First Encounter: Caught up in Durga Puja’s Unholy Act

Choco is 19, returning from tuitions during Durga Puja. And what he sees next is what changed his sexual life forever. Find out how a simple friendship turned into the most unholy act in his life, for now.

Greetings, ISS readers! I am HazardousChocoate, but you can mention me as Choco. I am proficient in scriptwriting, and I decided to give this a try. All of my works are fictional. Let’s begin with an introduction to myself.

I am 19, and my stats of 5’7” height and a lean + muscular physique, a fat penis of 6” with a girth of 4.” Combined with the charms of a sigma male and skills of a king of sexting, are my most attractive features since I hit puberty.

I do attract females intentionally and unintentionally. I even had my size and skills floating around my college as rumours. Still, I never had any relationship. I always wanted FWBs and NSAs but never got any.

Now, for the main story.

This was during the Panchami of 2019. I was invited to my tuition for a Durga Puja celebration at my teacher’s house. I was returning home at around 6 p.m. after the event, passing by my college. The traffic was at an all-time high. I could see literal models going past me in buses, rickshaws, or auto-rickshaws.

I stood in front of my college, near the bus stand for a bus. But I couldn’t find any boardable one. Upon deciding to move ahead towards the 2nd bus stop, I started walking past my college. A small alley is attached to my college’s boundary wall, and no street lights are available there.

While walking through the sidewalk, I heard waves of laughter and some moans of girls. The latter caught my attention. I pressed hard onto my intuition when a familiar voice called me from the dark alley.

Unknown (Him): Oi! Choco! Where are you going, buddy?

Unknown (Her): It’s Choco! (moans) He-hey! Aaaaaah!

I was dumbstruck. It was like a gangster calling me, yet I recognised the voice. A sudden dilemma surrounded me, “What if it’s him whom I am anticipating and approach?” and “What if that voice is similar to one of my friends, and they are doing something shady? Should I move on?”

I turned back whole-heartedly, thinking of the best. And what I saw after that was something I had never seen till I hit my legal age. My childhood friend, Arnav, was calling me while smoking and behind him was another old classmate, Jiya.

It was too dark, and I could still make out that she was bent over and getting banged by another hunk. Not only that, the traffic’s noise was slowly fading out, and more of the moans were heard. Along with what I could understand, there are more smokers.

I approached the alleyway in horror and found out that it was an orgy. 3 guys, and 7 girls. I knew 5 of them, all of the guys and 2 girls. They were all my friends from my old college. They studied with me for the longest time throughout high college.

Looking at them like that almost made me throw up. Arnav brought me back to my senses, “Come here, little boy. Join in the fun! Here, take a joint.” I refused to take the joint but looked at my classmate girls. They were looking like prostitutes.

I remember when all of those guys and girls used to go out on trips across Kolkata. We used to hang out most of the time, the fun we had together as normal students. But then, that scene was the most disturbing one: one of the girls was Ayesha, who was blowing Kushal.

The other girl was Minari, and she was being pounded by Arithra on the road. Two girls were blowing Arnav while drinking some beer. One of the remaining three was standing at the roadside with a joint, fully clothed, while the other two approached me.

They were clothed as well, and they looked as if they had been drugged. One of them took my right arm and pressed it against her chest. The other girl went behind me and climbed on me from behind. The one who grabbed my arm pulled me further into the alley, and her hands went straight to my crotch.

Both were giggling and slightly swaying. At this stage, I could either run and not speak about it or let it flow. I decided to run on my very first instinct. But the girl smoking at the side of the road told me, “Choco, you have no way to run and hide. If you do, you’ll be caught by the police.” I was stuck at this point.

My morals were bursting out, and I didn’t want to initiate any wrongful act. But the other girl had already unzipped me. Suddenly, I had an idea. I grabbed the neck of the girl who had unzipped me and kissed her straight onto her lips. She was taken by a shock.

The other girl climbed down and started kissing my cheekbone since she was much shorter than me. Then, I grabbed both of them by their hair and pushed them onto the nearby wall. I zipped up my pants and asked them, “Are you fucking bitches even legal? Huh?” T

The smoking girl answered my question, “One of them is Riya from Science B, and the other one is Tani from another college. All of them are legal. Hahaha.” I realised that I must do something that stop them from approaching me for some time. I lifted the tops of both of the girls and started noticing their stats.

One of them, who was much shorter than me, had a short brunette, bob-cut hair, a thin body with perky breasts, a wider waist, and a small butt. I smacked her tight butt while opening her jeans, and she moaned in a drowsy manner. The other girl took off her top and revealed her mid-size melons.

She was fit, with a little fat at her belly, a relatively wider waist from the shorter girl, and a perfect meaty butt. I pulled both of them closer, facing away from me, and made them stand with their hands on the wall in a wall push-up position. Then, I grabbed both of the girl’s breasts from behind.

My right on the right girl’s right perky yet soft breast. My left hand was on the soft melon of the left girl, and I started pressing them. The left girl was extremely turned on, and she straightaway unbuttoned her jeans and pulled them down.

While pulling the jeans down, I grabbed her tight and pulled her close to my body. I started sucking her right earlobe. My hot breaths were making her rub her hand over my crotch. She said, “Please fuck me, I want your cum. Please.” She played with her hair.

I inserted two of my right-hand fingers into the petite girl’s mouth. She sucked them like a good girl, and then I inserted them into her already leaking love hole. She moaned loudly out of ecstasy. I made sure that the first girl in my arms got better treatment since I like fit girls with the meaty butt.

Pushing the fit one against the wall, she turned back at me and gave me a wicked look. If she wasn’t in that position, I could have definitely made her my new friend for future hangouts. But the Panchami was neither well-sorted out for her nor me, especially in that position.

I went down near her butt, and surprisingly, her butt had a soft rose fragrance to it. It turned me, and I started licking her butt-hole. She started humming.

Fit girl: Mmmmmmm, Riya, you are getting finger-fucked, huh?

Riya (Petite girl): Aaah, I’m cumming.

And Riya came into my hands. She turned around, bent forward, pulled my right hand and sucked her juices from my fingers. While giggling, she dressed herself up and went out of the alley, fixing her hair as if nothing had happened. Tani, however, shoved her butt harder onto my face.

Tani: I want you to finger fuck me harder, please!

I was turned on at a terrific level, so I stood up behind her and choked her by putting my left hand around her neck. She was laughing and moaning at the same time.

Tani: Yes, I like it rough, ba-

Before she could finish her sentence, I put three of my right-hand fingers in her drooling mouth, flipped around, leaned on the college’s boundary wall, and pulled her hard against my body. I crushed her right breast this time. She spread her legs and choked on my fingers, shoved down her throat.

She didn’t resist a bit, so I pulled them out while she grabbed my thighs from the side. Then, pulling out my fingers with a jerk, I pushed those three fingers inside her leaking pussy, letting out a strong “Augh!” from her mouth and continuous moans. I finger fucked her till she begged me to stop.

Tani: Stop, please, I am cumming. Please, stop.

I let out my finger, and what I saw was a waterfall of squirt bursting out of her pussy. It was swollen by then as I kneaded Tani’s breasts and kissed her neck. I put my soaked fingers in her mouth, and she sucked them dry. She then turned around and hugged me.

She kissed me on my cheeks, whispering “Thank you” before letting me go. She seemed sober by then, which confused me. My friends were also picking up their clothes and dressing up. I said, “Thank you, guys and girls,” and left that alley.

I took a bus from the second bus stop at around 8 p.m. I was accompanied by a now sober Tani. She sat beside me while the bus raced through the many vehicles, people, and, most importantly, the pandals. I kept looking at the beautiful small pandals, the dhaak and the aarti.

When I turned and looked at her from the side, she didn’t speak to me. Instead, turned and looked at me. Her eyes were filled with innocence, not a wicked look at all. It was as if she was forced into such a dirty act. She was looking gorgeous, without any makeup.

Deep inside, I could feel that she wasn’t like this. Then she came close to my ear and whispered, “I am a virgin.” I could then understand why she thanked me. She got down at the previous stop and bid me bye.

Thank you very much, kind and beautiful reader! I hope you enjoyed my first story. If you have any suggestions, please write to me at [email protected].