Dad is the real husband – Part 2

Thank you readers for sharing the lovely comments for the first part of the story where Sudhir fucked his friend’s daughter Sahnaz while her father Azhar and his sister Asifa enjoyed the show. Continuing to the next part, let’s see how Sudhir’s lonely life was filled with joy by his own daughter Priya.

My 21-year-old daughter Priya was sleeping when I entered the room. I could see her big verdurous ass in dim light, and from her crack, her pink pussy was half visible. I called her by her name to wake her up, and she got up fixing her clothes. She asked me to sit at the dining table for dinner and asked me to give her a minute to change her dress. I told her that she didn’t need to change as she was looking beautiful. She blushed and asked me not to tease her.

Priya changed into a full-length thin nighty and joined me at the table. As we sat there, we talked about various things while having our meal.

After dinner, my daughter suggested that I should go to sleep, as she wanted to check the children’s tuition book before going to bed herself. Our bedroom was very large, with her bed in one corner of the room and mine in another. Turning on the table light, she settled with a notebook. Meanwhile, I lay in bed, lost in thought of all that went on today with my friend Azhar, his daughter Sahnaz, and his sister Asifa. (If you have missed the story, you can read it through the link given at the top of this story.)

Nearly half an hour had passed and I couldn’t sleep. Priya probably wanted to go to bed to sleep. In that low light, I saw my daughter open her bra and panty. As the light was coming from the table lamp, I could see her outlined slim, toned body from a distance. She went to turn on the night lamp and saw me awake.

Then she asked, “Papa, aap soye nahi abhi tak?”(Papa, you didn’t sleep till now?)

I smiled, and said, “It was very hot today and my head has been hurting since I went to Azhar chacha’s house.”

She said, “Papa, I will apply a little balm and massage it.”

I expressed doubt, saying that it wouldn’t lessen the pain, especially since I didn’t have any painkillers at home. She reassured me that applying the balm would bring relief. She then came and sat on my bed, taking the balm in her hand and applying it gently on my forehead. After pressing for five minutes, I told her that the pain would diminish in time, and suggested that she lay down.

However, my daughter insisted that she would leave only when I fall asleep and continued massaging my head. She was so close to me, I could smell her sweet body aroma and her boobs were continuously hitting my chest and face, as she was moving to massage my forehead and was eventually turning me crazy.

Then I purposely moved my left hand on my chest keeping my palm up. Now her nipple was gently brushing my palm. I thought she would react, but she didn’t show any such sign. I slowly took courage and pressed her boob gently and even then, she said nothing to which I got more courage and pressed hard.

She said, “Papa, aaram ho raha hai?” (Papa, are you feeling relaxed?)

I said, “Yes, the pain is gradually decreasing.”

To my surprise, Priya opened all the 3 buttons of her nightie and continued massaging my forehead. I didn’t want to lose the chance and slipped my hand inside her nighty and started pressing my daughter’s 36″ sized boobs.

She then stopped massaging and started breathing heavily. I asked her to lay down beside me and she gently did and hugged me tightly. Then she brought her thin pink lips near mine and started kissing me to which I responded wholeheartedly.

After a few minutes of exploring every corner of each other’s mouth, she slowly got up, opened her nightie, and stood stalking naked in front of me. I at once sprinted on my feet, hugged her with my left hand, continued kissing her and crushing her ass with another hand for the next few minutes.

I asked her to turn on the lights so that I could see my daughter’s beautiful body. Initially, I thought that she would refuse. But to my delight, she went and switched on all the lights in the room. She said, “Dekho Papa, tumhari laadli sundar hai na?” (See Papa, isn’t your dear daughter beautiful?)

I was standing there in amazement looking at Priya. She had a far more beautiful body than her mother. Priya was standing naked with her tight 36″ sized boobs, erect nipples, narrow belly, deep navel, trimmed pussy, long legs, and full of curly black hair. I was short of words and she realized it. She said that she used to understand my sorrow and thanked me for taking good care of her after her mother left us. She said that from today she would be my wife.

Then my daughter came forward and kissed just below my earlobes and whispered, “Papa, can you please eat my pussy?” I carried her on the bed and sucked her pussy and in no time, she released her water.

She was ready to take my erect cock. I slowly set the cock in her pussy, but only half of my cock went inside. I gave a few small thrusts and then gave a strong thrust and she screamed, “Papa, Oh oh oooo..” and my cock went completely inside my daughter.

Then I said, “Wait for a while, as you will get relief.” Saying this, I put my lips on hers so that she would not be able to scream. Then I stroked slowly and I saw that she closed her eyes. Slowly and while increasing the speed, she said, “Papa, give it now, give it hard, now it is very comfortable..”

Since it was my daughter’s first time, I didn’t want to move her to a different position. I stroked for like 10 minutes and ejaculated on Priya’s belly. Five minutes later, Priya got up and kissed me, switched off the lights, and fell asleep hugging me tightly. Both of us got up in the morning and Priya’s cheek turned red seeing red blood stains on the white sheet.

Priya said to me, “Papa, I have been your wife since yesterday. You broke my pussy curtain.”

I got ready for my office. Before I left, Priya kissed me and glided my hands towards her breast. I crushed it to my delight. Her shyness was completely gone.

Like a loving wife, she giggled and said that I’ll be late for the office, so I had to leave. But for the whole day, I could not concentrate on work. I called her on her mobile and she said that she was in the market and there would be a surprise waiting for me when I came back.

When I returned, I noticed that the whole house had been rearranged. Her table and books were stacked in the living room. Our 2 separate beds which were previously on 2 different corners of rooms were now joined together. The bed was decorated with jasmine and rose flowers. There was a new set of sherwani, pagri, and a new Apple Watch Ultra on the bed. There was also a box that had a mangalsutra, a small silver jar filled with vermilion, and 2 rings. Also, there was a bottle of champagne in an ice bucket, and chocolate coated strawberry on the bedside table.

My daughter was standing on one corner of the bed in a red saree and wearing all the jewelry that I had saved for these years for her marriage. She looked like a goddess. I was equally shocked and happy to see my loving innocent Priya turned into a lady in just 18 hours.

She asked me to take a bath and wear the sherwani, pagri, and my new watch. By the time I came back, she had put small pieces of wood on an old tesla and lit a fire. She played the marriage mantra on her mobile and we took phera around the fire. We exchanged garlands, I put sindoor on her forehead, mangalsutra, and took our vows for each other. I said that I would always love her and she promised to do whatever I say.

We opened the wine and took sips, took some naughty selfies, as she sat on my lap. As soon as the sex started, she said to keep the camera in the right position so that the video of our suhagraat was taken for memories.

We started with wild smooching. I pulled my daughter’s pallu hard and since it was safety pinned, her half of the red blouse tore and came down revealing her boobs.

She loved to see my wild side and said, “Papa, bang me hard, tear both my holes tonight with your 8-inch cock.” She caught my sherwani collar and wanted to tear it open but couldn’t. Then I turned her around and pinned her to the corner of the bed. I started to kiss and bite her neck from behind. She moaned loudly, “Papa…I am loving it..”

Gradually, I lifted her saree with my right hand and my left hand slid inside her boobs from the torn part of her blouse. I slid my middle finger in her pussy and it was already wet with her love juice. I took some juice from her pussy in my thumb and pushed the thumb into her ass crack and middle finger in her warm wet pussy massaging her G-spot. She started swaying her butt crack around my thumb, started pressing her butt down and my thumb gradually slipped in her ass.

Then she moaned more loudly and said, “Papa, fuck me hard. Yes papa, do it harder. Take me to heaven, papa.”

My daughter turned her head and started kissing me. I opened her blouse hooks and the bra. I caught her petticoat from behind and gave a strong pull and the string broke. I ripped her panties in no time. She asked me to get naked.

Then I took off my sherwani but asked her to open my pajama with her teeth only and she could not use her hand. She obliged and pulled the strings with her teeth and her pajama fell. As I was not wearing any underwear, my 8-inch cock sprung out. She knelt in front and started kissing and sucking my cock.

Priya gradually came up and we started smooching. She was just 60 kg, so I picked her up and adjusted her standing to 69 position. I started eating my daughter’s pussy and she started sucking my cock. I gave some hard thrust in her mouth, gagging her, but she seemed more than happy.

She said, “Papa, abhi aapka cock dalo meri pussy mein.” (Papa, please put your dick in my pussy now.)

I adjusted Priya in the doggy position and started fucking my daughter. She moaned loudly in pleasure and started licking and sucking my foot thumb. I was on cloud 9 and after about 20 minutes, I emptied my load in her mouth. She was happy to swallow all my cum and said that this was prasad for her.

I banged her 3 more times that night at different positions. She said that all her friends who were married said that their husbands fucks both holes and she wanted me to fuck her ass too. I said, “Your wish will be fulfilled. But let’s not do it tonight and save it for our honeymoon in Dubai.”

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