Exotic Journey With My South Indian Mom – Part 1

Hi friends, let me introduce myself. I am Dhinakar from Chennai. I am 26 years old and I work in the IT software field. Today, I am going to share an incident that happened with my mom last year. This is my first story, so please have patience if you see any flaws in it.

Let me introduce my mom. She is a typical south Indian mother. Her name is Swetha. She is 36-34-36. She always wears saree in saree. My father passed away when I was young. My mom is the sole person who raised me from a young age. So, basically I had a huge love for her. After I started going to work, I asked her to quit her job and to take a rest at home.

So, let’s start the story. It all started last year in June. One day I came home afternoon as I had work from home option also. When I looked for my mom, she was not there. I went to my room and started shaking myself watching a porn video, thinking that I was all alone at home.

I didn’t know how much time I was doing it. When I was done and looked back, I saw my mom standing over the door and watching me with her eyes open in a shocked way!

I thought, “Damn, I forgot to close the door. I have done this for many years without her notice. How did I forget to lock the door?!” I quickly pulled my trousers up. I thought she was going to be mad at me, but she was so silent which scared the shit out of me.

After like 3 minutes of the angry stare, she left without saying anything. I locked the door and felt really embarrassed. I didn’t come out till night.

At night, my mom called me for dinner. I was too embarrassed to look at her. I ate dinner and went to my room. We didn’t talk much with each other for about a week. It is so hard to be like that when there are just 2 people in your home.

One day on a Sunday evening, I was watching TV and my mom came to the living room. The moment I saw her, I decided to go to my room. To my surprise, she called me.

Mom: Dhina, how long are we going to be like this? We are just two people, and you are the only person I have in my life. So, please be like normal with me.

Me: I’m really sorry mom for what I did. I was really embarrassed and scared to talk with you. I won’t do it hereafter.

Mom: Even I was angry with you on that day. But after that, I thought it is normal at this age and there’s nothing wrong with it. But don’t get addicted to it. Soon I have to find a girl for you. I was thinking you are still a child, but after the incident, I realized you have grown up now.

And she smiled at me.

Her words made me a little more comfortable.

Me: Thank you mom for understanding.

Mom: It’s okay, dear.

Then with some boldness, I asked her –

Me: Mom, you said it is normal at this age. So can I masturbate at home?

Mom (with eyebrows slightly raised): Yes, but lock the doors properly next time.

Saying this, she laughed out loudly. After that, we had a nice dinner and things started to be normal after that. She became more friendly with me and even we started to share some adult jokes. She was okay with this.

Then I started roaming in the house with shorts alone. The first time she gave me a weird look, but she didn’t say anything about that. I also started looking at her as a woman more and started noticing her shapes. After about a couple of weeks, on a Sunday while watching a movie, she started talking.

Mom: Still masturbating daily?

Me (gave her a weird look): Not daily, mom. Weekly two to three times. (With some boldness) Do you also masturbate, mom?

She was shocked that I asked her such a question. But she was more friendly with me. So she became easy and replied, “Everyone will have the urge to masturbate. I’m not an exception to it. Even I do it often.”

Me: How do you do it, mom?

I thought she would not reply to it. To my surprise, she did.

Mom: I do have a personal vibrator and an anal plug.

After hearing this, I became a little curious and started imagining my mother naked, masturbating and making loud noises. For the first time, I became erect thinking of her!

Me: Wow mom, I really never thought of you doing this. Mom, I came across a fantasy section in porn. Do you have any idea about this?

Mom (laughingly): Oh, now you started masturbating with fantasies?

Me: Nothing like that. Just curious to find out what it is.

Mom: Many people have some imaginative idea and they apply it while having sex. It is called fantasy.

Me: Ohh okay, mom. Do you have any fantasies, mom?

Mom: I did have. But your father was never okay with that. I wanted to dominate him, but he never accepted that. Every woman in their life had a wish to dominate their partner at least once.

Me: Wow mom. I never thought of anything like this. But thanks for sharing with me, maa.

Then I got an idea. Her birthday was arriving in a week. So I asked her –

Me: Mom, if you want to try your fantasy, can we try it on your birthday, mom?

She was taken back aside for a moment.

Then she said: What are you saying, Dhina? It’s wrong. I never thought about you like that. You are my son!

Me: Please mom, even I’m curious about it.

After thinking for some time, she said: Okay, but there should be no sexual intentions. I will be your mistress from the morning till the evening. And whatever orders I say, you have to follow them and be my submissive. I even want to fulfill my fantasy, but don’t disclose it to anyone.

Me (with pure excitement): Sure, mom. Thank you so much! Also mom, for your birthday, I’ll give you a present. Please promise me you will not scold me for it.

Mom (with a surprised face): Okay. I promise I will take it easy, whatever it is. Let me see what my son has in his mind.

Me: You will be excited to see it, mom.

After that, we had dinner and I went to my room. That was the best day of my life. I was really excited and was waiting for her birthday. I ordered her a present online.

I’ll continue in the next part. Please drop your valuable comments at [email protected]