Discovering my sexuality

Hello to everyone, today marks the first occasion I have decided to share a personal story. This will be a 2-3 parts story.

Just to let you have an idea about me, I am a 29-year-old doctor, a stocky person with a dusky complexion, a bisexual guy, still somewhat figuring out my sexuality. I have had many experiences by this time in almost all categories available. Lately, I have been lusting over black cocks.

I almost regularly scroll through porn and stories related to transgenders, cuck-holding, sissy training, cum swallow, cum play and so, just to try something on a different level. Here I am with one of my very first gay experiences. Unfortunately, most of what we did was body and cock play. So I would be filling out the rest of the story with the things I imagine I would have done if I had the courage at that moment. Here it goes!

It was back in 2010, I was preparing for my entrance examination. I am originally from Nepal but with Indian ancestry. I used to live in a single room as a PG. Next to me was Aman. He was a year younger than me, dusky, thin like a twink, hairless, warm and honestly really just a very good friend.

Our friendship almost began instantaneously. We used to share everything from our morning tea to dinner, our time, our stories of classes, our lust for girls, how we were not able to score yet, almost always together. And sometimes, this happened under the warm blankets of our tiny beds during the winters. We used to frequently share the same bed and slept together mostly harmless activities.

One day when I woke up on a Sunday in my room, Aman was there sleeping next to me. It was really cold and foggy outside. I just went back inside the warm blanket and embraced his warm body, I think he found it soothing too when he tilted his back more toward me. (Ahhhh!!!! I can still feel his warmth).

I slowly felt a rise in my pants. As the other person was Aman, I did not mind anything and just continued to press against and slept there for another half hour.

Somehow, we started rubbing on each other and I teased him by jerking my hips and pushing my cock in him. He woke up.

Aman: What are you doing? Haha. Go to the toilet or hold the pillow. Leave my ass, please.

Me: It’s very cold, stay like this, please. It’s fun. I am not putting it inside, hahaha.

He turned around toward me and hugged me, thinking I would stop. But I put my hands over his back and started caressing his ass and spanked it and laughed slowly. He also felt my morning wood trying to tear out of the thin piece of V-shaped underwear. On feeling my shamelessness or should I say my boldness, he again turned around.

After a while, I got even bolder and took out my cock and pressed it against his bare back and said.

Me: Look how hot it is and how hard it is too, Aman! Should I leave you? Your ass is looking very sexy, it has been so many days that you have not even moved it, and today is Sunday. Give it to me, please.

Aman laughed and tried to push me away but only with very little effort. My boldness increased and I took off my vest and soon my underwear and kept pressing against his back. It was really getting very hot.

Me: Look Aman, now I even got naked for you.

I lowered his undies from behind and revealed his ass and started touching his soft ass with my 6-inch hard, thick rod. and asked him again, “It’s fun, isn’t it?”

This time, Aman stayed silent and so I just continued my fuckery. I kept playing with his ass and then put my hands forward and rubbed over his hairless chest and abdomen. Aman knew what was happening but continued to stay silent. He didn’t remove my hand or make any gestures to stop where my hands were reaching.

I further lowered his undies to his knees. His cock must have sprung out as he laid out a very soft and delicate moan, “Umhh!!”

I don’t know what got into me when I heard his moan, I couldn’t control myself anymore and started more vigorously playing with his back. My cock and balls were continuously pressing over his lower back. I planted a small kiss over his back and he moaned again, This time, a little more obvious, “Aahhh!!!”

I no longer had any control over myself, I took my cock and put it between his ass cheeks with my tip almost poking at his hole.

Aman turned around furiously and removed his undies completely and said, “I will show you how hot I am right now.”

Now our cocks were almost touching each other and I could sense he was erect. He started wrestling me in the nude as if to show a revolt in that small 6×4 bed. Our bodies were tight against each other, crushing on each other, and grinding away. Our cocks were brushing on each other, poking in our soft bellies, and touching our thighs.

Soon, this wrestle started turning into a dry hump where our hard cocks were poking each other and our hands surfing all over our bodies, pressing our asses, building up to burst our lust on each other. Neither of us wanted to stop. I could feel his precum on my thighs. We were under a heavy blanket and the smell itself was acting as a catalyst but then all of a sudden, we came to our senses and everything halted.

Aman: oh shit, bhai, what are we doing? Hahahaha. We really need to have sex soon or else, hahaha.

I too realized what was happening, and stopped, joked around, got up, and went for breakfast.

We both, however, knew it wasn’t over yet, and that what happened was incomplete and we wanted more.

This is the first part of my story elaborating how it all started, everything till now and probably most of what will be coming in the 2nd part was almost how it took place.

Thank you for having the patience to read my story. I hope you enjoy this.

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