Exciting sex before exams with my college junior girl

Hi, this is Adhi again to narrate another experience of mine with my junior. For those of you who don’t know about me, just a small intro again. I am now 30 years old, married and working in a reputed organization.

Back in those times, I was slender, fair, handsome, and good in academics. But like most parents, I was brought up naïve with no scent of girls and had no idea of sex or masturbation even. No concept of good touch and bad touch. But there were so many girls who used to have a crush on me (My bad! I came to know about these only after I came to work).

This is about one such girl Abitha (name changed, obviously). She was one-year junior to me in college. We had done a lot of group activities together back then in college but I had no idea she had a thing for me.

Four years back, she befriended me on Facebook and we happened to live nearby. She was also studying in college. We used to chat as friends casually. One fine day, she just told me she liked me. I asked her how she likes me. She replied that I look good and she has been longing for a hug from me for so long. I replied that she can get it from me and I invited her to my house when my parents were not home.

The day came and she was having an exam in the afternoon. In the morning, she came to my house on the pretext of clearing some doubts. Both of our parents also allowed it since they knew each other. My parents were out of the house at that time and I was not expecting them until 2 pm.

We started conversing casually and we couldn’t see each other’s eyes for a while. She was wearing a churidar since she was on the way to college. She was looking beautiful. She would have stats of 34-30-32 roughly and any man would love to have her. She was not the slim type and there was so much flesh in her to be devoured.

For the exam, she had to leave by 12.30 or 1. It was around 12 pm and we were still shy since it was the first experience for her. Although I had already had sex before, it was not with a known woman. We both felt the sexual tension arising but we were afraid to make the first move.

Then my college junior girl even held my hands and rested her head on my shoulders. I could feel her hot breath. By 12 pm, she pretended to go to the college for exams and went to the room’s entrance. I could hold it no more. So I went behind her and asked her once if it was urgent. She replied that she has another half an hour.

Without waiting for her response, I lifted her and took her to the bed! We started giggling and started smooching passionately. We touched each other’s bodies and were moaning. We started removing each other’s clothes one by one and admiring each other’s assets.

Once we were completely nude, we lost all inhibitions and smothered each other with kisses and licked each other all over.

I guided her hand to my cock and while having a lip-lock, she started giving me a handjob. It felt so good. Slowly, Abitha kissed my chest, and my stomach and started kissing my cock. She pinched the tip of my cock a little as I let out a slight moan. I felt the sexy junior girl’s hungry eyes preying on my cock and she started to suck it slowly. My god! That was heaven. Her soft lips wrapped around my 6“ cock. I loved it as her tongue rolled on the tip of my cock as I was inside her mouth. I was shuddering all the while.

I started teasing her nipples and sucked on them for a while. I played with her back kissing and prodding every inch of her back. I pinched her hips and licked her navel. I teased her clitoris for a while and it was wet and slippery. I pinched it slightly as her eyes rolled back and let out a moan. I circled her pussy lips with my fingers and it was making her crazy as it teased her so much.

I kissed her thighs and bit there slightly. I kissed her toes and slowly moved upward toward her thigh. She became too sensitive and couldn’t hold it anymore.

After a while, I spanked the college girl’s ass a little bit and bit her nipples. Her breasts were covered with my love bites. I knew she was not a virgin as she had been operated for hernia or something. Hence I asked her once if I can enter her and she replied yes.

I slowly guided my cock into her vagina and it was already so lubricated. It felt soft and my cock was used to handjobs and masturbation only. This was a whole new experience altogether.

During the first few thrusts, I was too slow. I was trying to enjoy the friction between my cock and the inner walls of her vagina. I felt every bit of it. Then after that, I started pumping vigorously in the missionary position without break.

While fucking my college junior girl, she was moaning a lot. I kissed her lips and also teased her nipples and clitoris. She couldn’t control. Her boobs were bouncing up and down. She looked like an angel having the time of her life.

I then asked her to lift her legs and place them around my shoulders which squeezed her pussy a little bit more. This gave extra sensation to both of us. Also, my cock was slightly bent toward the right. This gave me a way to reach parts of her vagina that wouldn’t be reached by a normal cock.

I was oozing precum. We fucked for about 15 minutes and I was about to cum. I pulled out and stroked it on her belly to cum on her navel and belly. We both had a really great orgasm. But it was time for her to go to college for her exams and she left immediately.

We had a good time. Now both of us are married and both of us are stuck with traditional spouses who don’t allow us to see each other or anyone else. She even moved to Chennai after marriage. But whenever she comes to our city, we find time and escape to some place for 30 minutes.

Still, we continue our relationship and we would like more spice now. We now are into threesomes but I still have to convince her as she is also traditional. She now says she is open to doing threesomes with another girl but has to first know the guy before she can spread her legs.

I hope we have all kinds of sexperiences soon. Feedback is welcome to the story. Thanks, guys.