Desperate Night With My Sultry School Teacher

Hey Friends. I’m Arun. I’m 19 years old. I’m here to share with you another steamy encounter of mine with my school Teacher, Maya Iyer. She is 34 years old. She is super fair and looks so beautiful. She has a regular body type with plump cylindrical arms and no visible belly fat. She is the mother of a 7-year-old girl.

To date, I have shared two of our sexual encounters with you. After our patch-up sex on 19th February 2023, we found ways to meet and fuck about 3-4 times. I had college, and she was held up with her school chores. However, we again ended in a sex drought.

Maya was held up with 12th and 10th standard board exams-related work from 13th March to 20th April 2023. This time, she was completely held up for about a month. I understood her situation. But I kept teasing her that she had used my body for her pleasure and dumped me.

The desperation was starting to build up within both of us. We had planned to bunk school and college and book a room in the same hotel after 20th April. But her husband allowed me to fuck Maya 4 days earlier. He had an official tour to Mumbai on 16th April 2023.

We did not plan this encounter even after knowing about her husband’s Mumbai trip. It was almost a last-minute call to fuck, thanks to one of my school friends. On 17th April 2023, I was at my school friend’s place to watch CSK vs RCB IPL game with him.

It was around 10:15 pm. Me and my friend were discussing the match. As we discussed, my friend showed me his mobile and asked, “Doesn’t she look like our Maya ma’am?” He was looking at a beach vacation photo of an actress in a bikini from Google. The actress, indeed, actually resembled Maya.

He said, “I saw Maya 2 days back at a grocery shop. I offered to take her bags to her house, but she refused.” The way he said it, I felt he got dejected for missing some opportunity. I asked, “Why do you feel dejected that she refused your offer to carry her bags?”

That day, I understood that he had the same temptations on Maya, just like me, and he was trying to hit at her. He opened up and said, “I would not sleep at night if I get a wife looking like her. Half the time I went to the washroom during her class was not to pee, but to only masturbate thinking of her.”

I was taken aback. My friend described with all his emotions how he would kiss, lick and eat Maya from head to toe in his imagination while masturbating. I wondered if he was conscious enough of what he was saying. He was drowned in lust, thinking of Maya.

He slowly got up from the bed, saying, “Then, finally, I will place my dick over her buttery pink jelly between her legs and fuck her deep.” Saying that he started walking towards the restroom. Hearing him, even my lust hit the roof. As he stepped inside the restroom, I giggled and asked, “Pee, Maya or actress?”

He put out his forefinger and middle finger, indicating the second option, winked at me and went inside the restroom. Until now, Maya and I had no plans to have sex that night. But, as my friend was inside the restroom masturbating, my desperation to fuck Maya grew manifold.

It then suddenly struck me that she was just 2 streets away, and her husband was out of town. I quickly messaged her, “Awake?” It was about 10:30 pm. She replied, “Just lay down. Going to sleep. Why?” I said, “I have some doubts about biology, ma’am. I want to clear it tonight with my physics teacher. What do you say?”

Maya replied with a thinking emoji. She understood what I was asking her. But still replied to me asking, “Can you be a little clearer, please?” with a winking emoji. I messaged her, “Sex tonight?” She replied with 4 lines of heart-shaped eyes excited emojis. She then asked, “Are you serious?”

I told her I was at this guy’s house watching the IPL game. I can come after an hour once the match is done. I’m only 5 minutes away from where she is. Maya got super excited again. She replied, “Great. I’ll get ready then,” with a hugging and kissing emoji.

From that moment, my thoughts were filled with Maya. I was also getting even more excited, thinking this would be our first sex in the night. We have only managed intercourse in the mornings or afternoons. I was barely looking at the TV with all my thoughts on the action to begin after 1 hour.

My friend came out of the restroom in a relaxed state. I quickly took a pillow and placed it on my lap. I was getting restless and with a lot of difficulty waiting for the match to end. With about 3 overs to go, I got a message from my mom on when I would start.

I used it as a double-edged sword to my benefit. I replied to my mom, saying that I would be late. I had a spare key and asked my parents to go to bed.
I also used that message to tell my friend that my mom wanted me home and that I had to leave. But my idiotic friend wanted me to stay.

I pretended that I was getting too late as I was getting repeated messages from my parents. Maya was messaging me for the last 15 minutes or so. She said she was out of the shower and waiting for me. It was 11:45 pm. As I left, my friend offered to drop me at home.

I told him I’d book a cab from the main road. I started walking straight down the lane from his gate towards the main road. Maya’s house was towards the road running to the left from his gate. As I started walking, my friend closed the gate. He went inside and shut the main door.

Just as I heard the main door close, I turned around, ran back, and took the right. I had to walk from there.  As I walked, I called Maya and said, “I’m coming for you. 2 minutes.” She asked in a low voice, “I’m waiting. And when did you make this plan?”

I said, “Just before messaging you. It just struck me that we have your husband’s blessings to fuck tonight.” She giggled and said, “Shut up.” Maya said, “I have latched my daughter’s bedroom from outside to be safe.”
I could not even walk properly as my knees kept bending out of restlessness.

I somehow reached her apartment gate. There was a small room for security near the gate. Luckily, the security room seemed empty. I told her that. She said, “No. That lazy guy would close his room from the inside and sleep on the floor. He is a waste of time.”

I sarcastically replied to her, “Start respecting him for that from tonight.” We laughed out. As I approached the lift, Maya said, “Don’t take the lift. It will start playing music as you open the lift door. Take the stairs and come to the 3rd floor.” I climbed the stairs.

As I climbed the last 5 steps of the 3rd floor, I could see the door straight opposite the stairs closed three-fourths. Maya was looking through the little gap. As I got closer, she opened the door a little more, allowing me to sneak inside her house.

Maya was wearing a green colour velvet nighty with a cap sleeve. The velvet cloth material was from her bust going down her feet with a see-through netted cloth material over her shoulders and sleeves. The sleeves were too short, ending just under her shoulders. It was as good as a sleeveless.

I was wearing a normal yellow T-shirt and black track pants. I could not hold back even till she latched the door. I rolled one of my hands around her waist from behind and dropped my other hand over and across her shoulder. I dug my hand into her nighty.

I grabbed her boobs straightaway inside her nighty from behind. Maya whispered, “Bedroom!” I whispered back to her, “Your house is my bedroom.” I groped her big soft melons inside her nighty, kissing her cheeks and ears from behind. Maya touched my thighs and rubbed her buttocks over my hard dick.

Maya allowed me to squeeze her boobs. After a few seconds, she then turned around towards me. I took my hand out of her nighty. She pushed me inside her house. Just as we got to the centre of the living room, I grabbed her waist and pulled her closer.

We started smooching sloppily, hugging each other tight and sucking each other’s tongues beside the sofa. Maya started kissing me intensely, forcing herself on me. As we went a few steps back smooching, I stumbled and fell on the sofa.

Maya quickly raised her nighty to her knees, climbed the sofa and sat over my lap facing me. I grabbed her waist, and we started kissing and sucking each other’s lips again. I groped her boobs hard as we kissed. Maya sat over my hard dick, rubbing her panty over my track pant.

After smooching for some time, we slowly withdrew our lips from each other’s, breathing a little heavily. With a lusty smile, Maya dug her hand between my legs and rubbed my dick over my track pant. She then slipped on the sofa beside me. She dug her hand into my tracks, kissing and biting my cheeks and ears.

She pulled my dick out of my underwear and tracks. She shook my dick a few times and put her tongue out, inviting me to suck it. I grabbed her jaw and sucked her tongue sensually into my mouth. As we kissed, I slid my hand down her jaw to her neck.

I again dug my hand into her nighty, grabbing her soft melons, allowing her to shake my dick and pull my foreskin down. Maya withdrew her tongue from my mouth and whispered, “It’s lollipop time.” I wondered for a second as it did not strike me immediately.

But Maya wasted no time. Sitting beside me on the sofa, she quickly bent down and started licking my dick. She pulled the foreskin further down and slowly took my dick into her mouth. I spread my hands wide on the headrest of the sofa.

I closed my eyes and enjoyed the feeling of the heat inside her mouth and the sensual tickles of her tongue and lips over my dick. Since the first blowjob she gave me, she has given me a blowjob every time we fucked after that. Maya slowly took the head of my dick inside her mouth, pushing my foreskin down.

Just like the previous times, she sucked the head of my dick sensually a few times. She then slowly took my dick deeper inside her mouth, starting to scratch the outer side of my dick with her teeth. I loved the intense tickling sensations of my dick rubbing over her tongue.

I closed my eyes and enjoyed the pleasure of placing one of my hands on Maya’s head. Maya gave me a sensual blowjob in 4 or 5 instalments of 10-15 seconds each. She then withdrew her mouth from my dick, wetting it completely with her saliva from top to bottom.

Maya was not done yet. She lifted my dick straight and went down, kissing my dick. She ended up at the bottom of it and started to kiss and suck my balls sensually a few times. Maya then came up, kissing my upper body over my T-shirt. She reached my neck and whispered, “Let’s go to the bedroom.”

As she tried getting up from the sofa, I recollected how my friend described her pussy – “Buttery pink jelly.” Thinking of that, I was too tempted to taste her pussy with my tongue that night. I quickly pulled Maya back on the sofa and told her, “You had your lollipop. It’s my turn to taste some buttery jelly.”

Saying that I went down on the floor on my knees. I sat between her legs. Maya looked blank for a second. I spread her legs wide and dug my hand into her nighty. I grabbed her panty on either side of her waist and slowly pulled it down. The excitement on Maya’s face slowly started creeping in.

Her smile started getting broader and broader. Maya raised her buttocks and allowed me to pull her panty down her legs. I removed her panty and slipped it on the sofa. I raised her nighty to her waist. Maya sat deep back on the sofa, her legs spread wide and feet in the air.

We gave a lusty smile as I slowly opened her dark pussy lips, exposing her pink flesh. Maya looked at me and asked in some disbelief, “Seriously?” Her genitals were shaved with rough spots just over her pussy lips. I bent my head and dug my tongue into her tiny pussy hole.

Her pussy smelled like fish and tasted salty. I licked her fresh inside her pussy lips, rolling my tongue over her pussy hole and the hole just above it. Maya held the sofa with one hand and placed her other hand on my head, moaning sensually. I rolled my tongue over her pussy flesh.

Just like she said, it seemed a little odd with the smell and taste, but in seconds, my lust started to peak. I dug my tongue into her pussy hole, engulfing her pussy in my mouth, licking and sucking her wet pussy. Maya seemed to love that. She slowly raised her buttocks and pressed my head between her legs.

She slowly started to moan louder as I started to dig my tongue deeper inside her pussy. I continued licking her pussy, digging my tongue deeper inside her pussy hole and engulfing her pussy lips in my mouth. Maya started to moan intensely.

She stood up, pressing one hand on the headrest of the sofa and her other hand on my head. She then started rotating her waist, moaning loud, literally feeding her pussy to me. I grabbed her butt from below as I continued to lick her pussy.

The way I was holding her buttocks from underneath and licking her pussy, it felt as if I was eating watermelon. I loved the fish smell and the salty taste of her pussy. The prickling sensations it gave me as I dug almost a quarter of my tongue inside her pussy.

Maya seemed to enjoy it much more than me. She jammed my face between her legs, moaning loud with every second of me licking her pussy. After some time of intense pussy licking, I slowly withdrew my tongue from her pussy hole. Maya slowly took her hand off my head and slid back on the sofa.

I sat on the floor. She was still going through the emotions. She raised her arms with a smile, exposing her even-toned shaved underarms. But I could see a narrow oval patch of minute hair sprouting at the centre of her underarms. I was getting desperate to fuck her with every second.

Unable to control, I rolled my arms around her waist, lifted her on my right shoulder and carried her to the bedroom. I dropped Maya on the bed. I quickly removed my T-shirt and dropped it. I then pulled my track pants and underwear down to the floor and stepped out, getting myself nude.

Simultaneously, as Maya fell on the bed, she got up on her knees and pulled her nighty up. She removed her nighty and threw it on the floor. With both of us completely nude, I stepped on the bed. We hugged each other tight on our knees on the bed.

Maya tried to dominate me by forcing her hard on me. We fell on the bed and started cuddling intensely by rolling over each other across the bed, hugging and kissing each other. I loved the fresh soapy smell of her body as we hugged and rolled over each other on the bed.

After cuddling intensely, we paused for a few seconds, sleeping beside each other, trying to take our breath back. We started to sweat with our bodies getting moist. In a couple of seconds, we turned and smiled at each other. I quickly rolled and tried to mount myself over her by tangling my legs over her legs.

Maya quickly spread her legs wide, allowing me to mount her with my legs between her legs. Without wasting any time, I dug my hand between our waists. I grabbed my dick. I slowly rubbed my dick over her pussy lips with my upper body raised slightly from her body.

As my dick stuck into her pussy hole, I grabbed and locked her wrists on either side of her head. I pushed my dick inside her pussy. As I penetrated the head of my dick inside her pussy, Maya closed her eyes. She gasped in a loud sensual tone with a smile on her face. I penetrated my dick deeper inside her pussy.

With about three-fourths of my dick inside her pussy, I started to fuck her moving my dick back and forth. Every time I stroked my dick inside her, Maya continued to moan. The sound of her moaning made my lust hit the roof.

I pushed my dick deeper inside her with my balls rubbing her buttocks. I released her wrists from my clutches and dug my hand under her arms. I grabbed her shoulders from underneath and started to fuck Maya more intensely. I drilled her pussy so hard that Maya started to scream louder.

Even the bed made some creaking sounds as I crushed her pussy deep. After some intense intercourse, I paused to take my breath back. I slowly lay over Maya. I sucked her juicy lower lips and licked the sweat over her jaws and neck.

I grabbed her arms and slowly went down, licking the sweat spots. I continued licking and sucking her armpit sweat. Maya rolled her hands around me. She rolled me over and got on top. My dick continued to be inside her pussy as we rolled over though it came about halfway out.

Maya pressed her palms on my chest and raised her upper body. She sat over my waist, taking my dick completely inside her. She then started to ride over me by rotating her waist. I loved the feeling of her pussy flesh tightly gripping my dick on all sides.

Maya also seemed to enjoy it. She continued to ride over me with her eyes closed and a smile on her face. Squeezing her boobs and tucking her hands into her hair. I grabbed her sweaty waist, lay flat on the bed and continued to enjoy the sexual pleasures as she rode over me.

Maya continued to fuck me sensually with my dick deep inside her pussy by rotating her waist. I suddenly felt a strong tickling sensation running through my dick. This time it was my turn to moan loud as my semen gushed out of my dick. I raised my upper body and sat on the bed.

I then rolled one of my hands around her waist. I grabbed her boobs with my other hand and started sucking her nipples. My dick splashed my semen inside her pussy in multiple instalments. I continued sucking her nipples for a few more seconds, even after ejaculating.

As I removed my mouth from her boobs and looked up, Maya looked down at me with a smile. Both of us were sweating and breathing heavily. She kissed my cheeks and whispered, “I love you.” We then slowly disconnected from each other.

Maya stepped aside and lay on the bed. I sat for a while, taking my breath back. I dressed up and left for my home at about 1:45 am. Maya booked me a cab from her home to my place.

So, friends, this was my real-life first-night sex experience with my school physics teacher, Maya Iyer. Please let me know your feedback on my story about doing kinky stuff with her in her bedroom. You could also write to me at my mail id [email protected]