Corporate Sins – Part 6

While watching them in action, Raju could not resist the urge to start rubbing his dick. He grew restless and wished he could have set up a microphone to hear Shipra’s moans.

He wanted to know how the wealthy, attractive sound during peak ecstasy. How it is different to poor people’s pleasure moans. When his father fucked his mother in his little, pitch-black room at night, he used to hear her sobbing.

He was accurate in his assessments and expectations of Shipra’s seductive moans. She screams out inconsolably as something that resembles an iron rod thrashes around inside her pussy. Chadha is giving her a quick, Viagra-powered missionary stroking. He defies his age.

Shipra began using her nails to scratch his back out of excruciating agony and ecstasy. She wants Chadha to experience the same level of suffering that she is. As she continued to scratch Chadha’s back and bite his nipples, he began moaning as well.

Shipra is enjoying the feel of his dick inside her young pussy. She might be aroused just by the taboo of someone her father’s age prodding her young pussy. Also, even while getting fucked she is still using her brain. She knows she can control this desperate elderly man with her fresh pussy.

She also understands the advantages of subduing someone in a position of authority. Using her charm to win Chadha over, she can quickly obtain promotions, pay raises, and other benefits. She then decided to take matters into her own hands and show Chadha who was in charge.

Pushing Chadha back, she looks at him seductively before riding him in a cowgirl position. She took his entire dick inside her pussy, letting out a soft moan. She moved her ass while allowing his dick to penetrate her warm, wet pussy.

She put her fingers in his ass. She accelerated and began leaping over him, causing her boobs to dance in tune to her lust. Raju starts massaging his dick more quickly. The spy camera now gets a good view of her bouncing boobs. How wealthy women truly enjoy sex like pornographic movies astounded him.

She always saw her father riding her inside a blanket in the dark of the room. He wondered if her mother would have also done the same. Both guys are maddened by Shipra’s mixed facial emotions of pleasure and anguish. Both will never forget seeing such an attractive woman in ecstasy.

Shipra accelerated, and both burst out—one in her pussy and one in the bathroom—unable to hold back any longer. Shipra joined them as she also orgasmed and fell over Chadha. Sweat had covered Shipra’s entire body.

Chadha rose from his bed and downed two more Viagra tablets. He does not want the evening to end. Shipra feels most special and beautiful to him, even though he has fucked over 50 women in his lifetime.

Shipra believed she had appeased Chadha. But tonight, the vengeful demon sought out every trace of her. Even after cumming twice, he is not even satisfied.

By this time, Shipra has also realized that the elderly man is using Viagra. But she cannot continue without a break. So she asked, “Papa, can you make me bathe like my father used to do in my childhood? See, I am all sweaty. Don’t you want me to get fresh?”

“Why not, beta? You are like my daughter. It’s my responsibility to take care of my slutty daughter.” Chadha followed Shipra as she headed for the restroom.

Raju was annoyed because he could no longer see them in action. He wished he could have fitted some cameras in the restroom. He had videos of her taking showers and having sex, though. So, he knew this was just the beginning of new possibilities.

He finished and hurried to get back to work. Additionally, he knew his receptionist friends could provide him with the gorgeous woman’s contact information. He is grinning widely, having realized that he had hit the jackpot.

After a quick shower, Chadha begins to apply soap on Shipra’s lovely and voluptuous body. He could feel how soft she was as he ran his hands over her body with the soap. Shipra also enjoys the touch of Chadha’s rough, masculine hands. They gently massage her body, especially her breasts and navel.

She turned around and kissed him as thanks for his efforts. She began to come out of the bathroom holding his dick. Chadha obeyed and followed her like a bonded labour. Now, he is completely in control of Shipra. Shipra also has this realization.

“My father gifted me a doggy when I stood 1st in college. So, if I become a doggy for you, what will I get in return?”

“Anything, beta, you just name it.”

“Papa, I want a promotion and movement from branch role into the role of Additional Vice president for Customers Acquisitions Business.”

Shipra is asking for a post three grades higher, and Chadha is also aware of this. This position is just one grade below him. He tried to gather himself, knowing that it wouldn’t be simple.

“That would not be easy, beta.”

Shipra interrupted him in the middle by kissing his lips. She then started sucking him while bending over on her knees.

“All right, Shipra. You will be appointed as AVP effective next month. Get in doggy now and get ready for the assault.”

Shipra has achieved her goals. She reclines on the bed in the doggy position.
However, not everything went according to her plan. Contrary to her expectation that Chadha would fuck her pussy, she let out a pained sob as he entered her asshole. Her ass has never been fucked.

“Oh beta, such a tight ass you are having. I don’t think anyone has ever fucked this.”

“Boss, please leave me. Please get into pussy. Its so painful.”

“Shut up, you bitch. Not everything will go according to your plan. Just let me know if your ass has ever been fucked.”

“No,” Shipra quietly said. She knew that despite her unwillingness, Chadha would not leave her ass. And there is quite a lot at stake. So, she chose to bear the pain.

Chadha intensified his stroking of her ass, tearing it apart. Feeling pumped that he was the first guy ever to enter her lovely and virgin ass. Tears have started rolling out of her eyes. But Chadha started spanking her instead of leaving, and then he could see blood on his dick.

“Your ass is bleeding, bitch, and it’s so seductive.”

Shipra, who initially believed she oversaw the situation, is now at Chadha’s mercy. She is experiencing a lot of tension in her ass hole. Chadha continues to pierce it despite blood traces. She chose to deal with the agony and closed her eyes. All her senses have stopped working save for her sense of touch.

She almost enters a state of meditation. She was oblivious to Chadha’s belligerent noises and felt a hard object going inside her ass. She attempted to feel it more deeply. Then, she understood that her discomfort was evolving into pleasure. Her body also accepted her anal fucking due to her mental acceptance.

She moves her ass in sync with Chadha’s strokes. He spanks and mistreats her, inspired by her fierce spirit and sense of pleasure. Shipra opened her eyes and turned to face him with her deep and penetrating eyes like those of a lioness.

She demanded silence and wanted the spanking to stop immediately, just by a stare in her eyes. She wants Chadha actually to mean business right away. He became terrified and stopped spanking. Now, he knew what Shipra wanted.

For a moment, there was an abrupt deep calm in the room until it was broken by Chadha’s dick thudding on her ass. The noise is getting louder, “Thapp, Thapp.” Shipra fisted the bed sheet despite the discomfort. She secretly wanted Chadha to continue fucking her ass indefinitely.

She is currently experiencing her best sex feelings ever. It was like her first sexual encounter with her husband Ritesh when they were dating in college. She becomes more sensual as she is fucked by an elderly man while thinking about her husband.

Despite their long marriage and connection, she had never let Ritesh fuck her ass. Now she is losing her anal virginity in a most peculiar way. She breathed heavily. Her body began to sweat heavily from the deep strokes she had received.

“Oh, Shipra beta, I will erupt my volcano inside your asshole.”

“Ahh, please do it, Papa, fill your daughter’s ass with your cum.”

Chadha cummed for the third time inside her asshole while emitting a loud groan. He collapsed into the bed and quickly fell asleep.

Shipra got out of bed and walked up to the mirror. She exclaimed, “Additional Vice President, Shipra Sharma!” as she stared in astonishment at herself. “You deserve this power,” she said with a smile. She threw on a towel and went to the room across from Chadha’s.