26 long years and there was nothing wrong with waiting a few hours.

How I took the girl to my room, removed her clothes, saw her nude for the first time, licked and ate her pussy deep and how I succeeded in putting my dick in her pussy, releasing loads of cum, and filling her hole without a condom – all these will be narrated in part 2.

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