Encounter With A Big Guy In Delhi Metro

All my stories where I met guys for my sex encounters were more of a planned one. Somehow this encounter was chanceless and never thought I will be encountering in a public metro. It happened a few days back while I was commuting to home from office.

I would like to give a brief background of how I travel to work. I normally use the metro to commute from home to work and back. I have average-sized boobs which if I wear a t-shirt or shirt a size smaller, then people can see the shape of it or the outline.

So normally what I do is wear a size higher than my normal size shirt or t-shirt while commuting in public. This happened while I was going to Gurgaon from Rajiv chowk metro station. I was wearing a white color shirt and blue color jeans on Friday.

The only mistake I did was, though the shirt size was extra large, it was little body-hugging one. Not all can figure out my boobs part. So what happened was when I entered the train, I was standing and there was a guy sitting in front of me. He was around 6 ft tall, fair, good muscles but had fat near the belly area.

You can say he used to work out but somehow stopped working out. So as the train was moving I was listening to songs. I was looking here and there as I was getting bored. While looking here and there I saw him too. I realized he was looking at my chest area.

I thought that was by mistake and I chose to look somewhere else. Again after a couple of minutes, I checked him then again he saw me. Then he stared at my shirt. I was feeling a little nervous and also shy because normally I make sure my chest area is not visible to people.

But somehow he could see the protruding part. I chose to ignore him but he raised my curiosity. He made me curious whether he really can figure it out or just normal stare. Gradually I realized that he had figured out that my chest area was a little bit on the heavier side. Mind you I’m not bulky or fatty type.

Then I guess he also realized that I got a hint about his stare and all. Then he floated a smile towards me. I still ignored because I don’t want to be so open in public. Then in one of the station, a person sitting next to him got up to leave. So I sat on that vacant seat. The sitting area was not that big.

Plus he was big so covered more area. So I somehow adjusted and sat. After a couple of minutes, his hand movement started a lot, like checking the phone or stretching or checking his pocket. The reason he was doing this is to feel my boobs area through his elbow.

I first thought it was by mistake and later realized that it was intentional. Because even if I tried adjusting when I was sitting, he could somehow make sure he can touch my boobs area. Later I also enjoyed the touch as no one could realize this on the train what was happening except me and him.

So when I started enjoying the touch and press of his elbow, I stopped moving. This thing he realized very soon and now he kept fondling it more with his elbow. I thought our touch and feel will be like this till our destination comes and we get down.

But I think this incident gave him courage. He suddenly turned towards me and said hi with a smile. He continued his hi by saying he liked my shirt. So I said thank you. He asked me where I bought and I told him the place. We had a small chat. Then he asked where I stay and which station I normally get down.

I replied and he was surprised. He was also going to get down at the same station and he is visiting his vacant home to check. They are planning to give it on rent. I did not disclose him the exact area where I stay after realizing he is from the nearby area.

He then asked me whether I work out or do any fitness routine. I said no so he said that without any such activity I have a decent body. So I asked him when did he check my body. So he told me while I was standing he checked it out. I gave him a shy smile.

I changed the topic and asked whether he is into the gym and exercise. He nodded and said he used to earlier but not now because of work and other things. Then our station came and we got down. So while walking he asked me to check his house.

He told me to suggest what all can be done in order to get good tenants who can pay well. I said I got to go home and can’t come. He insisted and said it won’t take much time. So I hesitantly went with him. We reached his home and he opened the lock.

When I entered the house, it had basic amenities. Like one room got AC with a bed, wooden work is done and a nice 2 BHK house. I told him that he has a good place. Just need to clean and whitewash and it’s good to go. Then we went to the room which had a bed and AC to sit as it was too hot and humid outside.

He went out and got two glass with ice and whiskey. I was surprised and asked him how come he has this. He told me that earlier his known people were staying at his place. They left one half-empty bottle at the kitchenette area. I told him I can’t drink as I have to go home.

He told me had you not trusted me you would not have come. So as friends let’s have one or two pegs. I said OK and we had a couple of pegs. Plus somehow I couldn’t say him no as he was a big gentle handsome guy. I liked his company. After a couple of pegs when I was in a happy state.

I asked him if he was trying to touch me using his elbow by mistake or intentionally. He said intentionally. Though I knew it, hearing so straightforward from him also surprised me. He said that he knew I had small boobs and I liked guys because later I didn’t move and was enjoying it.

I felt so shy at that time that I could not look at him. He came close to me and hugged me suddenly. I didn’t resist and hugged him. Then he kissed me on my lips, it was a normal peck on my lips Normally I don’t kiss guys but I allowed him to. Then next time he kissed me but this time it was a proper kiss.

I didn’t resist much and allowed him to do it. Partially because I was high and partially maybe he had soft pink lips. He then started to kiss my cheeks, my neck, my ears. I was higher after this and had goosebumps. He slowly started to unbutton my shirt and I didn’t stop him.

He removed and saw my cleavage from my white ganjee which was a little tight. He said I got boobs like a girl and I can easily wear a decent size bra. I told him that I do wear a bra in the closet. He said he wasn’t surprised to hear this.

I then removed his t-shirt and he got good biceps and he has little fat around tummy area though his chest area was decently good. I tried feeling his body and I liked it. So I started kissing his body and licking his chest area. He got aroused.

He then opened my ganjee and my boobs were in full open for him. He couldn’t stop himself and made me sat on his lap so that he can squeeze my boobs and milk them. He started milking them and sucking them. Sometimes softly some time wildly. It made me very wild.

He then licked my tummy area, my groin then my back area. I was shivering with pleasure. He wanted to have sex with me. I didn’t tell them then that I don’t do anal sex because I knew he didn’t have a condom. So I told him that as there is no condom, I won’t do unprotected sex. He tried to persuade me but I resisted.

Then I pushed him and made him lie on the bed. I opened his pants. Now he was completely nude. I licked his body. He got aroused and his rocket was in launch mode. I cleaned his rocket and started licking it slowly from top to bottom. In between, I was pressing his balls softly, which made him moan.

I licked his mushroom and then started sucking them. I used ice to touch his rocket and then I was sucking it. He was in 7th heaven at that moment. He then made me lie on the bed and started sucking my small rocket. He made me very high but I didn’t want to reach a climax.

So I again made him lie and sucked his rocket slowly and steadily. He was moaning a lot and he was ready to reach his climax. Then I lay on the bed on my tummy. I asked him to cum on my ass during the climax by touching his rocket to my hole area. He liked that idea.

As soon as he was reaching his climax he pressed his rocket to my ass crack area and oozed all his juices on it. I really liked the feel of the warmth of his juices on my ass area. He then jerked me off while kissing me. After reaching the climax, we lay next to each other.

Then I got up and cleaned myself and left his home. That was one heck of an encounter which I thought will happen to me in a public area. I hope you enjoyed this real-life story of mine. I will share more as and when I will encounter them.

Till then keep reading and liking my stories and also comment on it to motivate me to write more.