Elder sister is an exhibitionist ?

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Finally reaching the baggage claim area, I started looking for the visitors. Seeing Ash, I froze. It was her, of course. Even in a saree, she was the same person. My penis was uncomfortably hard and pointing down.

Desperate to fix my dick, I stepped into a corner. She must’ve seen me because she was behind me within a few seconds. I remembered to call her by her first name (instead of calling her ‘sister’).

She had changed a lot after marriage. My introverted sister-in-law was all smiles. Not only did she look different, but she behaved differently as well. I’d wanted to meet her ever since I’d seen her pics.

When my wife and I were looking at Ash’s marriage album, I was turned on by her bridal look. She looked fabulous in the red saree. Wearing an oversized nose ring and floral braid, she looked like a flower.

She started texting soon after her marriage. In a short time, we became friends, and texting turned into sexting. We discussed everything. With nothing left, the only thing to do was to meet in person. And here she was in front of me!

The first thing I noticed was the glow on her face. She was not looking pale but pearlescent, like a glass figurine. She was probably getting regular sex. After saying hi, she came to me with arms spread across. Her husband was behind the crowd, near the luggage carousel.

I quickly hugged Ash before anything changed. My wife waited for us in the parking lot. So no one would notice us.

How could someone be sculpted and buttery soft at the same time? Ash was feeling like that! She looked like a new person. Her long hair was gone. In fact, she’d lopped off almost a foot of her silky tresses. Now, she sported shorter hair with a saree and cut blouse.

Instantly, I got a hard-on on seeing her kinky makeover. She ‘accidentally’ brushed her lips across mine while trying to touch my cheek. I was not so discreet in checking out her body, opting to let my hands slide (while we hugged) to her buttocks.

She probably wanted to feel my hardness because she drew me closer into her body. Something was off. I had imagined that her boobs would be round like cricket balls, but they were much bigger.

After greeting me, Ash turned around to watch her husband. He was still near the luggage area, so I put my arm around her bare back. She’d become an exhibitionist in the last 2 years, I guessed. Her eyelashes were curled. The only eye makeup was a whitish eyeshadow on her eyelids.

Everything was fine until my dick started to interfere with the underwear. My cock had shrunk and slipped back to its original position. Now it was expanding for some reason.

We couldn’t be aloof anymore. Just then, her husband went into the toilet, giving us a chance to get intimate. This time we went for a tight embrace with a lip kiss to follow. She wasted no time exploring my mouth with her tongue. Without warning, Ash’s husband was out, and the luggage had also come.

This time Ash came to my rescue by standing in front while I adjusted my cock. It wasn’t easy as I was turned on by her spotless back visible from behind. She leaned over just in time to tell me her husband was walking towards us. I got a whiff of her smell to recharge my cock.

Her mid-back hair was cut into a long bob a while ago. Now it was overgrown and managed with a hair band. She had even bleached her hair and colored it brown.

My wife was excited to see her elder sister after such a long time. She said, “Nice look,” after exchanging pleasantries. Ash’s husband was the quiet type, and I didn’t disturb him.

As soon as we reached home, our foreplay started (mine and Ash’s). She took a bath and stepped out with wet hair. The dark, rubbery strands shone as she kept them open and sat down with my wife on the carpet in front of the TV.

Ash’s husband was taking a rest while my wife was catching up with Ash. Both were sitting down on the carpet. While I was sitting on the sofa, watching TV. My wife finally dozed off, and Ash asked me for the remote.

While taking the remote, she grabbed my hand. When I looked at her, she smiled suggestively, like she knew exactly what she was doing. I devised a game and drew a number on her bare back. She didn’t say anything so as not to wake my wife.

But changed the channel to the number I drew on her back. My leg went lower and lower till it touched the saree covering Ash’s lower back. Taking a chance, I rubbed her crotch area with my foot over the saree. Suddenly, she stopped changing channels and started breathing heavily.

Ash and I went to the balcony and started kissing. We were unrecognizable on the 12th floor. The calling bell rang, and the maid was there, putting an end to our romance.

The next day we went shopping, so I looked for a chance to talk to Ash. All my efforts were wasted until Ash went to try some t-shirts. Nothing special, I thought, just as she called me from a trial room. I looked around to make sure that no one saw me enter the ladies changing area.

Ash: Can you bring the next size?

Me: Sure, just a sec.

She handed me two collar t-shirts over the door. They were size xs. Anyone would’ve said that extra small would not fit her double-D boobs. On returning, I was surprised as she opened the door and called me in.

A white bra was holding her assets. She was about 5’5” with narrow arms. She’d used a round brush to curl her finger-dried hair. My jaw dropped on seeing her in the t-shirt. It was confirmed that she hadn’t got a boob job. All of a sudden, the t-shirt became wet from the front side.

Ash confided that it was milk from her boobs. Her husband had been breastfeeding lately. Out of curiosity, I asked Ash if it was ok to test. She encouraged me to have as much as I wanted. Her husband rarely pressed her boobs.

With Ash’s green signal, I pressed my lips to her tits and gently kneaded her chest to get milk. Ash rubbed my cock over the jeans, and soon enough, I jizzed in my underwear. To avoid an awkward scene, I rushed to the parking lot and took out the car. As I was driving out, I saw Ash’s text.

Ash: Sis went for a facial.

I smiled and parked the car back again. It was time to finish what we’d started that day.