Father Turns Daughter Into A Sex Addict


Aleem Baig woke up at 5:00 in the morning. Stark naked, he sat up and found his beautiful teenage daughter Naila lying beside him. She was completely naked as well but fast asleep.

The room smelled of sex. The sheets, the air, their skin, all wreaked of sweat and his old cum and her young cum. He looked down and saw his hard cock twitch. It needed her again. It wanted to fuck the tight hole between his daughter’s legs again.

His lustful gaze fell on Naila’s petite firm body, her fair skin, her jet black hair, her small cone-shaped breasts and that beautiful shapely ass, still red from the pounding it had taken earlier.

He adored her lovely legs, her lovely feet and her lovely toes. His daughter’s naked body shone in the moonlight like divine beauty. He loved every inch of her.

Aleem Baig parted his daughter’s legs with his hairy hands and got between them. He collected a mouthful of spit on his tongue and spat on the soft skin of her pussy.

Naila felt the sticky goo of his spit dribbling down the slit of her choot. She slowly opened her eyes and was mildly annoyed when the vision of her father jerking his cock between her legs came into focus. This was the third time he had woken her up!

“Papa, don’t,” Naila said sleepily. “I can’t do it any more.” Her father completely ignored her meek protest, lifted her legs over his shoulders, and climbed on top of her.

“Papa, slowly, please. I’m so sore.” She said softly as the tip of his cock pushed between the swollen lips of her pussy. Her screams echoed across the walls as he drove his cock further and further into her. Impatiently, he began pumping her pussy.

With a blissful expression on his face, he began to fuck her harder and harder, kissing her legs and her feet. He even sucked on her pretty, fine-looking toes. That always made him cum faster!

He shot his warm seed deep into Naila’s tight love hole a fifth time in a single night. He thought how wonderful it was to have a daughter, one as gorgeous as his.

At the break of dawn, he collapsed on top of her and dozed off again.

Naila could feel the presence of her dead mother in the room. She missed her very much. Her father was all she had in the world. She would have done anything to make him happy. Anything!

She wrapped her arms and legs tightly around his hairy, naked body and wept silently before falling asleep again.

Aleem Baig breaks his daughter’s seal:

Delhi is a wild place! It’s a jungle full of sexual creatures hunting for sex and love.

Aleem Baig began fucking his daughter only a few days after his wife’s funeral. At 19, Naila was known to be an absolute beauty. Her father knew the effect she had on men. He was painfully aware of the effect she had on him! Her father!

At 59, Aleem Baig was a serious man. He was tall and broad-shouldered, with thick, stern-looking eyebrows. His salt and pepper beard was short but plentiful, just like the hair on his chest.

Aleem Baig was also a broken-hearted man. He had loved Naila’s mother very much. She had been ill for two whole years before she died. Naila looked exactly like a much younger version of her once beautiful mother.

As a result, it was his daughter he began fantasising about when he showered and wondered if she had started having sex with the boys in college. Surely they all wanted to fuck her!

He reached for his cock and began jerking it at the thought of her getting gang-banged by the boys in her class in the men’s bathroom. He hated himself for even thinking this!

Living alone with Naila in their small apartment did not help. When she bathed before bedtime, he stood outside the bathroom door. He listened to the warm water wash his daughter’s lovely youthful skin. He would have drank her bath water had she let him!

A week after the funeral, in the middle of the night, Naila knocked on her father’s bedroom door and walked in. Aleem Baig was caught off guard. He had no shirt on, and though his shalwar was still on, his cock was fully erect.

Naila was wearing a tight t-shirt and pyjamas. She was crying very badly. She missed her mother very much. She sat on the edge of her father’s bed and told him she felt hopeless and devastated.

Aleem Baig abruptly placed a pillow on his lap to hide his erection. He hoped she hadn’t noticed it.

“Don’t cry, my jaan! It is fate.” He said in a soothing voice, “Don’t cry.”

Bursting with grief, Naila suddenly leaned forward, wrapped her arms around him tightly, and began crying. She pressed her body to his tighter than he had expected. His face was now buried in the scented curls of his daughter’s hair.

She smelled like a blissful forest he wanted to walk into naked. He also realised he could feel her small cone-shaped breasts poking at his naked hairy chest. His cock began to twitch beneath the pillow. He tightened his grip around her, not wanting to let go.

Deviously, he decided tonight WAS the night he was going to fuck her. He closed his eyes and imagined her naked on his bed with her flawless legs wrapped around him as he pounded her fresh pussy as she squealed.

Thoughtlessly, he began kissing his daughter’s right cheek. She closed her eyes and let him shower her with what she thought was ‘fatherly affection’. But his breathing became heavier, and his kisses grew more fervent. He even kissed her gently on the neck, which she found odd. It felt good but different.

Naila suddenly opened her eyes, however. She felt her father’s lips on hers and his hand squeezing her breast. Shocked! She suddenly realised what was happening. She just froze as her father kissed her lips hungrily again and again and again.

“Papa!” She broke away and gasped with shock, “No!”

Realising the horror of what he had done, Aleem Baig suddenly broke down and began to cry!

“Forgive me, my Jaan!” He cried, “Please forgive me! I miss your mother so much! I need her so badly! You remind me so much of her! Forgive me! Please!”

Naila had never seen her father cry. He had always been so strong for her and her mother. Now he was having a nervous breakdown right when she needed him to be strong.

Naila began to cry as well. It killed her, knowing she had made him cry by refusing the affection he craved! In the act of love and without giving any thought to the consequences, she took his big hand with her soft fingers and placed it on her breast.

“It’s alright, Papa! Please don’t cry!” She sniffed with wet cheeks. “I’m here for you! See?” She said and felt his hand squeeze her firm tit. “I’m here for you!”

Aleem Baig seized this opportunity. His cock began oozing pre-cum as he eagerly grabbed her breasts with both hands. He was not satisfied by just a squeeze. He slid his hands beneath his daughter’s shirt and massaged her firm breasts.

He was brushing her nipples gently with his fingertips, clearly making them hard and erect. She watched her father with a dumbfounded expression. He lifted her shirt to her neck and stared lustfully at her bare chest. Her small cone-shaped tits were flawless!

Naila sat on the bed, frozen, unsure what he would do next. Her father had always been so composed. She had never seen him lose control like this. In spite of her devotion to him, she was terrified.

Aleem Baig suddenly lowered his face to his daughter’s chest. He took her right breast in his watering mouth. He began sucking on it like a juicy fruit, ripe and ready to be eaten. Slurping and licking like a man who hadn’t eaten in days.

Naila’s eyes closed, and her mouth dropped open. Her throat then expelled its first gasp of sexual pleasure. Naila knew her father had gone too far!

“Papa! Please stop! This is too much! This is wrong!” She gasped and tried pushing his head away, but he was too strong.

“I’m your daughter, not your wife! We should stop! Please!” Naila begged.

“It feels good, no?” Mumbled her father as he continued sucking and licking her left nipple. “Your Mama loved it when I did this!”

“I’m not her! Please, Papa! We should stop!” She cried as waves of pleasure ran through her whole body. She grew terrified because her father’s lips, teeth and tongue felt phenomenal on her skin!

Aleem Baig ignored his daughter’s protests completely. The world had stopped making sense. The reality was now a blur, a dream where things just happened.

Her father lifted her arms and removed her shirt. She tried to speak, beg, reason, but he shut her up by pressing his lips on hers.

Instantly, his tongue pushed into her mouth and began exploring it. Naila stopped crying as her father’s thick, long tongue invaded her mouth completely, claiming and tasting every spot. Time and space dissolved, and before she knew it, she was also breathing hard, matching his rhythm.

Aleem Baig had an unusually long tongue. He’d use it to explore his daughter’s holes in the coming days. His tongue licked the inside of her small mouth, the insides of her cheeks, the roof of her mouth. The place beneath her resisting little powerless sweet tongue slithered back to her throat.

Unexpectedly, Naila began sucking on her father’s tongue like the long seed of a juicy mango. At this, Aleem Baig felt joy in his heart. He knew she was up for sex. Ready to be fucked.

Abruptly, he broke away and stood up breathlessly. He didn’t care about consent or consequences now. He wanted to feel her tightness on his cock. He flung the pillow and shamelessly removed his shalwar right before her.

His big, veiny cock sprang up. Naila stared at it with fear and fascination. As she watched him stare at her, sitting on his bed shirtless with lustful eyes, Naila thought of her loving mother and how she longed to be in her arms at that very moment.

Naila began to cry again as she glanced at the door of the room. The walls were closing in. It was too late to run. Her father had gone mad with lust.

“Papa, I should go back to my room.” She said.

Her father responded by gently grabbing her wrist and guiding her fingers around his thick cock. It was hard like concrete!

“Look, Jaan!” He said lustfully, “I’m so hard for you! Please don’t leave me!”

His cock felt strange and warm in her hands. Hard in a way, soft in a way. It even moved on its own like it was alive. Part of her wanted to run away from it. Another part wanted to put it in her mouth and suck on it.

She meekly began jerking his cock, hoping he’d ejaculate so she could run away from this strange nightmare she had walked into. But to think this was innocent of her. Abruptly, Aleem Baig pounced on his daughter like a starving dog.

“Papa, please stop! This is so wrong!” She pleaded as her father pushed her back on the bed and pulled her pyjamas off. Naila lost the struggle to keep her pyjamas on fairly quickly. Held only by an elastic band, they came off quite easily.

He chucked this last remaining piece of clothing on her body on the floor. He discovered she was not wearing any panties. Naila covered her eyes in shame. What her father saw was a beautiful revelation.

Naila’s young pussy looked exactly like her mother’s pussy when he had undressed her on their wedding night so many years ago. It was the same shape, the same shade of pink, the same little flaps tucked neatly on either side.

The heavens had given Aleem Baig a second chance at finding love, he thought to himself. ‘To sexually satisfy him WAS her only purpose!’

He spread her thighs and pressed his nose on the soft skin of her choot like it was the bud of a sweet-smelling flower. Naila began to cry. She felt ashamed, frightened, guilty, aroused, and feverish.

Aleem Baig began feasting on her clit with a hungry, wet mouth. Naila gasped and turned her head in shame. She spotted a photo of her mother on the bedside table and felt the presence of her ghost.

But these morbid thoughts evaporated when she felt her father’s thick, long, muscular tongue slither into the tight hole of her choot. Like his cock, his tongue felt alive, autonomous, boring into the tight pink of her tight hole. She began to grunt loudly.

Unexpectedly, she felt his middle finger press against her little asshole. Naila gasped and said “No Papa! Not there! please!”

He mumbled lustfully with half-closed eyes. He responded by pressing his finger in her asshole deeper without stopping until it was up to his knuckle. Naila’s eyes rolled back with pleasure!

With his tongue licking her drenched clit, and his fingers working her rectum. She made sounds her throat had never made before. He finger fucked her little asshole with one, then two fingers. He also pushed up to squeeze her inners upon that special, sacred G-spot. She began to scream.

Her back arched as she squirted sweet water in her father’s mouth. He drank it with relish. She clenched the hair on his head with both hands and curled her toes as she squirted.

“Stop, Papa! Stop!” She said breathlessly as she just lay there. Limp. Shuddering. Now unbelievably sensitive to touch.

“It’s okay, Jaan! You liked it, no?” He said with a devilish smile and kissed her thighs gently, “I know what you like…because I know what your mother liked. You’re both the same.”

With her limp legs still spread, Naila closed her eyes momentarily and saw a kaleidoscope of colours. She felt so light-headed she couldn’t move. Opening her eyes, she saw her big, hairy father stroking his cock. He parted her weakened legs further with his knees and moved between them.

She now accepted her fate. Sex with her father was destined, pre-ordained. Naila closed her eyes as her father guided his cock between the warm lips of her choot. Her screams echoed across the walls. He drove his cock further and further into her fuck hole. She even called out for her mother.

“Maa!” she cried. Her pelvic muscles stretched to allow the diamond head of his cock into the forbidden place. The walls of her inners put up resistance. But the cock was too rigid, too full of pent-up desire to heed the defence of her innocent pussy.

“Maa, maa!” She screamed in pain and cried out for her mother again. He covered her mouth.

“Quiet!” He said, alarmed, “The neighbours will hear!”

He pushed his cock inside till he was balls deep in her pussy. He remained perfectly still as his cock and her young inexperienced choot acquainted themselves. He waited for her soft inner walls to stop resisting and submit to their hard, dome-shaped conqueror.

“This is just like my wedding night.” Her father gasped ecstatically in her ear. “She was tight, just like you.”

Her pussy lips stretched and wrapped perfectly around his throbbing veiny cock. The pain in her choot began to subside. And then he began pumping her, slowly at first. Then harder and harder. After five minutes, her body had begun to submit to him fully.

He lifted her legs over his shoulders till the pink soles of her feet facing the ceiling. With a blissful expression on his face, he began to pump harder and harder, kissing her legs and feet lovingly till he finally screamed.

“I’m cumming!” He yelled.

Naila screamed, “Papa, pull out, please!”

Her father pulled out of her abruptly. He began ejaculating ropes and thick white-yellow cum all over her body. The first shot landed as far as her hair and face. The second up to her mouth and chin. The third is on her heaving tits, and the rest is on her belly and crotch.

Panting heavily, they just stayed there, breathing in the dim light, not saying a word. She tasted his cum on her lips and licked it. It was salty and spicy. A few drops of blood began staining the white sheet. This turned him on instantly.

Moments later, he was hard again.

“You know what doggy style is, don’t you?” Her father said to her.

Naila nodded hesitantly. She’d seen it in a porn video once.

“Good!” He said. He grabbed her ankle and flipped her petite teen body like a pancake. He grabbed her hips and lifted them effortlessly till they were in a doggy position.

Aleem Baig entered his daughter’s pussy again and began. Thrusting in and out with his paw-like hands on her slim hips. He fucked her like a street dog shamelessly and hard.

Naila was now in ecstasy! She knew immediately her mother and father fucked like this. She also knew her mother loved it because she loved it! Naila suddenly felt her mother’s spirit in her own body.

“Love is violent.” she thought as her father slapped her ass cheek, stretched her pussy to its limit with his hard cock, tore her hymen and made her bleed, “Love is so violent!”

“Fuck me, Papa!” Naila screamed suddenly, unable to contain her pent-up desire. “Fuck me like you fucked Mama! I’ll be your wife, Papa! I’ll be your wife!”

The first round seemed like she had been MeToo’d. In the second round, she found herself passionately sucking on his fingers as he pounded her pussy from behind.

In the third round, he lifted her off the bed and with her legs wrapped around him, he pounded her against the wall. And the fourth round, she straddled him and rode him gently. He cupped and caressed her tits till they both came.

With their sexual energies spent, Naila and her father lay quietly in the dark, their exhausted bodies covered in their drying sweat and juices. Naila lay half on top of him with her cheek on his hairy, heaving chest. Her legs and feet rested on his dark hairy ones.

The room smelled of sweat, his cum and her cum. The room smelled of sex. Her father had given her the gift of womanhood. The gift of sex, a swollen well fucked pussy, the gift of pain. The gift of a bruised, aching body, loved and fucked passionately by a strong man that truly loved her.

Naila carefully placed her hand on her father’s cock. It reacted to her immediately and began to grow in her hand like a magical toy.

“It’s okay. You can suck it if you want to.” Her father’s voice said gently in the dark, “I know you want to.”

Naila took his cock into her mouth and inhaled the spicy scent of her father’s thick pubic hair. She knew she had parted ways with her childhood. She felt different and tainted. She now saw men for what they were. Creatures of lust, worshippers of beautiful things like her.

Her beloved Papa had introduced her to the dangerous world of womanhood. Risky, passionate, dangerous and full of secrets and forbidden pleasures.


One month later:

Naila and her father were now more like husband and wife than father and daughter. They fucked constantly. He fucked her in the shower before going to college. He fucked her immediately after lunch by undoing her jeans and bending her over on the dining table. And he fucked her at night, of course.

One morning, He barged into the bathroom while she was relieving herself on the toilet. He didn’t care. He just saw her in complete vulnerability, spread her legs, and pounded her in missionary right there on the toilet seat!

Both father and daughter were healing. They were happy again.

Naila returned home from college late one afternoon and found her father in the living room on the couch. He looked pensive.

“Hello, husband, I mean Papa,” Naila said playfully and sat across his lap. This time, however, she did not feel a semi-hard cock under her jeans. She frowned. “What’s the matter?”

The conversation that followed went like this:

Aleem Baig: I want to talk to you about something.

Naila: What?

Aleem Baig: Do you love me?

Naila: You know I do.

Aleem Baig: Do you like having sex?

Naila: I think about it all the time. All the time.

Aleem Baig: Do you ever fantasise about fucking other men?

Naila: No, Papa.

She said immediately. “Just you.”

At this, her father gave her cheek a love slap! The slap a man gives to a girl he owns and dominates completely. She knew her father was serious!

Naila hesitated.

Naila: Sometimes Papa, when you fuck me from behind, you grab my hair and put your fingers in my mouth…

She hesitated again.

Aleem Baig: It’s okay, my Jaan. I know you’re a good girl. Sometimes good girls need to be bad. And I love it when you’re bad. Tell me.

Naila nervously licked her lips.

Naila: When you fuck me from behind and put your fingers in my mouth like that, I suck it. I close my eyes, and I pretend it’s another man’s cock. And then I think of being locked in a dark room full of men. Men who want to love me the way…you love me.

Her father smiled. He seemed relieved.

Aleem Baig: You are exactly like your mother.

He said with a now hardened cock under her bum. Moments later, Naila’s shoes, socks, jeans and panties were off. Aleem Baig pumped her creaming pussy from behind on the carpet. Like a little bitch in heat, Naila squealed. She took the hard pounding bravely with a dropped mouth.

Sure enough, while thrusting in and out of her fuck hole, he bent forward and inserted two fingers in her mouth. Naila immediately closed her eyes and began sucking on them blissfully!

“I want you to fuck other men, Jaan! I want to watch you fuck other men!” yelled Aleem Baig as he kissed the back of her head lovingly. “I want to share you with other men…just like I used to share your mother!”

Naila opened her eyes in shock before curling her toes and screaming in ecstasy.


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